"Go home?" She looked at him doubtfully. "Didn’t you say you were going to the bar?"

"It’s all because of you. You didn’t come. I don’t think I should wave them, so I sent them red envelopes to let them go back first." He grinned and showed his dense white teeth. "Anyway, I wish I could make it up again later. How are you? Are you still sad in your stomach? Do you want to eat some digestion tablets? "
Chapter 175 Look at someone kissing over there.
"No, no, I should just take a walk." She put her bag on her shoulder and looked at him straight for a long time before she asked, "So you are also engaged in the cultural industry? Is this company where you come to launder money? "
"Why is it black to earn money because I am black?" His eyes almost narrowed with laughter, and his right hand reached out involuntarily and touched his face.
Section 12
"Forget it, forget it!" Talking to him is a wave of current affairs. She doesn’t want to talk to him any more. She simply waved to him and said simply, "I’m going home. Bye!" "
"Why are you so affectionate?" He followed me and put on an aggrieved face. "At least I invited you to dinner. Although it upset your stomach and I brought you a bag, I lost thousands of dollars because of you. Are you going to kick me like this without even thanking me?"
"How do I know that you will really give them money?" She glared at him grumpily and then slowly walked forward. "Besides, don’t you have thousands of dollars in money anyway? It’s not that tens of millions are just nine Niu Yi hairs for you. You won’t feel bad. Don’t you feel strange?"
She stopped and stared at him sideways, studying his face as if trying to get a clue from his face.
"What seems to always meet you on different occasions? Are you really the vice president and audit director of this company? How many years have you been working in Tianjing? "
"Yes, I feel very surprised, too. I was shocked when I saw you today." Liu Bai gathered his face and put on a serious look. "I was still wondering at that time. Did you investigate me and know that I came to Tianjing for an application here to get close to me?"
"Hey, Mr. Lu, there must be a degree of narcissism, right?" Shen Xintang gave him a white look at his self-feeling. "Forget it. Anyway, you’ve always been used to importune me, and I’ve learned it. I won’t dispute with you. Thank you for treating me today and helping me with my bag friendship. I’ll treat you to dinner another day, and I’ll help you with your bag so that we’re even …"
"And I lost five thousand dollars?" He added hastily.
"How can that be charged to my account?" Shen Xintang’s eyes widened, and his face was red and his neck was thick. "It’s not like I forced you to give them money. What do you want to pretend to be generous and coax them into thinking about me?"
"Look who’s messing around!" Liu Bai argued, "If you hadn’t deliberately yelled at me for saving my face and bleeding? Although the money is not much, it is also my hard-earned money, isn’t it? If you don’t care, then you can give me back this five thousand dollars. "
Shen Xintang stared at him savagely, and his eyes were full of anger. Liu Bai also stared at her straight, not only did he not feel her anger, but also smiled at her badly.
His despicable smile made Shen Xintang even more angry.
"Asking for money is not fatal!" She straightened her back, raised her head and looked as if she were dead.
Liu Bai leng leng immediately burst out laughing.
"Hey, is your life worth five thousand dollars?" He finally stopped laughing and joked, "I didn’t expect you to be so cheap!" Tell you what, I’ll pay ten times more, and you can sell yourself to me! "
Shen Xintang felt that this man was really unreasonable. She simply ignored him and turned around and walked forward with her head down.
There are no street lamps in the food street, but the light from various restaurants vaguely hides the path ahead.
"Hey, wait for me!" Lu Bai soon came after her, and she walked side by side without forgetting to complain, "What if it’s so dark here and looks like me?"
Shen Xintang gave him a sideways glance. It’s really unnecessary to be narcissistic like this, isn’t it?
"Who dares to offend you so long?" Shen Xintang said sarcastically, "Even if you look like a fairy, you are safe."
Walking out of the front of the food street and turning left is her direction to go home, and Liu Bai followed her to turn left.
"I’m going home. Is your home in this direction?" She stopped and looked up at the faint light from the street lamps on both sides of his street, which made her face unhealthy white.
"Yes!" He nodded with a look of course.
There are three communities on the other side of Huayuan Road. It’s a shame that he and she go the same way.
Then there was silence.
For such silence, Liu Bai sincerely felt suffocated.
He also knows that he seems to be a little importunate about the way he gets along with Shen Xintang, but if not, they seem to be in an awkward position of silence as they are now.
It’s sad to think about it, which seems to mean that he and Shen Xintanggen can even talk and communicate normally.
It’s like there is a gap between him and her, and the only way to cross this gap is to make extreme measure
Silence is so terrible. The only good thing is that Shen Xintang walks slowly because he wants to take a walk.
Just then Shen Xintang’s cell phone rang.
When she packed her bag and took out her mobile phone, it showed a strange number.
"hey!" She pressed the answer key doubtfully.
"Aunt, it’s me!" At the other end of the sentence, Hua Wenxuan’s sexy low voice "How are you?"
A simple "how are you?" suddenly made her feel hot again.
"I’m fine" adjusted her mood and her voice became calmer than before. "What can I do for you?"
"I miss you very much!" There is a little loneliness in the deep voice. "I didn’t see you when I went to your company at noon. I heard that you asked for leave to go home and rest. What’s wrong with your body?" Did you not eat well again? "
Shen Xintang was speechless in situ.
"I’m in your building now. Is the light not on in your room still outside?"
"Please don’t call me again if you have nothing to do after President Hua?"
Hard and cruel, she always said a cold sweet word.
Words that end suddenly fell into silence.
"Then I’ll hang up. Bye!" She cut off the words quickly.
I feel a twinge of pain in my heart, tears have overflowed in my nose and my eyes. What is the point of holding words and being sad for each other?
It’s better to miss each other than to meet each other.
"Hey, Fox, why didn’t I buy you a mobile phone?" Liu Bai regarded her melancholy mood as a step closer to her and looked at her slightly reproachfully.
She is still the mobile phone that she got from the business hall.
"This mobile phone is very good and not afraid of thieves’ thinking." Shen Xintang quickly hid his emotions by putting the mobile phone back in his bag and then raised his head with a faint smile on his face.
"This mobile phone also has a shelf life." He disagreed with her. "Don’t you think it will be eliminated next year? The fourth generation and the fifth generation will come out soon."
"What’s that? I’m not a person who follows the fashion trend. "She explained that she was a little bored and turned her head to take a long breath, thinking that Hua Wenxuan was still at the bottom of her house, so she was not in a hurry to go home.
Two people walked slowly forward side by side.
Not far ahead is a bus platform, behind which a couple are hugging and kissing each other.
People didn’t feel embarrassed, but Shen Xintang was hard to feel. She withdrew her eyes to avoid them going to the front of the stage.
Suddenly a hand reached over and grabbed her arm and pulled her back.
"Let’s go after watching such a wonderful show!" Liu Bai pulled her back and stared at the couple who were kissing each other.
"See for yourself, I’m home!" Shen Xintang’s face is burning as if she was caught kissing someone else.
She struggled to shake his hand, but he held her firmly and did not budge.


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