Other women didn’t want to promise, but they couldn’t bear to see the sad picture of roses, so they dug up swords and guns.

"Thank you so much. My name is Mu Ying. I just heard from the president that your name is Li She?" Muying walked to the front of Li She and greeted him.
"Yes, my name is Li She, and I was just about to thank you. If you hadn’t stopped me just now, I was afraid that I would have died at the hands of the evil ghost king." Li She said sincerely.
Mu Ying’s pale face gave me a smile. "Don’t make fun of me. By the way, how come your force is so high!"
"You are not the same. Who can step the evil ghost king into the mud with one foot? I have never done this." Li She is modest when she says this. That trick’ fierce potential’ can do this. She can kill Zhao Hong when Zhao Hong is not paying attention. Maybe Zhao Hong is dead now. It is superfluous to say these things.
"That’s a skill I got after I got the contract. At present, my real force value can be 6 points at a time." Mu Ying seems to feel very good about Li She, the savior, and explained tirelessly.
"promise?" Li She wondered if it was the same as Li Qiang, but Li Qiang got the greedy wolf’s promise at that time. This Mu Ying didn’t!
On second thought, it seems that there are fewer and fewer unified announcements now, and many things are no longer announced. It is like being tired. Does Li guess that unified announcements are not announced once after receiving the news?
I heard that Li was involved in Cheng Muying’s words and I don’t know if I should tell Li the secret. Mu Ying also told Rose that Li had just saved them, so Mu Ying planned to tell Li the secret.
I didn’t expect Li She to say, "You don’t have to tell me. Everyone should have their own secrets."
MuYing smiled to li involved dally to helicopter.
The rose over there has also buried the girl. There is no monument saying, "You and I will be sisters after all. Don’t say that my sister can’t do it for you. It’s already the end of righteousness, so you can go with peace of mind!" Turned to look at MuYing is laughing and muttered, "This girl is obsessed with it and rarely sees her smiling at people, especially men."
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Receive roses
Rose came up smiling and said, "What are you two talking about? Talk to me about it. Hehehehehe. "
"Sister Mei, what are you talking about?" Fortunately, Mu Ying’s face is black dirt. Otherwise, the blushing cheeks will be exposed. Mu Ying quickly changed the subject. "Sister Mei still needs to get those escaped sisters back quickly. What’s the trouble?"
"Well, it’s right for you to get them all back." Rose immediately said to the daughters on Monday.
"Good President, you are here, and so on." Then I went to look for my sisters.
Several people simply sat on the ground and waited. Li was afraid that the two women would have any accident here and didn’t leave.
Soon a group of twitters appeared, and Li She smiled and knew it was time for her to leave. She got up and said to Rose, "Now that they are all back, I should leave."
"You’re leaving now!" Mu Ying’s eyes reveal a trace of reluctance, but it passes by.
"Yes, is there anything else I can do for you?" Li She still reveals that charming smile.
"Oh, no, it’s nothing." Mu Ying hurriedly bowed his head and didn’t know whether he was ashamed or scared by Li’s smile.
Rose snickered at the side and suddenly stopped Li She, who was about to leave. "Li She, anyway, we have no place to hide in Shan Ye all day. It’s not a problem. Why don’t we move to your village? I wonder if you want to?"
"Of course I do. I believe no one can refuse so many beautiful women to stay." Li Shexiao laughed.
Rose smiled slyly and looked at herself in surprise. Mu Ying asked, "Mu Ying, do you promise?"
"ah! I promise! No! I won’t allow it! No! I promise! Let’s listen to your sisters! " Said finally MuYing has low head couldn’t be lower.
Sitting on the side of Li She, Le Jin looked at his side with a pair of wind and light clouds, and the master sighed in his heart, "The master is the master, and my generation is inferior!"
"Well, I’ll ask the other sisters for advice," Rose said, and greeted the group of sisters. She also pointed to Li She and said something from time to time. Her hands were still gesticulating like she was describing a fight scene, while Mu Ying sat in front of Li She kept her head low.
The group of women seemed to be having a heated discussion, and it took a long time to be over. It was quite strange to be surrounded by women when they came here together.
It was still Rose who said to Li She, "They all agreed on one request."
"Please rest assured that I won’t ask you to do anything." Li She looked around her girls and said.
"Ha ha, we said it wasn’t that. What we wanted to say was that we didn’t want to live that peasant life. We all wanted to be foot soldiers. Do you think?" Rose said, "This will also help protect the territory."
Li She pondered for a moment and said, "To tell you the truth, the existing female soldiers in our village are led by Huang Zhong’s daughter Huang Wudie. If you are willing to join me, I can let Huang Wudie accept you. If you want to join me, other leading teams in Tianmen Town can also be like this Lejin beside me." Li She pointed to Lejin and said that Lejin also nodded at the right time.
"Huang zhong? Lejin? Who is it? Very powerful? " A woman in the crowd muttered
"I told you to read more at ordinary times. I don’t even know if your brain is growing to your chest!" Another woman said and immediately explained it. Looking at the buzzing posture, many people should have never heard of it.
Li She continued, "Of course, if you want to lead an army by yourself, I can promise you."
"I want to lead an army alone!" "What is the best team in your territory?"
The two sounds sounded together, a muying and a rose.
"What about you?" Li she asked to other women.
Almost the vast majority chose to follow the rose. After all, it is a long-term majesty. There are still twenty or thirty people who chose Mu Ying’s side.
Li involved in this just said, "Mu Ying, you see that your number is relatively small, and there are also 50 Huang Wudie. Why don’t you merge a team first, and then you will lead an army yourself when the number is large?"
"Yes, I don’t mind." Mu Ying simply said to others, "We listen to Mu Jie."
"Well, it’s settled on Rose. You asked me which team is the strongest in my territory. I think it should be my three brothers who lead the wolf riding." Li She said.
"Wolf ride? Shouldn’t Huang Zhong lead the army? " Rose has some accidents.
"Yes, it’s not Huang Zhong, who is a player like you. If you let Huang Zhong lead you, I’m afraid Huang Zhong won’t promise you, and I know that in this ancient society, you let an Iliad lead the female soldiers, and this Iliad also feels embarrassed." Li She said apologetically
Rose thought about it and understood, "OK, we will join this wolf riding, as long as your brothers are not all hands."
"All hands? Impossible! " Li She definitely said that regardless of his trust in Li Qiangren, he said that he would never allow himself to be all hands-on in that cruel training, and it should be a great fit. Of course, it must be with the consent of women
Li She solemnly said, "Don’t promise to be so frank first. Do you know how difficult it is to become a qualified wolf rider? Do you know how high the death rate of adult greedy wolves is? "
"How high can it be? We are not afraid! " Rose muddy don’t care about a group of women followed nodded his head.
Li involved in cold hum a "hum! Three-quarters! Can you imagine how cruel it would be to train a wolf riding? Are you still willing to join the wolf riding? But if you can live, I guarantee that you can block a hundred! "
Rose frown temporarily make up our minds.


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