"Although I’m talking about it now, maybe everyone thinks it’s nothing, but it’s a great challenge to finish this exercise in one second. Zhang Yan once again showed us what a great god is with a sharp exercise!"

After hearing this, the fans of Zhang Yan’s face became excited and their expressions increased. Mm-hmm! Let’s say that no one can compare! ? Now even the boss Xie and his game are afraid of the end!
Many times, it is enough to judge the strength of a player by watching him exercise on a track. Although the track in his hand is only more than 10 thousand meters, it has to be said that his strength as a top speed god has been revealed in this 10 thousand-meter section
At this time, even the original Xie Xiaofeng fans in Taiwan are secretly worried about whether it is possible for this player to win against him because of his strong strength and being the first player in the nationally recognized speed mode …
Looking at Zhang Yan’s hand still sitting beside the track player’s seat, Mo Tianyuan also nodded secretly. I have to say that this statement can become the fastest mode in the country. There are really two brushes. It is quite difficult to win points from this crazy team in this game today.
Just then, he saw a missile figure suddenly appeared on the track in front of Xie Xiaofeng, and there were four flashes behind the missile!
The first ground of the four flash monsters is a track, but if this Saida is skated by a player, you are all wet! Because the distribution position of the second and last two flash monsters is closely connected with the ground! This means that if you jump before the first flash monster when no danger is found, you will get into the cage of the first flash monster cloth, even if you are bound to be struck by the flash monster tail laser …
57 Chapter 57 Orange cushion
When other spectators saw it, they suddenly felt worried about the difficulty of this road section, but it depends on whether you can find it in danger.
Usually, there will be no problem if you want to skate from the side after encountering a strange flash on the track, but if you choose to skate here, you will have entered a dead end!
The audience secretly prayed that Xie Xiaofeng could find the danger. After all, it would be too worthless if he made a mistake here …
In this line of sight, I saw the witch Nana in front suddenly leaping over when she came to the first flash monster!
Didn’t slip from the first flash!
They looked at the in the mind can’t help but slip out in a cold sweat, but it’s no problem to choose this route.
Then after the second jump, the witch Nana glided directly from the four-flash monster after coming to the first flash monster …
"good! Beautiful! " Interpretation Lingling sent a compliment. She is Xie Xiaofeng’s fan. After seeing the idol safely and ill, she can’t help but admire it.
"We saw that the player couldn’t see it just before the arrival of the last few flash monsters, which means that if Xie Xiaofeng didn’t realize the danger was coming, he would probably choose to go from the first flash monster, but this situation is suspected to be a tragedy. However, he jumped directly in front of the first flash monster and just glided lightly from the first flash monster!"
The audience nodded secretly. Well, well, it is worthy of being the first cool running god in China, so accurate in predicting the danger to be discovered.
At this time, a long fault appeared in front of Xie Xiaofeng. There are two closely connected springs at the front edge of the fault. After stepping on these two springs, the spring assistant can jump over the whole fault and come to the back of the ten-meter long fault in front.
Xie Xiaofeng was about to step on the spring and then came to the back with the help of the spring force. However, people didn’t expect that he jumped directly before coming to those two springs! Then Erlian jumped and glided directly through the fault …
This exercise puzzled everyone. Wouldn’t it be better to step on the spring surface directly and come to the road ahead with the help of the spring force?
However, at present, the witch Nana glided across the fault, and most of the people gasped at the sight of the spring flight path with two flashes!
I think it turned out that he didn’t choose to step on the spring because he knew that the road ahead was bound to be dangerous.
You know, in the classic mode, the obstacle of spring route is a very difficult point to avoid. In this faster speed mode, both tracks have reached more than 20 thousand meters in front of them, and this forward speed is even faster. If you climb over with this spring force, it will be almost bounced off the whole road in a blink of an eye. It is simply impossible to avoid the obstacles on the track!
However, eye Xie Xiaofeng just evaded this danger through a gliding …
I have to say that this kind of pre-judgment ability simply makes the audience feel palpitation!
Commentary Yang Fanyin rang at this time. "It’s wonderful. It’s really wonderful …"
"We just saw Xie Xiaofeng’s player hide a fatal difficulty through a subtle prediction. You know, on this road surface, if you choose to step on the spring without a prediction, you will easily hit the two strange faces in front. In this case, it is particularly important to predict the danger before …"
"Maybe you will ask if you can’t see the road ahead, so guess what the danger is? In fact, this is not difficult, because in some well-known road sections, the difficulty is actually that the fixed change will not make a big difference. Just now, the two examples of springs passed by Boss Xie must often encounter obstacles in the spring route when we practice on weekdays. How can there be no obstacles when we have come to more than 20,000 meters of roads? "
"In fact, the two obstacles in the front spring route of Xie Xiaofeng’s exercise are predictable, but can you guess correctly and perfectly? This prediction depends on the personal level and proficiency of our later sections. I have to say that it is really eye-catching for Xie Boss to exercise just now."
Commentary john young said that after the end of the game, the hearts of the audience all had a sigh.
You know, Xie Xiaofeng is a classic model, and he can be so comfortable in the extreme speed mode. I have to say that this strength is really awesome.
Most of the audience in the cool running competition are young people, who are full of enthusiasm, youthful blood and worship the strong, and sitting in front of this stadium is very obvious. These are all strong people who deserve their serious respect!
In particular, the original Xie Xiaofeng fans are also excited and flushed after hearing their idols being so nb!
Hmm! Although you say nb, we thank the boss for his strength! It’s not certain who will win this game!
At this moment, they suddenly saw that Xie Xiaofeng had just slipped past a baffle, and a fault with a long length appeared in the front section. There was only a short truncated section and two soft orange cushions in this fault for the witch Nana to step on.
The orange cushion is a special kind of stepping in the adventure mode in the extreme speed mode. When stepping on the surface, the player will feel a kind of softness, like stepping on a cloud head, and it will give the player a spring force. This spring force is of course not obvious, but it is also better than a jump.
If the orange cushion is favorable on some special road sections, it can help players to deal with some more complicated obstacles, and even achieve the effect that the triple jump character jumps out of the quadruple jump and the quadruple jump character jumps out of the quintuple jump! It is of great benefit to players’ exercises
Of course, if you haven’t touched this orange cushion before, it is very likely that you will be in danger because you don’t adapt to it. This danger is often unnecessary but you have to guard against it.
Chapter 579 The witch Nana jumped three times!
At this point in front of Xie Xiaofeng, the end of his flat section is the edge of the fault, where the strange wings are flashing with dark green wings.
There is an inverted "V"-shaped gold coin line in the flash tail fault, and the end of the V is bent to guide two orange cushions to the front.
And behind these two cushions, the second flash monster in this section floats in half-egg-yellow eyes, releasing terrible luster. If the player doesn’t step on those two cushions, he is afraid that he will fall into the big mouth of this flash monster.
Then, after the flash monster, the only missile in the fault in front of it was swept sideways to see that it was going to stick to the flash monster’s head, but after the missile’s tail, it could be seen that there was a surface slightly higher in front of it and there was no obstacle, and the flat area was waving at the witch Nana …
The audience couldn’t help but be surprised when they saw this section of the road.
"This fault is not easy. First of all, the first flash is strange. This flash is not high. If you want to go from the other side, you will easily fall into the surface fault. If you choose to jump from the surface, you will probably not jump over the two orange cushions but jump directly behind the orange cushions. That would be tragic."
"Yeah, not only that, but the shimmering behind the orange cushion is too close to each other. Even if you pass the first shimmering surface and turn it over to the cushion surface, you are likely to encounter the shimmering monster, which will be just as tragic."
"There will be! Even if Ann stepped on the orange cushion and didn’t touch the second flash monster, there was a missile coming in front of her at this time, and it would hit her if she wasn’t careful, which would be even more tragic … "
"This place is always very sad!"
"Yes, yes, yes, yes!"
On the spot, the pages are talking about Xie Xiaofeng has entered the fault ahead!
The way he entered the fault was not to take off and fall as usual, but to let the frozen wolf king fall naturally at the edge of the fault and then suddenly turn over before falling into the abyss!
This passing method can not only avoid the flash monster in front of the fault, but also completely eat the V-shaped gold coin line on the tail face of the flash monster, which can kill two birds with one stone. After entering the fault, he can successfully step on the two orange cushion surfaces by taking a jump, which is safe and effective.
The audience saw that he stepped on the two orange cushions smoothly, and they all relaxed a little quietly, but they didn’t dare to be too relaxed, because there was another place with a relatively high position waiting for Nana, the witch who had just stepped on the two orange cushions, to board.
At this time, the elasticity of the two orange cushions has already worked!
The audience saw Nana, who had just stepped on the orange cushion, turn out with the help of this weak elastic force as if she had started a take-off. However, the turn-up route was just toward the missile plane coming from the middle and front of the fault!
The audience was shocked, but at this moment, Nana, the witch who was bounced by the orange cushion, took off again just before being hit by a missile! However, the take-off distance from the flat area on the right is obvious, and there is still a slight gap. Seeing that the witch Nana is about to slip and fall into the fault, an unexpected thing happened to the audience at this moment. That witch Nana, who had already jumped twice in a row, once again took a triple jump!
The audience was shocked and their faces showed an incredible expression. Nana, the witch, was able to jump twice in a row, but how can it not be surprising that she actually used a triple jump skill here?
At this moment, john young’s stereo got up. "Oh! My goodness! What did I see! "
"Have to say just thank the boss that fuck is very delicate! First, he naturally stepped on the two orange cushions. At this time, he had a jump with the help of the elasticity of the cushions. Later, in the process of jumping up, he opened the siren Nana’s second company and looked like the siren Nana had a total of three jump skills! This time, even jumping has turned over the section that could not have jumped to the ground. I have to say that this kind of exercise really surprised us! "


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