Xiang calmly looked at the stab broadsword, and the foot moved easily. The single-handed sword in this stab missed the other side’s stab broadsword, and the broadsword crossed the arm of the white bone swordsmen obliquely, making a screeching sound. The blood volume of the white bone swordsmen suddenly decreased by a period.

Xiang saw that the blood volume of the white-bone swordsmen had decreased for a while, and he didn’t think much about it. Another sword swung at the white-bone swordsmen’s plate, but he made a cut.
A sword cut on the legs of the Bones Swordsman made it soar, and then it fell heavily. When everyone was surprised and watched, the Bones Swordsman scattered directly into a pile of bones, and a window suddenly appeared in front of everyone, and everyone fell into a short silence.
There’s still a lot of blood. The monster just died?
"Osteoporosis seems that it doesn’t like to drink milk." watermelon head calmly analyzed the reasons. At last, he laughed and the surrounding temperature seemed to drop a few degrees …
Blue glanced at the display experience and Kerr immediately dropped the window and said lightly, "Experience and Kerr are less."
As soon as he woke up, Asa noticed that he couldn’t help frowning, but the white-boned swordsman died as soon as he fell, but his contribution experience was pitiful. I think the critical rate of props is not much higher
Fei Lang was dissatisfied and waved a few times at the air and said, "What? I didn’t do harm to it with a straight sword with one hand, which made my bones swordsmen’s defense super high."
"Because I didn’t get it …"
Xiang stare at that disappearing multilateral debris.
"Impossible," affirmed Fei Lang. "That sword really runs through the leather armor of the white bones swordsman."
"But it didn’t hurt its bones." Xiang shrugged. In his opinion, the only reason is this.
Fei Lang’s forehead suddenly hangs a few black lines and opens his mouth.
"Keep going. I have an idea that needs to be tested."
Asa crossed the place where the Bones Swordsman disappeared, and his eyes were deep and he was thinking about something.
"What idea?" Yazi followed Asa and asked casually.
Asa smiled inexplicably and said lightly, "Do you want experience or efficiency?"
"Uh …" Yazi touched his head and smiled. "It must be experience."
"If I were efficient," Asa coldly looked at the three-headed swordsmen in the front aisle.
Chapter 23 treasure chest
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There were three rings in the corridor, and Asa recovered the axe, and when the swordsmen died, they turned into pieces and danced around him.
Watching Xiang and others watch the experience value and Kerr emerge in front of the field of vision with a face of disappointment.
"Sure enough, this method can kill monsters faster, but the experience is less than that of Cole."
Asa dropped the window and turned around. Water chestnut split his face and pulled out a big laugh.
"This method can quickly find the bss room. What do you think?"
Yazi hesitated for a moment and said, "It’s true that you can find the bss room quickly, but wouldn’t it be a wave of resources?"
Asa’s eyes were bright and he said, "Our level is almost 5. There is no need to have too many waves on this floor."
Blue interface, "I tend to Asa a layer of resources may be richer than this layer."
It is good or bad to be able to hurry up with the strategy, and Xiang naturally has no opinion.
Asa sent the discovery to Heathcliff by email and the team moved on.
It is not so easy to find the entrance to the second floor. Generally, if you are lucky, you can take fewer detours. If you are unlucky, you can explore the whole floor.
The only obstacle to exploring the maze is the monster Liteng’s spike skill. In just two hours, the Xiang team explored the maze to the tenth floor, which is extraordinary speed. At this rate, it is very possible to reach the first floor and find the bss room in one day.
Because there is no replenishment for the village to rest, the map data can’t be handed over to the intelligence department, and the blood alliance raiders team can move forward in the dark at 9: 00 a.m.
Xiang and others took a rest in the tenth floor security zone and then continued to explore the maze, as if they would never stop until they found the bss room today.
At this time, Xiang can really feel Asana’s eagerness to go back. If it weren’t for yesterday’s conversation, he might not think so.
Monster types have encountered several kinds, regardless of the intensity level, which will be scattered into a pile of bones and then become a fragment regression system.
All the way to the twentieth floor, that is, the floor where the bss room is located, was unblocked. It took six hours from the first floor to the twentieth floor, and this speed is difficult to achieve even after the maze team grows in the future.
Efficiency is experienced and Kerr is pitiful.