After a group of mutants settled in the inner world, Mark fixed the door in a warehouse industry in Emma, White Queen.

One is fixed to the island of Azeri, England.
There’s only one left!
This one is Mark’s hand …
Chapter 223 A guest in the afterlife
"Wow …"
half an hour later
Gordon moved everyone from Santa Barbara to a snowy mountain somewhere in the East!
Lailisi grew up and looked at the towering snow-capped mountains not far away in surprise!
Skye looks like Lailisi with her!
After all, the two little girls belong to the New Yorker completely, and they can only show the kind of new york by false certificates
They have also seen such a magnificent snow mountain on TV or online video …
Steady Kate glanced at the magnificent scenery of the snow-capped mountains, then looked at Mark with a smile and said in a somewhat nai tone, "So our Thanksgiving trip changed from Hawaii to Los Angeles and then smuggled abroad?"
Mark thought for a moment and finally nodded!
Isn’t it illegal to enter and leave the country without going through the formal entry and exit procedures?
"This way, please!"
Back to their own turf, Jia Ying also quickened up and directly invited Mark and his party to walk towards the antique buildings not far away.
The building shows the beauty of the ancient architecture in the East China, which is built on the mountain and full of artistry …
When passing a sentry post outside the building complex, Jia Ying and the soldier with a steel gun said, "Tell Zheng Xian that Mark is here."
The words just fell!
A lean man with gold-rimmed glasses and a suit, surrounded by several people, walked directly through the gate of the building complex and said, "Ms. Jia Ying, I have come uninvited. I hope you don’t take it amiss!"
Jia Ying was stunned and then smiled slightly. "How come!"
According to the treaty signed with Zheng Xian in the afterlife, the God Spear Bureau protects and protects the afterlife and does not interfere in the operation of everything in the afterlife.
But corresponding to the afterlife, or the Alien Spear Bureau trained by Jia Ying, priority is given to admission …
Mark hugged Zheng Xian directly and slapped each other on the back.
At first!
Even Kate is a brother.
But after a while, everyone’s expression changed instantly. Looking at his face getting redder and redder, Zheng Xian and the bigger he got, the more he hammered into Lei Yin …
"Mark, you are not authentic!"
"Why am I not authentic?"
"You didn’t say that the drawings you gave to the latest fighter plane were concept goods when you cheated the metal from me."
"Are you stupid? Do you want me to run away if you make such a noise if you have something in kind?"
"You are cheating!"
"Don’t be ungrateful. At the very least, the drawing is being studied and the drawing is true. Don’t you like to be good at backstepping? Push it backwards! "
"… I really want to leave you in the East with me."
"Then you should know that I am not interested in you!"
Everyone was shocked and surprised. Mark and Zheng Xian embraced each other warmly for more than five minutes, and they all whispered with their heads down!
If it weren’t for the blow as big as Lei Yin, Kate would have guessed that Mark was bent.
After all, according to Mark’s sister Annie, the Lewis family seems to have this bending gene …
Yu Laili Lisi and Skye are already a face of ignorance!
Lilith twitched at the corner of her mouth, listening to the sound of a stuffy drum and hammer. I was curious about one thing!
Doesn’t it hurt?
In six minutes!
Feeling irritable behind Zheng Xian, he was finally the first to lose heart. After a hug, he hammered a mark in the chest.
Everyone stared at Zheng Xianwei and said with a smile, "It’s just my brother to meet you!"
"… the same!" Mark glanced at several agents of the East China Spear Bureau who accompanied him and finally said so!
Heart is thinking about this guy is still so bait hides the hook!
A director of the East China Spear Bureau and a director of the New York State Bureau of the Federal Bureau of Investigation are brothers.
This is a serious political issue!


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