"Haikui …" Shizuka cried.

Haikui coughed awkwardly for fear that Shizuka found herself asking "What’s the matter?"
"Forget it, since the feather girl said forget it, let’s spare this rascal this time." Shizuka, although black-faced, has a much better tone.
"Well," Haikui thought for a few seconds, but his eyes squinted at Yunxiyue’s concave-convex and exquisite figure and nodded. "Well, since you have spoken, I must cherish the moon."
Yunxiyue turned her head. "What’s the matter?" Look unhappy
"Shizuka, you go to cherish the moon and fly the sword."
Although I don’t know what Haikui is going to do, Shizuka is still very obedient and Yunxiyue stepped on a flying sword.
Haikui looked at Wang Ao and laughed, "How dare you scold your Dragon King Grandpa for death? You can’t escape death." The words sound just fell and Haikui’s body whizzed away and instantly came to the front of Wang Ao.
Drink a "Tianma Meteor Boxing"
"Lushan Mountain Ascends to Dragon Overlord"
"Diamond Stardust Boxing"
"Tianma Swing Strike"
Accompanied by Haikui’s drinking, he heard banging.
Wang ao screams also constantly issued.
They saw Wang ao stop in front of him all the time, and then there was the sound of fists.
Yunxiyue was shocked. I didn’t expect the names of Haikui’s moves to be so awesome, and Ling Yunzong’s others were also shocked. If a recruit department gets through the undead, it will take off its skin.
Hai Kui played straight for ten minutes before stopping, and he was sweating. He didn’t want to kill Wang Ao, but he didn’t choose the key place. He made himself feel that Niu B was panting and drove his flying sword to Yunxiyue before them.
Wang ao had already been knocked out. At this time, Haikui’s fist stopped. He danced in the air for three seconds and then fell off. Fortunately, a teacher younger brother caught him with great load.
Haikui waved at the two younger brothers, "Get out of here or I’ll kill you both."
They were scared out of their wits. They drove the flying sword with Wang Ao and disappeared in front of everyone.
"Thank you for saving your life." Linchen bowed to Haikui formally.
Haikui would like to worship when he saw Stephane fall. "What are you two going to do?" That guy just kept worshipping me and was beaten up by me. You both want to, right?
Jingxiang showed her neat teeth and smiled sweetly at Haikui. "Why are you so angry?"
Linchen and Stephane don’t understand Haikui’s mind. Seeing him angry, they don’t know what to say and dare not speak.
"Go home and come out for half a day" Haikui suddenly like a deflated ball.
Cloud precious little moon beside sarcastically "you like a mental derangement"
"Some people like mental illness," Haikui retorted.
"Who likes you?" Shizuka also joked.
"The two of us will leave first," said Lin Chen, who saw the three of them pulling Stephane down.
Jingxiang hurriedly reached out and took Stephane’s hand. "Sister, don’t worry. Don’t you want this Dan medicine to save your life? Now where is Dan medicine in a hurry?"
Linchen hurriedly waved his hand and said, "No, no, this Dan medicine belongs to you. We can’t have it."
"Just listen to Jingxiang elder sister. Take it." Yunxi Moon also urged.
"Can’t want the two of us can’t live one more day. It’s already a day’s love for me." Stephane smiled sweetly. Although she was a little lost, she still felt very happy. At least she could be accompanied by Brother Lin Chen at the last moment of her life.
Looking at Stephane’s laughter, Jingxiang and Yunxi Moon, I feel sad than I feel like crying.
"Can you three stop being so sour?" Haikui said, wiping away tears and squeezing them.
Looking at Haikui crying, everyone couldn’t help laughing.
Hai Kui is actually pretending that he wants to adjust the atmosphere and see everyone laugh and say happily, "Don’t refuse. We don’t have this. Besides, I just heard that we still need to find a safe place. Do you two have a safe place?"
Hai Kuigang said that the sound in his mind immediately rang to "Hai Kui can’t give them Dan medicine"
"Why not?" Heikki’s consciousness communicate with that sounds in his head.
"You need to break through, you need to soar to the fairyland as soon as possible, which is important for you," the voice said discontentedly.
"I have my own decision," Haikui said and ignored the sound.
Linchen and Stephane look at each other, and they are both very resistant. Now they really can’t find an safe place.
Seeing the two of them like this, I hurriedly said, "Let’s go to my house. My house is not afraid of Lingyunzong’s safety. It’s important to help first."
Linchen and Stephane all know that Yunjia has also heard of Yunjia’s title. After all, Yunjia is the eldest daughter of Yunjia. This world’s name is Yunqian, but Yunjia combines Yunjia’s name with Yuanying’s name. There is a Yunjia. This force Lingyunzong is absolutely not to be taunted.
Seeing the two of them hope that the clouds cherish the moon while the iron is hot, "Don’t hesitate to go and hide in our house for a while."
Said the pull Stephane left hand royal flying sword fly ahead.
"Wait" Haikui is not willing to call way.
The clouds cherish the moon and turn back "why"
"Give me back Shizuka." Haikui likes being held by Shizuka from behind, especially when her breasts are pressed against her back.
"You fly alone." Shizuka spoke.
Three girls are talking and laughing and flying towards Yungu.
Lin Chen respectfully said to Haikui, "You go first, senior."
Haikui laughed. "Don’t call my predecessors call me …" Haikui paused. "Call me a sea ghost."