A short story behind Tang Qiaoji’s Xinghe

"Ken tevez will be more than one hundred thousand troops in the western theater, so that you can choose to die with an independent regiment, and you will send less than one thousand five hundred mecha. You can’t beat my suggestion with an independent regiment …"
Chapter 45 Those who learn from me live like me and die.
To Tang Qiao’s great surprise, Ji Xinghe didn’t shake his hand when he heard the news-as if he hadn’t heard anything.
What a big heart! What a general!
No, marshal, that’s all, right?
Tang Qiao’s heart rose with respect and expectation. Go on with his suggestion.
"Don’t worry about the first choice. You will fall into the third line of defense of the empire. There will be 100,000 troops in positional warfare. You will have the opportunity to annihilate at least half of the imperial mecha with the independent regiment, and then the western theater will supplement the troops to break the third line of defense."
Thinking of Ji Xinghe’s personality weakness, Tang Qiao added, "Don’t worry that 100,000 troops will wreck the third line of defense. After all, if you contain those imperial mecha, you won’t Huiyuan too much, and when the time comes, Ken Tevez will inevitably put all the mechs he prepared into the frontal battlefield, and about half of them will be destroyed."
Ji Xinghe still didn’t respond to continue to repair the mountain-cutting mecha in front of him.
He even some absent-minded thought about driving the mecha recruits.
It’s not a recruit, it’s a recruit for the independent regiment. Before joining the independent regiment, there were three Venus, and after joining the independent regiment, they already got the first Venus.
He wouldn’t have died today if he had let him make the neural link drive mode.
But if there are too many in this world,
If he hadn’t been elected to the independent regiment, he might have died on the battlefield, and as Tangqiao said, he died in vain because of some people’s sinister intentions
Is there anything wrong with yourself?
Ordinary people, like all ordinary people, will have some hesitation in facing such problems.
Everyone fantasizes that he is a general, but ordering tens of millions of people to die without blinking an eye is a victory, and then it is relieved for a fair reason.
But in fact, most people are ordinary people, even if they have experienced enough blood and tears, they can’t really be relieved.
I was wrong.
Ji Xinghe gave the answer in his heart, but his expression didn’t change. His eyes were always focused on the repair and stability of the mecha in front of him, just like a machine.
It’s my fault, but it’s wrong. No, I-
"From the perspective of the bureau, these sacrifices are worthwhile."
Tang Qiaoyin continues to ring.
"The second choice is to regard the independent regiment as the sacrifice of the recruits. According to Ken Tevez’s expectation, fight to the death with the imperial mecha. Even if more than one hundred recruits are sacrificed to Qin Tong, you can rebuild your independent regiment. Because those independent regiments still belong to you after the mountain is cut and repaired."
Tang Qiao added it again after finishing.
"Kantevez wants others to supplement your independent regiment, and finally makes Harris the head of the independent regiment when you return to Blue Star, but he ignores your charisma. Harris will never listen to him. When you come back, the independent regiment will still be your independent regiment."
"Of course, this is my guess. If you don’t have enough influence on Harris, the independent group will become Kantevez, Li Han, Qin Tong, Blind and Lame. They can’t beat Harris because Kantevez will be the commander-in-chief by then."
"I think when you go back to Blue Star, Ken Tevez will break up the independent regiment and transfer Qin Tong and all of them from the independent regiment to leave Harris. After all, 300 mountain-cutting mecha are the most important for Ken Tevez. With the neural link driving technology, Qin Tong’s combat power is still very high, but it is not as important as before. How many Yu Ren can be an ace?"
"That’s why I didn’t advise you to go back to the blue star before. You …"
After talking for half a day, there was no response. Tang Qiao finally stopped and frowned.
"Did you listen to me? We don’t have much time to communicate. In one minute, I will leave or someone will find out. "
Ji Xinghe repaired the mecha, but it still didn’t stop, but it finally stopped.
"I see."
"hmm?" Tang Qiaoleng way "I said so much you just say you know? What are you going to do? I have to prepare before. "
Ji Xinghe didn’t respond to repair the mecha in silence as before.
Tang Qiao finally understood. He laughed and asked, "You chose me but didn’t believe me. There’s a saying in Longzhou that you don’t doubt people and you don’t know this truth?"
Still no response.
When Tang Qiao took a look, he asked again, "When will you really believe me?"
Ji Xinghe didn’t look back, but he answered Tang Qiao’s question.
"When Kantevez died"
Tangqiao was shocked.
He never dreamed that Ji Xinghe would say such a sentence, which was a federal Samsung general and was about to pick up the commander-in-chief Samsung general.
The resources behind Kantevez, the ability to know people, and the bottom line style.
At most, it will become the second five-star in the Federation in three years, and it is very likely that there was no marshal rank before the Federation.
Even if the former Ji Xinghe revealed the meaning of letting him go to the top of the tower to organize a meeting to launch a suicide attack, he was not so shocked now.
When Tang Qiao was so excited that he forgot.
"Aren’t you going?" Also repair the mecha Ji Xinghe woke up.
Tang Qiao this just turned and walked away quickly.
He couldn’t figure out why Ji Xinghe wanted to kill Ken Tevez. Even if Ken Tevez wanted to destroy Ji Xinghe Independent Group, he didn’t want to kill Ji Xinghe.
Compared with Tu Yuan, I really wanted to kill Ji Xinghe, but Ji Xinghe didn’t mean to kill Tu Yuan. Even if he broke Tu Yuan’s leg, from his point of view, it was a bitter plan.
There are many people in the independent regiment who know their names and ranks for less than a month, but they are unfamiliar for more than half a month.
Is it really that important?
From a commander’s point of view, independent regiments are not that important. If elite regiments like independent regiments keep going to war, even if they can keep the organizational system, there will be a situation in which old blood is exhausted and new blood is left.
Change blood here sooner or later?
Tang Qiao can’t understand that this is not the only problem. How is Ji Xinghe going to kill Kentevez?
It is impossible for Kentevez to come to the defense level empire of the Nantian Gate on the alien surface. Even if there are one hundred space battleship ships out at the same time, it is impossible to destroy the Nantian Gate.
If the worse gate is destroyed, the alien war will be completely lost.
Yu Dengnan Tianmen kills people … Is it true that the guards around Ken Tevez are decorations? Ji Xinghe can beat Tu Yuan wearing the most advanced individual exoskeleton armor in the Federation, and it is impossible to win four elite soldiers wearing standard individual exoskeleton armor.
It’s not a concept after all
One more question. When is Ji Xinghe going to kill Kantevez?


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