By the way, who will suffer for this bad money? There shouldn’t be such a stupid person.

half an hour later
Lailisi’s treasure-seeking trip ended smoothly.
In the results?
What’s the saying?
Things are magical and not magical, not in the body, but in the messenger.
Even a worn-out horseshoe can determine the final direction of a war at the right time …
Knock, knock, knock
"Lilith, I just cut the fruit. Would you like some?"
"Er … maybe I’ll go back to my room for a while later."
"All right, I’ll set the table."
"thank you"
Kate, who is already wearing a house, watches her arms with a few things on the stairs and rushes to the stairs. Lilith blinks and looks out of the stairs. Mark asks curiously, "What did you do with your father and daughter?"
Mark walked up to Kate.
Look at the fruit bowl in Kate’s hand. As soon as the talons reach out and take a green jujube, Kate’s right hand slaps it and instantly takes it back.
Mark’s mouth arc
Kate can make facial expressions.
Mark took a bite of the jujube before he said, "Aren’t we going out for two or three years? By that way, I’ll make up the present for Leslie until her 21st birthday. "
Kate put the fruit bowl on the table and turned around. "Lailisi can come with us, too. I like Lailisi very much, and most importantly, I don’t want Lailisi to think that I will ignore her because I have my own child."
Mark laughed. "Didn’t you and I ask that?"
"Do you?"
"Of course"
Mark had just asked Lailis, the self-styled little red hand, when she picked up her 20th birthday present.
Leslie didn’t agree.
In a word, Leslie has always been very independent, and if she misses Kate, the 30 th Earth Passage can be docked here successfully. She can let Cerberus play the passage …
Mark was in a rather bored mood.
After all, there was a thought in the words of Leslie that Kate didn’t remember him at all.
This made Mark very unhappy.
But what?
Mark is a little happy that Kate and Leslie are so good.
This is when Mark sincerely felt that he was right and found the right person …
After thanksgiving
Kate suddenly stopped at the door of the room, ready to go upstairs from the bedroom with a belly.
In the room, Mark is pounding away at the keyboard …
Kate is a little curious.
She swore to all the gods that this was the first time she saw Ma working in the room like a normal person.


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