Ten minutes passed quickly, and Xiao Yan was forced to change back to the normal bird form, which made his opponent adapt suddenly, but it was crucial to the overall situation

Sun Sheng sees that the situation is not right. Ride Xiaoyu and fly away at once. But it’s still easy to run.
Although I failed this time, I saved my life, so that Sun Sheng could see the difficulty of making up the grade gap and work hard to train.
When Xiaoyan returned to Sun Sheng’s head, she was a little depressed and depressed. She had not encountered such a big setback since she debuted, and she was a little depressed.
Sun Sheng caressed Xiao Yan’s head and comforted, "Don’t worry. It’s not easy to tidy up a guy with developed limbs and simple mind in a couple of days." Now I’m not defeated by it. Twenty strategic retreats. It’s better to make a comeback after retreating today. "
I don’t know that Xiaoyan Bai didn’t listen to Sun Sheng’s words and Xiaoyan’s spirit was much better.
"Then let’s upgrade!"
Later, Sun Sheng spent some days in the training with Xiao Yan. There are many senior monsters in the bamboo forest in Zhou Lin. Many Sun Sheng and Xiao Yan are not afraid of killing monsters. Xiao Yan may have been stimulated by this defeat. Training is much crazier than Sun Sheng, especially because it can keep killing monsters regardless of Sun Sheng’s line. Although there are more and more experience to upgrade, it still slowly pulls Sun Sheng in the level.
Sun Sheng isn’t depressed. Anyway, it’s his pet. It’s not necessary for him to have a hard time with himself. Sun Sheng also has a sense of crisis. At this rate, when Xiao Yan’s level exceeds his tenth level, he will have no experience to drag his feet, but he will be ashamed. Therefore, Sun Sheng’s enthusiasm is not lower than Xiao Yan’s when he trains.
In a dormitory, the five brothers went to Sun Sheng once and asked him if he wanted to go with them to kill monsters. He promised that he had a lot of experience, but Sun Sheng refused. Since then, when the five people saw Sun Sheng mysteriously all day, they often remembered the sentence "Don’t regret it". How could they regret it if Sun Sheng didn’t think how effective his upgrade method was? !
Although Sun Sheng was diligent in leveling, he happened to find a very suspicious thing. It is reasonable to say that his leveling speed should be at the rocket level now. However, although the level gap between the top players in his game rankings has narrowed, it has not narrowed much. Sun Sheng can’t help but wonder if not only his own people have found leveling shortcuts.
Sun Sheng and Xiao Yan still harass a lava baron from time to time to test their strength. Of course, this "from time to time" is not frequent. After all, the distance between the two places is far away. If they go too often, it will definitely have an impact on the leveling.
Baron Lava finally got acquainted with one person and one pet, knowing that two guys would often come to Baron Lava and wait in their once-settled place every day. When they come, they will suddenly appear and kill the two hateful guys together. Both guys are very cunning. Baron Lava’s ambush has never been successful. Every time two guys come, they will land opposite Baron Yan’s ambush to avoid it.
Sun Sheng later wondered what the lava baron was doing. Why did he see him lying on the ground every time he came? It seemed that he was still secretly aiming at himself and would not get up until he landed. Was he setting a trap? But Sun Sheng didn’t find any danger and ignored it. Just do it as usual every time he came.
Half a month later, Xiaoyan rose to level 3, and Sun Sheng also rose to level 41. Baron Yan’s attribute was finally seen by Sun Sheng.
Lava Baron (level 7); Life 1946/1946; Yuanqi 1526/1526; Endurance 1/1
It’s really a powerful character. It’s no wonder that he can’t fight with his life alone.
This time Sun Sheng finally saw hope.
He came here once at level 35. At that time, Little Flame could destroy two-thirds of Baron Lava’s life. Now Little Flame has risen to level 3, and then it seems not impossible to destroy the other one-third of Baron Lava’s life.
Xiao Yan didn’t disappoint Sun Sheng. He may know that this is the closest to success. Xiao Yan took out 200% strength this time and gave full play to his high advantage.
The former Sun Sheng and Xiao Yan both came here and left after a rough fight, which made the head not so good. The Lava Baron had an illusion that they just wanted to fight with themselves and didn’t want to kill themselves, so it didn’t feel right until its life value was 10 minutes, but it was already late. At this time, Xiao Yan Phoenix still had a minute left.
Seeing that the lava baron was about to fall, Sun Sheng also came to join in the fun. Of course, he shot the sniper when the lava baron was not looking, which really made him close to hit Sun Sheng. Now the lava baron still has a second to lose his strength.
Lava baron has always been a taboo, but now it is going to die. It is not willing to yell at the sky, and then it is hit by a small flame and a ball of fire, which rumbles and collapses into a pile of rubble.
At this moment, Sun Shengcai came along. The temperature of these gravel can melt the gold iron just now, but now it is gentle to touch it. Its corpse naturally has nothing to look at. The key is that it is really unreasonable for such a big guy not to explode something good.
A rusty iron bar looks at its properties but it’s a bunch of question marks! Sun Sheng’s eyes immediately stared, and now there are still good things that he can’t see and are equipped with a spirit. This stick looks ordinary, but I didn’t expect it to be a good thing.
Except for the iron bars, Sun Sheng almost turned over the rubble piles one by one, but he didn’t find anything else except a piece of stone "lava baron fragment", and he still got nothing after the autopsy and autopsy. This kind of thing was not unheard of by Sun Sheng, so he was not annoyed. Anyway, he finally lost a piece of spiritual equipment in his hand.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine Reward navigator
Back to Zizhulin, I came to Zizhulin Valley through Bamboo Forest II. "I have already done the things you asked me to do, and the Baron Lava has been killed by me. This is the soil you want, and this is the fragment of Baron Lava." Sun Sheng said, he escaped two things and put them in the second hand of Bamboo Forest to show them to the elders.
The elder Zhang’s eyes were turbid, and he looked at the bamboo forest and held two objects in front of him, and his eyes were even more hazy.
"How many years have passed? I have finally seen my hometown soil again. Although it is stained with the smell of hot lava, I can still smell that it is hidden deep inside. I miss my hometown so much!" At some point, the elders burst into tears.
It was a long time before the elder went on to say, "There are fragments of lava baron. This is enemy fragments. I will put it on the altar to comfort my villagers! Bamboo grove two, you go ahead and put it in the clear water of the altar. "
"It’s the elder". The bamboo forest turned away with the fragments of lava baron.
"The amount of Buddha is it? You helped me fulfill my unfulfilled wish for many years, especially let my folks in heaven see the demise of our enemy. This is your kindness to us. I must repay you well and say your wish. What do you want? "
"Respect the elder, I don’t know what I want. Just give me something casually."
"Anything? It would be disrespectful. We Zizhu people would never be so contemptuous of our distinguished guests and benefactors. "Say that finish, the elders closed their eyes and seemed to be thinking about what Sun Sheng was quietly on the side without urging.
It took two minutes before the elder opened his eyes again and said, "Well, I’ll give you a memorable map made by my bamboo forest family when they migrated. This is because we didn’t get lost on an unknown road when we migrated. You can display and record all the places you have been to, so that you will never lose your way in the future journey, and you can mark this map if necessary."
Sun Shenglai also expected the elder to give himself a piece of equipment. Unexpectedly, it was a map, but considering that his equipment should be good now, it’s not too late to change it in the future. It’s really convenient to walk with such a map behind your hand, and you won’t get lost and worry when you go to a new city, but it seems that the elder of Zizhulin is too stingy compared with his own efforts …
"Thank you for your generosity."
"It’s not that you are generous to us. Just go with Zhulin Er when he comes back later. He knows where to put the map."
Sun Sheng chatted casually with the elders for a while, and then came back to Bamboo Forest 2 and left.
"Where is the map?" Sun Sheng sitting in the bamboo forest asked with interest.
"At the altar, it is our sacred place, and ordinary people can’t get close to it. There used to be me and a bamboo forest, a bamboo forest and three bamboo forests, but now there are three left." There are still some bleak in the mouth of the bamboo forest.
Sun Shenghe was embarrassed because that one was killed by himself. This kind of special monster is equivalent to NPC, which will not refresh after death, so Zhulin II will be a little sad.
"Can’t I go there later?"
"No, you are the distinguished guest of the elders and the most expensive guest of Zizhu. Of course, you can enter the altar."
Look at the bamboo forest. I don’t want Sun Sheng to be quiet in stroke of bad luck, and I don’t want to swing along with the bamboo forest.
The so-called altar of the elders of Zizhulin is a huge pyramid-shaped tree frame formed by a dozen huge bamboos intertwined.


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