Pepper smiled. "Mark Tony, what’s your character for so many years? You are Tony’s few friends. Tony just got back from Obidos and asked Jarvis to use all his resources to find Kate."

Mark smiled and turned to this passionate topic and said, "I went to Eastland. Kate has a sister, Eastland, and I just got in touch."
Pepper nodded and seemed to accept the whole explanation.
After a while
The percussion tinkled in the basement gradually died down.
Mark got up after solving the last steak and said to Pepper, "Don’t you want to see it?"
Pepper smiled and shook his head. "Tony complained yesterday that my perfume turned his room into a dressing room."
Mark was silent.
This is the real strength to be single.
Mark lamented himself.
After entering the basement, the ground was covered with pieces of debris.
Bumblebee mechanically moved and turned its neck.
Click click sound non-stop.
"Is it fixed?" Mark came down the stairs and asked Tony, who was wearing a vest and showing his chest hair.
Tony nodded his head.
One second
Although bumblebee’s audition sound is male, it tends to be female.
What can Tony fix the pronunciation device that even the ambulance can’t?
There’s no need to ask.
Who is repairing the bumblebee?
The world’s first engineer
Dare to wear armor and Thanos hard man.
Isn’t he better than an ambulance?
After the audition over there, Bumblebee turned and looked at Mark as he was preparing to get down on one knee for a formal meeting.
Mark raised his eyebrows and shot a stern look directly.
Bumblebee once again shook his knees on the way.
Mark breathed a sigh of relief again.
Although Tony is his friend
But the Lord of the underworld?
Let’s wait for a while.
If Tony knows who Mark is now, Mark can think of what Tony will ask …
In this way?
Will there be Iron Man?
Next to Tony, he looked puzzled as if a stuck bumblebee asked curiously, "Is there something wrong with the sports system again?"
Mark shook his head and looked at the bumblebee and pretended not to know everything. "What are you?"
"Cybertron Star Domain Autobots Bumblebee"
"Cybertron?" Next to Tony, he frowned and asked, "Is Cybertron your home? How far is it from the earth? "
Bumblebee looks at Mark.
Mark nodded invisibly.


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