Although the whole dynasty mourned the death of Zhu Di, there was a man in the deep mountain of Tiantai, Zhejiang Province who sneaked into the vast mountains in the middle of the night.

The man sometimes observes the terrain and sometimes pulls out his arms.
A piece of white cloth finally came to a hill.
After checking the mistake, the man laughed, "Ha, ha, ha, although Gu Xingguo failed to get the sky, he finally let me find the treasure in the pure Jun sword. With these rich gold and silver jewelry, I won’t change it for an emperor."
This man was none other than Gu Xingguo, who recovered his life from Baidi City, and he was holding a treasure map. When he was in Yuzhifeng, everyone didn’t understand the secret of pure junjian, but by chance Gu Xingguo discovered the secret of pure junjian. At that time, the blood of killing the enemy with pure junjian flowed down the body to the hilt.
When the enemy retreated, he didn’t hit the gold wire of the hilt until the map of the hilt was printed on white cloth. It turned out that the secret of the pure junjian was in this hilt. If the blood on the hilt was not accidentally printed on white cloth, no one would have thought that the texture of the hilt was actually a map.
Since then, Gu Xingguo has always cherished the treasure map, that is, since then, he has betrayed Zhu Yunwen with infidelity.
Today, he finally found the treasure. How can he not be excited and hurry to find the entrance motivation according to the map? The tomb gate is slowly hit after a muffled sound.
Holding a fire and folding Gu Xingguo, step by step, he tried to go deep into the mausoleum.
Gu Xingguo was secretly pleased when he came to the map and painted the tomb where the treasure was put.
The door of the chamber rose slowly, and Gu Xingguo closed his eyes and clenched his fists. He was looking forward to seeing several gold and silver jewels with his eyes open. At that moment, Gu Xingguo’s heart suddenly fell into the bottom of the tomb, but where was the treasure shadow?
Gu Xingguo rushed into the tomb and rummaged wildly, but nothing could be found here except some dilapidated wooden cases.
Crazy kick a few wooden cases Gu Xingguo said to himself, "Where is the treasure? Where is the treasure? "
Muttered a few words to Gu Xingguo, then rummaged through it crazily, and finally found a round stone in a corner. Suddenly, he smiled, "I finally found the treasure. Hahaha, I finally found the treasure." After laughing, Gu Xingguo ran out of the tomb with the so-called treasure in his hand and rushed to the mountain with laughter.
Wanhuagu crocodile pool
Si Xiang looked at the crocodile pond in front of him and said, "Sister, where do you think Brother Yi will go?"
Song Zhiqian silently shook his head and said, "I don’t know where he goes, we will find him."
Si Xiang didn’t speak again. She looked at the green pool in front of her.
Song Zhiqian took out pure Jun Jian from the waist and stroked it carefully.
With the beautiful golden arc in the middle, the pure Jun Jian burst into the crocodile pond and staggered into the pond, and finally disappeared.
Si Xiang looked at the pure Jun Jian that gradually sank to the bottom and asked, "Sister, what do you think is the secret of this sword?"
Song Zhiqian said lightly, "No matter what the secret is, it has already been cracked by Yi Ge’s dad. Otherwise, where can he get the financial resources to form an army? If I guess right, now the treasure land must have been like this. He has made pure Jun Jian reappear in the Jianghu, but it is Yi Ge."
Si Xiang seems to have realized something, nodded for a long time and said, "Sister, let’s go and find Brother Yi early. Maybe we can still come."
Song Zhiqian well said, "OK, we’ll start now."
Behind them, Jin Jing looked at Song Zhiqian and Si Xiang in the distance and turned away. Then he said to the mark around him, "Are you going to leave like this?"
Mark said, "What else do you want from me?"
Jin Jing didn’t answer him. It took him a while to say, "Don’t hide in your eldest brother’s body, I won’t see what you are doing before you leave?"
Mark smiled and said, "If I find a more suitable candidate, I will naturally leave this. Don’t worry."
Jin Jing said coldly, "I will always keep an eye on you. If you dare to hurt my eldest brother, I will never spare you."
The red light in the mark’s eyes flashed and the corners of his mouth smiled strangely.
Looking at Song Zhiqian and Si Xiang, the figure gradually disappeared. This just turned away from the cliff and galloped all the way towards the capital. Then Jin Jing cast her flying skills and followed the mark all the way. The two figures behind her soon disappeared into the Wanhua Valley.
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