And according to the mythical era, there were many heavenly deities and emperors who commanded the sublime heavens. Is it comparable to the average emperor?

"No, the apocalypse has not dispersed. Liu Chen is not dead yet."
Some people realized that those human figures didn’t stop flashing, but the stars played forbidden killing methods, like killing something.
Like to prove what he said, red mist gathered in the center is a statue of a red-gold villain. That’s Lu Chen’s heart. He is reciting the mantra and killing the king. His feet are suspended in an instant, and the blood fog is reversed to the source point.
Passing 18-wheeler, Lu Chen seized Lei Jie’s dull moment to recast his body, but after all, he failed to do his best. The vicious emperor’s humanoid flash killed another flying fairy and smashed half of Lu Chen’s body.
"Give me a break!"
Liu Chen yelled and dragged the mutilated body to cut off most of the forbidden killing methods in the sky, but there was still afterglow coming to him, and he knocked him down. The trench coat had already been put away by him, and the red flesh and bones were exposed.
It’s not so good for those who contain some laws, taboos and complete killing methods, so it’s really hard to play hardball when Lu Chen was forced by the Great Emperor’s method to fail in the robbery.
But even if his fighting power goes against the sky, how can forty-nine emperors fight against him?
Besides, there are still a few individuals who are still alive and abnormal. They are all mortals, fairies, fierce people, and people with the same environment are hard to find.
Lu Chen’s five secret realms represent nine secrets and five different images, while in Kuandao Palace, five golden figures are chanting all kinds of martial arts, essentials, avenues and wonderful methods to bless him. For a moment, he burst into turbulent chaos.
"Everything is in harmony with the furnace. Maybe the Wu Shen body can also evolve together with the chaotic body! ?”
An old quasi-emperor exclaimed and was shocked to see Lu Chen change.
Lu Chenxing just fought fiercely, except for the cruel emperor, the great emperor, the emperor Zun, and the immortal emperor Jade Emperor, there was almost no enemy.
The so-called ancient emperor was in the same situation, but he could be extremely fierce and cut it with one knife!
Or war madness will split the immortal Buddha, which has been split by Liu Chenli for three times, but the root of the secret creator who is ashamed of the word is not counted as being split by Lu Chen, and the regenerative power of Lei Jie can be restored in an instant without consuming it.
However, those who are extremely strong will hit Lu Chen hard every time they make moves, even if they have the secret words and occasionally can interfere with the cause and effect of the emperor, they will be beaten to pieces.
"Hey, that emperor has never made a move?"
There was a tianjiao who looked at one direction in the thunder robbery, where there was a gray-robed man with a gigantic figure. Chaos was around him, and a violet accompanied him, swaying in the wind.
"It’s Qing Di …"
Emperor Tiankou said that he had met in Ye Fan’s Armageddon and recognized it at a glance
"This is the only way to become an emperor after the ancient times. I’m afraid even in the ages, it’s even harder for the emperor to rank if he also starts work."
Someone said with emotion, "Will you be lazy if it is a natural disaster?" Don’t join the battle and quickly end the abnormal condition of Lu Chen? "
The speaker is an explorer, and he dare not make secret moves, but at this time, he is more eager to kill Lu Chen than to doom him, otherwise the world will be overwhelmed.
"Qing Di moved!"
Someone exclaimed that the man in gray finally stepped into the battlefield
Liu Chen is also a cruel man. The Emperor, the Emperor Zun, the Immortal Emperor and Jade Emperor have already beaten him to the brink of breaking. If he is bombed again, he will never have a chance to recast himself, even if he wants to die.
Qing Di is definitely a terrible celebrity, rebuilt by the immortal king’s fallen elixir, and the emperor is still alive today. If he hadn’t gone with the wind too much, he would definitely become the first-class immortal in the world of mortals.
In the crowd, Lu Gui cried sadly and clenched his fists. He experienced the ancient road and felt the grand atmosphere of this day before coming to watch it.
Qing Di’s humanoid stepping through was not much slower than Xiaoyao Buddha’s and rushed to the circle of Liu Chen’s war.


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