Lyu3 bu4 is indignant. In these battles, he was stupid enough to steal the limelight, but Lyu3 bu4 belongs to Zhang Liao Seibel and others. Even if he just defected to Dong Boss Zhao Yun, he was obviously more angry than he recruited Dong Boss. As a result, Lyu3 bu4 wanted to kill several prisoners to vent his anger. Jia Xu and Marotta severely stopped others, but he was afraid that Lyu3 bu4′ s family now lived in Luoyang, and his life was in Dong Man’s hands (Jia Xu’s idea). Lyu3 bu4 made a slight move, but his family’s life would be hard to protect. Even now Lyu3 bu

Lu Bu didn’t dare to wake Dong Lao Da Kang Peng until lunch when he was woken by another person. "I won’t go, I won’t go!" A girl who is like a girl out of the valley in Oriole is crying and making noise. Kang Peng rubs her sleepy eyes and pushes the door to watch. It turns out that two warriors are pulling with a little girl. It seems that two warriors want to pull the girl out of Dong’s house, but the girl doesn’t know what to do or not.
"Stop it! What are you doing?" Kang Peng tore the gong and shouted at the two warriors.
"See the Prime Minister". The two warriors let the girl come and salute Kang Peng.
"What’s the matter?" Kang Peng asked, pointing to the girl kneeling there crying.
"I told the Prime Minister that you ordered all the people to go home and we let her go back, but she cried and refused to go."
Kang Peng is really not afraid of death these days. Even the demon king Dong Zhuo dares to look around and looks good. Is she afraid of leopard? "Bring her here."
That girl was brought to Kang Peng. Take a closer look. Isn’t this the girl who was under pressure when Kang Pengchu arrived in the Three Kingdoms? "Girl let you go home, why don’t you go back? You don’t miss your family? "
The girl cried for a long time until Kang Peng was getting impatient. She cried, "Prime Minister, please keep my daughter. My daughter can do everything in laundry and cooking."
"You don’t want to go home?" Kang Peng asked curiously.
The girl cried, "I want to go back, but I was asked by the Prime Minister to go back. My father and mother will kill me and I can’t get married …"
Kang Peng sighed. This boss Dong is really harmful. People are innocent and don’t say anything. He left his ass to me. Kang Peng wiped, "What’s your name?"
"My name is Xiuer and my surname is Wang."
"Tell you what, Xiuer. Would you like to be a concubine to Xiang?" Kang Peng found that this girl called Sa looks really good. She is fifteen or sixteen years old and her face is full of pure and clever psychology. Kang Peng, a ten-year-old virgin in the 21st century, is somewhat moved.
Wang Xiuer was overjoyed and kowtowed repeatedly, "Thank you, Prime Minister."
"You" Kang Peng pointed to the two warriors and said, "Find someone to ask the matchmaker how much gift Sa’s parents want." When the job is done, the two warriors will have their own rewards. The two warriors said that killing is really killing and that it is also a reward. It will definitely make you laugh in your dreams.
"Xiuer still doesn’t wash and dress for Xiang?" Kang Peng smiled and dragged Sa into the room and pushed her to the bed, pushing a hungry tiger to save the sheep …
I wonder if I’m allowed to write H plot? If "Dong Zhuoda of the Three Kingdoms" is allowed, it will certainly be able to rush from the ninth place in the list of the fastest progress to the first place, and then it will quack quack quack …
Kang Peng was still tossing in Xiuer when someone knocked at the door and said, "Mr. Jia Xu, the Prime Minister, and a surname Marotta heard that you were awake in the hall waiting for an audience."
Kang Peng shot the last drop of * * for a long time before he got up and gasped, "Let them wait for me."
Sa blushes and combs Kang Peng’s hair. Kang Peng takes the opportunity to consider how to deal with the future. Things will change from inexplicable to Dong Boss. One day, Kang Peng’s performance is still in place. No one doubts that he is a fake Dong Boss. In front of Kang Peng, he is familiar with the ancient environment and melts into Dong Boss’s life as soon as possible so that Kang Peng will not be seen through.
Jia Xu and Marotta reported the military situation to Kangpeng. Kang Peng paid special attention to Dong Zhuojun’s commissary, which was enough for Dong Boss’s 150,000 troops to last for two years after it was distributed to prisoners and people! This number can’t help but make Kang Peng’s tongue sticking out in the backward food production in ancient times. This number is simply an astronomical figure. This shows how Dong Boss usually plunders the people. However, it’s also good that Shao Kang Peng doesn’t have to worry about the lack of rations. Last night, because of the sneak attack and ambush results, it was said that Yuan Shujun was completely defeated, and Yuan Shu was also hit hard by Gao Shun’s capture and capture. Yuan Shaojun and Cao Caojun killed nearly 10,000 enemies and killed countless prisoners. Dong Zhuojun lost only a few hundred people, which was almost negligible.
Kang Peng surrendered to Jia Xu. "Mr. Wen and Mr. Wen are very clever." Last night, Gao Shun sneaked into the granary of the allied forces. Jia Xu used the topic to make suggestions. Kang Peng even set up two ambushes and achieved brilliant results.
Jia Xu shook the folding fan lightly. "It’s still the Prime Minister and a man of insight. Zhang Liao Seibel pulled the Prime Minister’s eye and knowledge out of the ranks, but he was able to make this remarkable achievement and admire the Prime Minister."
When I went to Zhang Liao Kang Peng, I was worried and asked, "Is Wen Yuan injured?" Zhang Liao, please don’t die. I, Kang Peng, expect you to help me.
Marotta said, "Report to the Prime Minister that General Zhang Liao has awakened. The doctor said that his life needs to be raised for a few days and he can recover. Now General Long is accompanying him. They have a good relationship and don’t seem to be enemies."
Kang Peng smiled, "Zhao Yun is a nice guy and no one will hate him."
Li Ruqi said, "The Prime Minister’s Zhao Yun is just the first time the Prime Minister has met him. Why does the Prime Minister seem to have known him for a long time?"
Kang Peng rubbing his huge head can’t tell Marotta that he knows Zhao Yun from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Answer Kang Pengma to change the subject. "Now the enemy’s food has been burned out by our army. How should our army go next? You are think tanks. Tell me about it."
Marotta eyes a bright bold way "these thieves dare to attack our army we can’t they better! I suggest immediately retaking Xingyang, cutting off the retreat of the thieves and starving their troops! " Kang Peng to take a gasp this guy is really malicious incredibly want to starve hundreds of thousands of people alive!
Who knows Jia Xu also chimed in that "Xian Jia (who can’t find Marotta’s handwriting) said that it was extremely important to recapture Xingyang thief army, and the prime minister and others were slaughtered, but Xian Jia missed a point, which was a flaw in our army".
Kang Peng heart in the Marotta and Jia Xu raised his middle finger fuck even a dirty rotten liver thing! Mouth said "is a flaw? Please show me, sir. "
Jia Xu primly folding fan points to several maps and a "Si Shui! General Xu Rong in Si Shui has less than 100,000 troops, but the thief army has 500,000. If the thief army is forced to be nasty, they will surely storm Si Shui. Once the hay is lost, it can support the thief army and make it enough for the thief army to fight in Luoyang in two months. "
Kang Peng stared at the map for a long time trying to make Lu Bu break in. "Adoptive father and child will sue Jia Xu and Marotta’s adoptive father. You have to make decisions for the child!"
Kang Peng said crossly, "Do you want to sue them?" Kang Peng liked Zhao Yun the most when he watched the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. What he hated most about being a military commander was this slave who repeatedly used three surnames.
"They pass the thief army to release the prisoners privately, and the child is not allowed to slay the enemy. This is rebellion! It is rebellion! " Lyu3 bu4 is jumping around the hall like a crazy gorilla.
"That’s enough!" Kang Peng roared, "Are you yelling at the imperial court?" Now that Zhao Yun has been brought to his hand, Lu Bu himself needs to be safe. There is no need to give him a good face.
Lu Bu was scolded for being quiet, but he was still not angry. "Adoptive father is presumptuous, but Jia Xu and Marotta’s adoptive father must give the child an account."
Jia Xu and Marotta laughed in their hearts and said that idiots are idiots. Can’t you see that the Prime Minister’s temper has changed? You have fallen out of favor and are still so ignorant that you are waiting to be scolded. Kang Peng was really furious. "It was the father’s idea to release the prisoners. Are they looking for me to order execution?" Do you know all day that killing is killing and you can kill it? "
Lu Bu made a big fuss. "I don’t know if it was the adoptive father’s idea, but the child excused himself."
"Wait a minute, there’s one for you." Kang Peng stopped Lu Bu and pointed to the map. "You led fifty thousand Qingqi to help General Xu Rong stick to Si Shui and kill thieves. The father reported it to the court and liked it for you."
Lu Bu opened his mouth wide. "Just go, son. It’s an adoptive father. What do you want to report? Isn’t the imperial court an adoptive father?"
Kang Peng can’t laugh or cry. "Just talk about these words here. Don’t talk nonsense outside. Remember to allow the enemy to surrender if they want to lay down their weapons. Never kill prisoners!" Kang Peng dispatched Jia Xu to move his mouth and seemed to want to say something, but Jia Xu didn’t say anything when he saw Lu Bu rushing out.
Kang Peng also sent Fan Chou and Zhang Ji to lead the troops with 30,000 sufficient food and hay to counterattack Xingyang Seibel and General Lu to lead the troops with 20,000 maneuvers ready to rescue all over the country.
After Kang Peng assigned Marotta to go out to make arrangements, Kang Peng took it out and asked Jia Xu, "Did Mr. Wenhe write the imperial edict last night by himself?"
Chapter 13 A bloody battle Si Shui (1)
When there were two people, Kang Peng and Jia Xu, Kang Peng asked Jia Xu, "Did Mr. Wenhe write that last night’s imperial edict himself?"
Jia Xu smiled "Xu learned only shallow that can imitate such a first emperor’s legacy? However, some people wrote that they wanted to give the Prime Minister the imperial seal by borrowing it from the Prime Minister’s palace machine, but the Prime Minister didn’t need it at that time, so he hid it around and didn’t want it to be so big. "
Kang Peng is also a smile, the heart is really false. At that time, there was no need for this content. You wanted to see if Dong Boss was worth following! Kang Peng asked curiously, "Since it wasn’t written by Mr. Wang, was it made by people?" It’s not easy for this man to make such a thing.
"Serve Cai Yong" Jia Xu replied lightly.
Kang Peng was surprised. Cai Yong? Isn’t it dad Cai Damei? He’s a loyal minister of the Han Dynasty. How can he help Dong Boss cheat God? But Kang Peng, on second thought, suddenly realized that you, Cai Yong, are worthy of being a loyal minister and have come up with this way to save Han by curve! Anyway, I’m going to make Boss Dong turn over a new leaf, so I’ll follow your path and see if I can put your beautiful daughter …
Jia Xu’s greatest advantage is to talk about the remaining seven points of the three-point key, so that you can think for yourself, which not only gives advice but also doesn’t hurt your self-esteem. This is also why Jia Xu did all the bad things, but he can end well. When Jia Xu saw Kang Peng smiling, he knew that Kang Peng had lost the white key, so he shook the fan and said, "Prime Minister Yuan Shu has escaped to stay in Yuan Wei. Should it be played?"
Kang Peng nodded "call a person to bring them"
A little while, an uncle from Yuan Shu, Yuan Wei, was taken to Kang Peng and Jia Xu, and immediately burst out laughing. The hapless Yuan Shu had not dressed yet and was crying naked. Kang Peng managed to endure a laugh. "Don’t be ridiculous and get clothes for Yuan Taishou."
"The villain is guilty and asks the Prime Minister for forgiveness." Yuan Shugang got dressed and kowtowed with his uncle like a chicken pecking rice.


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