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One second
A beautiful smile appeared on the face of Polaris Lorna Dane with her hands tied.
Mark is then shook his head
"Are you afraid?"
"I have never been afraid of this word in my dictionary."
"That’s your root."
Mark smiled and shook his head, glanced at the document beside his old classmate Reid, who was in a coma, and said, "It’s terrible to let that old guy come over, and … don’t you read the document first?"
with this
Mark moved his right hand lightly.
Polaris hand plastic handcuffs smashed into slag.
Mark’s eyes winked at the messy document.
Polaris frowned at Mark.
Although she was equipped with a mutant suppressor, she was still able to throw away the mutant ability.
For what?
There is no need to explain.
Polaris found that she couldn’t break through the people around her.
Seems to be … Isolated.
This man is eccentric.
So thought Polaris.
soon afterwards
Polaris Lorna Dane chose the document that turned her eyes to the ground from her heart.
After picking it up
Polaris crashed when it saw an inspection data on the file.
Mark blinked.
After accepting part of the pre-memory, his pupil seems to have found some changes.
In his sight
The energy originally suppressed by the suppressor of Polaris Lorna seems to be looking for a breakthrough direction …
Polaris turned to Mark and asked, "What do you want?"
Mark looked on his face and took a few steps back. Polaris burst out laughing and shook his head. "I said you were going to call me uncle, so guess what I’m doing here?"
"… help me?" Polaris is vigilant. "Who the hell are you?"
Mark sighed.
One second
Instantaneous expansion of dimension channel in geocentric world


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