Pedestrians in the street and pedestrians coming from cars were instantly in a panic.

"Call the police"
In the face of great panic, pedestrians can scream and express their thoughts at the moment with short sentences.
The big boss growled like a jackal, and looked around where he had just appeared.
At this moment
The big boss feels that he is divided.
He has two senses.
The consciousness in his head told him not to plan recklessly.
But …
The one who controls the body is full of chaotic consciousness but keeps rejecting this plan.
A real man is either a coward or a fuck!
soon afterwards
He also expressed his reason, but Dr. Stern could watch and know that the former leader with his superior wisdom to detonate the whole world jumped towards the apartment where Dr. Banner lived at the corner of the street and then snatched it away
A monster with two meters high green muscles blasted the ground and instantly stepped out of a big hole on the ground. Like an orangutan, he stared at the red apartment not far away. The third floor was facing the corner room and roared, "Banner, give me your blood."
with this
The big boss started to eject like King Kong, waving his arms full of pus, and roared and hated the wind and smashed it toward the apartment.
The big boss’s arms attack on the apartment wall was directly blown out of a violent hole like paper paste.
Silence …
One second
"Hulk is angry!"
I haven’t been happy to smash my arms in. After a second, the big boss suddenly felt a huge force and let the big boss fly naked from the apartment wall.
soon afterwards
The face was full of anger, and Hulk appeared.
But without contrast, there is no harm.
One is a green monster with a long bag and pus.
One is that although it is also green, it looks great.
It goes without saying that people are more afraid of who.
Cann’t stop the people behind Hulk from screaming, although they look flustered?
On the green leader’s side?
The people couldn’t wait to run screaming and crazy behind them.
"Ga Ga Hao Ke"
Pulling his body out of the hole in the wall, the big green head of the big boss gave me a crazy expression and growled, "I want your blood."
Hulk moved all over his body, and the corners of his mouth were still curved.
He’s the gamma ray kid.
Are heretical or illegitimate.
Hulk growled and opened his arms directly. "Hulk chop!"
Directly by Hulk’s giant hands, the strong wind directly turned into a wind line that tore the ground like a steel knife and cut it to the green leader.
"Hey!" The big boss also shouted back directly.
A air billow direct street exploding instantly spread around like mushrooms.
The car in the middle of the road seems to be instantly squeezed into a piece of steel by a forming press …
Hulk once again show disdain smile toward the green leader hard steel.
Like barbarian fighting, Hulk’s green leader turned the whole block into a two-person arena with unprecedented brute force.
The style of painting made the people who were forced to get involved tremble.
Podongdong apartment third floor
Betty looked at the two green guys in the face fight with a blank and nervous face and a little angry expression.
just now
I’m just so lost.
It’s been a month since I’ve lived with a man and a woman. Betty finally persuaded Bruce that Bruce doesn’t need to move. She just needs to read Buddhist scriptures herself.
Bruce finally agreed.


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