The media also asked the two people, of course, or asked Sun Yao mostly.

"I heard that you are injured. Can you play in this game?" The reporter asked.
"I feel good, of course, it depends on the coach’s decision!" In the face of Portuguese, reporter Sun Yao also answered through translation.
At this time, it is really stupid to communicate with others in Spanish. If a Spanish reporter comes to ask Sun Yao in Spanish, it will of course be convenient to answer in short Spanish.
Other languages, including English and Sun Yao, all answered, because he can speak a little Spanish at most, and then, although he can pass English from primary school and his English report card occasionally, the reality is that he can’t.
Ask the reporter’s comrade’s name at most and then bye-bye.
The press conference was relaxed and pleasant, because the reporters had nothing to ask, and their focus was, of course, the press conference of Portugal later.
They and others will play in cristiano ronaldo later.
Although Sun Yao overwhelmed Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of team performance and personal performance in the game two weeks ago, it was a game after all, and people’s influence and appeal were accumulated over the years.
Winning a game does not mean winning forever.
A player who wants to be a real top star must pile up several victories.
It’s easy to leave the press conference. Sun Yao and Gao Zhi are very relaxed, because it’s a friendly match and there’s not much pressure.
The goal of this game is to play your own style.
Specifically, it is called training; Of course, it is more reasonable and logical to come to training friendly matches in any sports event in China.
There is indeed a problem with friends in PS. Since the national team has been recruited and refused directly, of course not. It must be reported with full sincerity before it can be selected for the national football team once. I don’t know if there will be any resistance, but I will try my best to stop it when it is time. I don’t like hacking my own national team and I hope that the national team can rise as early as possible. In view of the reality, it can be described as little as possible.
Because of the story, there have been few national teams and no important games in the past two years, so there is nothing to write about. The main reason behind it is the club competition. More than half of the season has passed, and Villarreal has rekindled the hope of competing for the Champions League. Moreover, the King’s Cup and the UEFA Cup are in full swing. It is the most important thing for the club to go hand in hand at present.
We’ll do whatever you suggest.
In fact, I also have a general direction for the following plot. I also hope that we can discuss the detailed questions. Every time I see a friend comment in the comment area, I will be very happy. I have also replied to every comment. I hope that we can discuss it more.
In addition, the problem is that although the result is not good, I am still calm; But it’s okay to calm down. I still hope everyone remembers to vote for the recommendation. Generally speaking, you must have collected friends here. Do you still want to collect them?
Chapter one hundred and forty garrido cannon
Portugal’s pre-match press conference is rarely compared with their opponents’ questions about whether they have confidence in the World Cup group stage.
A few reporters also asked C Ronaldo what he thought of Sun Yao, a hot player in the national team.
C Ronaldo shook his head. "I seldom bet on him, but I have played against him and know that he is an excellent player;" It is a pity that players like this can’t participate in the World Cup. "
The game went on as scheduled at about four o’clock in the morning in Beijing.
This game is also highly watched in China, because CCTV has arranged a lot of World Cup warm-up matches to broadcast tonight.
Its focus in the past two years has been the German-Italian war between Spain and France and between Germany and Italy.
However, during the German-Italian War, there was a conflict between Portugal and China. CCTV had already decided to broadcast the German-Italian War, but suddenly the news that Sun Yao was selected for the national team made the national television station change its mind. They were sure to broadcast the game between Portugal and China.
Despite Sun Yao’s participation, the national voice is generally pessimistic, although Portugal, like France, made it to the World Cup finals through the final play-offs.
But they are still strong, and the national team is almost sure to win.
Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance in the national team is not as dazzling as that in the club. He also hopes to find his best form before the World Cup.
It’s the starting lineup, but Sun Yao is missing
Director Gao analyzed Sun Yao’s injury and I’m afraid his national team show will not be shown until half time.
Sun Yao calmly sat on the bench and watched his teammates perform.
As thought, the main defensive reason is that the technical gap is too big to control the ball.
On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo also showed a strong goal, leading Nani and other trotters to madly impact the national team defense.
The national team will either live or die this time, or stick to this road, because they will be broken if they counterattack at most.
Surprisingly, Portugal didn’t take the lead in breaking the deadlock at half-time and kept the score to a break.
It is really surprising that Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani, the core of the Deco field, are on the two wings of the ultra-luxury offensive line. The performance of Chinese goalkeeper Zhang Lu in this game can be described as extremely eye-catching
"The national team goalkeeper has a world-class performance!" Even the Portuguese commentator praised, but the Portuguese commentator didn’t know that the current goalkeeper was not the main goalkeeper of the national team, but he had to be in the third or fourth place.
This is also the whole player can’t find it.
The weak team went out to the door. Although Zhang goalkeeper was far from the world famous men, he was able to save the ball and struggled to save it. There were almost no mistakes.
Portugal still scored at half time, as everyone expected. After all, the team was lucky to be able to defend the half time. It was only a matter of time before the national team lost the goal at half time. For the current national team, it is better to lose less and win.
Before the game, many netizens were worried that the international players should not shovel their legs for others’ stars, but the reality is that the national football team played very clean this time.
But the defense is still tenacious.
Portugal’s goal came from Cristiano Ronaldo’s assist. His wide breakthrough almost made the national team players give way from behind the foot and Almeida headed the goal.
1-0 Portugal also breathed a sigh of relief. If you can’t even get the country at your doorstep, don’t go to South Africa to make soy sauce. It’s meaningless.
Their goal is not only to qualify for the group, although their opponents in the same group are not weak and the second place in the group is likely to win the championship in the knockout stage immediately, but they still hope to go further.
Ten minutes later, Sun Yao finally took the place of Haiyuan.


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