At the end, Teng Teng Teng stepped on the stairs, and Pei Yin lifted the bead curtain and went in to see Pei Qin running.

"quick! The old lady is calling a girl over there! " Pei Qin seems to be out of breath, and there is something urgent.
Gu Man also has some doubts in letting go.
It’s neither too early nor too late at this time. What are you doing in such a hurry to call yourself there?
She looked at Pei Qin and asked, "Do you know what it is?"
Is it true that you went to look for Gu Yan yourself today? But it doesn’t make sense. If this matter is publicized, the worst thing will be Gu Yan herself. She’s not that stupid. Will she complain to the old lady Gu?
Pei Qin blinked and shook his head.
The girl looked at her face with a blank look, and she laughed straight out. She got up and rushed to Pei Yin. "Then let’s go to the old lady for me."
Pei Yin scattered all her hair for her, re-smeared the rose hair oil, and her fingers flashed like butterflies. Soon, she gave her an excellent comb with a cloud bun and picked out a glittering and translucent magnolia hairpin from her jewelry box to give her a shawl with a smile.
By the time she got to De ‘anju, the sun had already set, and the last ray of light had disappeared, and the night suddenly covered up.
Two bright red lanterns in front of De ‘anju courtyard are shining, which looks quite beautiful.
Just after entering the hospital, a little girl greeted her with a smile and respectfully called her "Nine Girls!"
I haven’t seen so much attention on weekdays, and nothing good has happened to me. What’s wrong with these people?
Gu Man suspicious but still smiling nodded as a little girl entered the door.
The old lady is hugging Gu Zhao and sitting on the couch with a smile on her face.
So happy? Still so good to Gu Zhao.
Gu Man went into the room and greeted the old lady before Yingying.
Ting Lan will immediately pass the futon to Gu Manhang, and she will see that the old lady Gu is smiling at herself.
This has never happened before, but the old lady seems to like it very much when she smiles at herself in public.
Old lady Gu stretched out her hand and pulled her beside her, smiled and shouted at her, "Let’s look better and better now."
Twins are full of anger, and their hearts are very uncomfortable, adding new hatred and old hatred. Now, how to look after them and how they are not pleasing to the eye? Seeing that the old lady Gu is more polite to her than usual, she hates her teeth itch.
It’s the same old lady’s own granddaughter. Why can she live recklessly and make mistakes? Even the old lady dare not punish her?
Gu Man has a panoramic view of their expressions, but she can’t do it. Since Mrs. Gu likes to play this kind of kindness in front of people, just cooperate with her.
Therefore, she was clever and took the fresh fruit handed by Ting Lan and personally attended the old lady.
Once upon a time, I was tired of Fannie and Freddie, but I didn’t find that if the nine girls were clever, they would be more kind to laugh if they knew the manners and thought of the old lady so much.
Gu Man is still suspicious. The old lady suddenly became intimate and stared at Gu Zhao in confusion.
Gu Zhao see points busy while to the old lady pass handkerchief kung fu smiled and pinched gu full hand gently way "does list"
Has the list of rites been set? Gu Man looked up and saw Gu Zhao blushing in the cheeks.
Is it so lucky to be rationed to Xie Ling without doing anything behind Gu Man?
After a while, Wang came into the room with Xiao Shi in his arms, and his eyebrows were also beaming. First, he invited the old lady Gu to sit in a chair.
Xiao Shi has been nine months now, and he is more lively and active.
Gu Man also specially ordered his room to be covered with a thick blanket so that he wouldn’t bump into it-he was so active that he crawled around without a moment’s leisure.
Gu old lady see be elated busy made TingLan held him in the past in her arms and tease him "ten little ten? Do you know your grandmother? "
What’s so funny! It’s just a urine bag! Liushi just came in at this time and took a leisurely look at Xiao Shi before kissing and giving the old lady Jianli.
Followed by the third wife, the first wife and the fourth wife.
Seeing that everyone is here, the old lady Gu handed Xiao Shi to one side and the nurse sat upright and smiled. "I called you here at this time today because I have a happy event to tell you."
Happy event? At this time?
They were all a little confused.
Mrs. Gu has already smiled and took Gu Zhao’s hand and announced that "Mengsheng and Xianfei Empress love our little three children and have been chosen to be Chen Wangshi’s contemporary princess!"
Chen wangshi? Present princess?
This time, it’s not just twins, even Gu Qing is a little stunned!
What luck! I’m one year behind Gu Zhao, but I haven’t seen anyone tell me that I was chosen by the department of rites!
Is it different to have a grandfather who leans in one’s hand and records?
Liushi Fang looked at each other with surprise and resentment.
On the contrary, the third wife smiled and praised "our third sister has always been good."