Chen Yan said, "I don’t know if there is rejuvenation, but I can tell you that I am not rejuvenation. I have a little understanding of spiritual practice. My life span is longer than that of ordinary people, and I can live for 300 years."

Clay Bodhisattva nodded, "So three hundred years is a long time, so it’s not bad for you to be a teenager at your age."
Chen Yan said, "Let’s eat some dry food and hurry. We must return to the main altar of Tianhui before midnight today."
Tianhui general altar
Xiong sat in the main seat of the main hall with a Wen Chouchou in his hand and said, "Master Chen’s coach hasn’t come back yet. Today is the last day of the six-month period."
Our sneer at a way: "Ulrich certainly didn’t find the clay idol, but Wen Chouchou didn’t wait for Ulrich. He won’t go back to heaven. Ulrich told him that the first thing he did was a waste."
Chapter 252 Force back the nemesis in the sword hall
Chen Yan sold his horse and traveled lightly with the clay idol. If Chen Yan is stronger than the horse in terms of extreme speed and endurance, the clay idol weighs more than 100 kilograms, which is nothing to Chen Yan.
Chen Yan’s physical strength has been running for several days and nights, but there is no problem. Chen Yan’s mind and physical strength have reached the "extraordinary" level.
He rushed back to the main altar of Tianhui when he was sure.
The clay bodhisattva is protected by the innate miasma, and he feels that the trees are going backwards, and the miasma and gas friction give off a burst of whistling.
If it weren’t for the protection of congenital vigorous gas, the clay idol would be blown by the wind and could not even keep his eyes open.
"So fast," said the clay idol. "Chen Yan, you are too fast."
Chen Yan said, "It’s not too fast. I’m 70% fast. Because of this, the journey is more lasting and not tiring. The limit speed is too heavy for the body to last, but even if this speed is reached before midnight at night, there is no problem."
The distance, speed and time are all calculated. If you want to act according to the plan, the unexpected result must be what you expected.
Clay Bodhisattva said, "Chen Yan, tell me the truth. How many strong people like you are there besides you and Xiong?"
Chen Yan shook his head and said, "I don’t know that I was a coach less than two months after I first entered Tianhui. I am not qualified to know many core secrets in Tianhui. I have no interest in those so-called core secrets."
Chen Yan went on his way with the clay idol, and they didn’t stop for dinner.
"In half an hour, we will arrive at the general altar of Tianhui," said Chen Yan.
Back to heaven.
When Yan Yan saw that the lights in the top hall were still on, he knew that Xiong had not rested.
Chen Yan said, "Clay Bodhisattva, let’s go to see Master Xiong now."
Halfway up the hill, Elham’s face changed. In addition to dominating this peerless strong man, there are twelve great masters in the hall.
Ulrich heart shocked "where did you get so much master? Are they the leaders of the great sects in the Central Plains? But they all smell evil and don’t look like right people. "
The leaders of big sects don’t say that they are all good people, but their breath will never be so evil.
Chen Yan body slightly a meal, and then faster to the hall, he wants to see what the twelve great masters are.
"Tong Huang", the twelve evil spirits of Tianchi in the main hall, said with a smile, "Thank you for saving us from the sword of blade master Dugu. If we finish our private affairs, we will come to Heaven to work and obey the orders of Xiongwang."
Tong Huang is as short as a child of six or seven years old, and his face is white and tender with baby fat. He looks very cute.
But who would have thought that this seemingly cute child turned out to be the leader of the Twelve Evil Commanders in Tianchi, a killer who frightened the Jianghu experts?
The ghost in the twelve evil spirits said, "Although we Tianchi twelve evil spirits are heterodox people, we always keep our words."
Ghost is the oldest, the highest flying skill and the deepest. It’s hard to prevent people from killing by Japanese Ninjutsu.
The overlord laughed. "Ha-ha-ha. You are all great masters, and your martial arts skills are comparable to those of the leaders of big sects. With your help, the sky will be even more powerful. Even if there is a lone swordsman in the two cities, this strong old man can still suppress the two cities."
One Chen Yan has left, and now twelve great masters have come.
Dominate of course.
Sun Yat-sen is different from the twelve evil spirits of Tianchi. He is too young, too calm and too mysterious. Even the overlord cannot see through Sun Yat-sen.
In the face of Chen Yan’s dominance, there is always a feeling that although Chen Yan is respectful to himself, he still feels that Chen Yan is not in control.
However, when you see them, you will have everything under control. I feel that the dominant body is closest to the realm of "harmony between man and nature". The peerless strong people trust their intuition very much.
Xiong said, "You twelve have joined the Heavenly Society and worked hard for the old man. The old man will never be stingy with the reward and will not treat you badly."
Just then.
"Master, I have brought back the clay Buddha" rang out outside Chen Yanyin’s main hall.
Our facial expression changed, and then we resumed our smile. "It turned out that Manager Chen is back. Come on in."
Ulrich steadily walked into the hall, clay idol and behind him.
People in the hall have set their eyes on Chen Yanshen, hoping to find some clues from him.
Unfortunately, it is doomed to disappoint the twelve evil spirits of Tianchi.
Chen Yan’s temperament is elegant and calm, but I don’t see anything powerful.
Chen Yan went to the center of the main hall and said, "Wang, today is the last day of my half-year deadline. Now it’s midnight. I brought the clay idol back to the sky. Will it be considered as the completion of Wang?"
Xiong wants to make things difficult for Yan Chen, but he can’t find an excuse. It’s really unexpected that Yan Chen can come back before midnight.
Our canthus muscles sobbed and nodded, "Manager Chen, you have been here for months, and I haven’t heard from you. I still have what happened outside you … but it’s good to come back."
This is polite to listen to, but Ulrich knows it’s against his will, even if he doesn’t want an accident to happen again.


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