But there is a key question, that is, is Li Han still alive? Is he still fighting to entangle the enemy’s main mecha corps?

If Li Han fails, this victory light is bound to illuminate the whole alien star, but the dark clouds in B72 highland will last for a long time.
Many people in Xinghe Team want to ask and have a look.
But they dare not.
Ji Xinghe said that he knew it for a long time. Ji Xinghe said that he had never hated Han Li. Ji Xinghe said that Li Han must live to Ji Xinghe …
But Ji Xinghe’s son Ji Chenxing was dragged to death by Li Han after all.
If there is no concession, if Ji Chenxing is like Ji Xinghe, he will always go all out.
Then it would be Li Han.
Or they all don’t die. There is a great chance that before the arrival of World War I, they became a federal ace mecha and got exclusive mecha and more resources to support them.
Nothing will be involved in that war.
Who dares to let the ace mecha fight to the death when Tu Yuan didn’t come to the alien planet?
The Xinghe squad didn’t agree with what Li Han said. I killed Ji Chenxing.
But they all came up with the same idea that Ji Chenxing was dragged to death by Li Han.
They don’t blame Li Han, they blame themselves.
If I have been so weak, but I have been waiting for the Xinghe squad to fight side by side with Ji Xinghe, will I one day be dragged down by Ji Xinghe like Li Han?
The mood of the Xinghe squad has gradually become more complicated, which has vaguely affected their cooperation with the mecha.
Ji Xinghe noticed this, and he sighed in his heart and then continued to be indifferent.
What I just said to Li Han was calm. He couldn’t do it, although he wanted to do it now.
Can some things really go back to the past after being exposed?
"Chen Xun, have you arrived?"
Ji Xinghe’s voice reminds everyone in Xinghe team that Chen Xun is the only supporter of Xinghe team who went to the north battlefield.
Because the Xinghe team needs to go deep into the enemy lines and has individual exoskeleton armor, Chen Xun obviously can’t keep up with them, and Chen Xun guns can’t hit so far, so it is necessary to go to the north side for support.
"Here we are"
Chen Xun’s tone is calm and his breathing is steady. It doesn’t look like he just ran for miles in the high ground and found a suitable sniper site in the complex battlefield.
He knows the thrills.
Aim with a gun
Li Han mecha appeared in Chen Xun sight and his attack range.
"Don’t let Li Han die."
After a brief conversation between Ji Xinghe and Chen Xun, the Xinghe team suddenly returned to normal. Their speed and formation are as brave and diligent as before, and they are getting closer and closer to the rear of the northern battlefield
And in the northern battlefield, of course, Chen Xun can’t have a mecha gun against Li Han, because he and Li Han are both federal soldiers, and because Ji Xinghe said that Li Han wouldn’t die.
Because of the agreement and the common goal, he is a sniper of Ji Xinghe, and he wants to fight with Ji Xinghe.
The opportunity soon appeared.
Chen Xun, dressed in individual exoskeleton armor, looks like a robot from the outside, but he is more stable, more accurate and more aware of when and where the gun should be shot.
The wait opportunity will soon appear.
When the trigger is pulled, the instant armor-piercing bullet has hit the head of an earl-class imperial mecha with incredible speed of magnetic propulsion.
Its weapon is about to hit the Li Han mecha, but it made a mistake because of this shot
Prepare to fight this attack hard in exchange for the opportunity. Li Han injured and took a marquis-class imperial mecha.
Then cut in the earl imperial mecha skull bullet holes.
It’s Chen Xun
Li Han made a judgment and smiled more.
After he finished communicating with Ji Xinghe, he always fought and killed with a smile.
By this time, no imperial mecha could stop him from killing the duke of the empire.
Can you win or not?
This time, Li Han didn’t have Ji Xinghe to guide Luo Xu, who was stronger than before when he killed Pumppaka, but so what?
Li Han is stronger than before, and he has a new mecha. The ace mecha will not hesitate to build a new mecha.
Besides, Chen Xun still has two chances to shoot.
The two men smiled and looked at each other, but somehow they felt that they complemented each other.
Fighting continues.
"The Duke of the Empire is running away. It’s no match for Li Han."
Out of the second shot Chen Xun said to the Milky Way team everyone.
The Xinghe team finally stopped worrying about the outcome of the battle because they were sure to win.
"Li Han wounded the duke-level imperial mecha. He didn’t chase it."


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