Bubros laughed when he heard that Chuhang had made a bet, and he was convinced that Chuhang wanted to "emigrate" after he had seen the technology of the ancient universe.

However, Bubros, a wily old fox, thought that Chu Hang, a wise man who buried the gods, would have other ideas, so he played a little trick in the bet.
Although the information of Chuhang was entered in Kama database, the corresponding artificial intelligence equipment of Chuhang was not activated. Simply put, Chuhang was not connected to the network.
Although there is information about his identity card in the database, he actually doesn’t have an "identity card"
With higher citizenship, the actual exercise of the citizenship limit by the Chu navigation law, although Bubros lost, seems to have given nothing.
Chu Hang didn’t dispute with Bubros at that time that he had an honorary status, and he was already very worried that he would continue to strive for the recognition of the universe and ancient stars after he yearned for science.
He also said that he hoped to enter the highest institution of learning in the universe and ancient stars, and Bubros had no doubts. At that time, he said that he could consider discussing it after contacting the royal family in Daxia.
In fact, Bubros never saw Chuhang again after the Guxing fleet was buried in the camp. He talked like a fart.
In this respect, Bubros is really suitable to be a politician of the universe.
However, Chu Hangmu has achieved his goal. It is very simple for him and Xiao Jinlong to have his identity in the underlying data and enter the universe and steal a host computer to access the network.
Chuhang forced a drop of blood into the groove on the side of the flat, where genetic information was collected.
Chapter one thousand and fifty-three Kumar I want to play chess with Mr. Chu again
Followed by iris, tattoo, fingerprint, gait verification, playing a series of verification to make Xiaojinlong stunned.
"Verification passed the respect of Mr. Chuhang, please wait for a moment …"
"After the initialization, please set your initial options for artificial intelligence …"
There are various options in the screen that need to be set by the new owner. First, the name column of artificial intelligence is still the previous number. This is the mechanical number of this host when it leaves the factory. When the intelligent family is constantly exercising, it will become their familiar name.
For example, people like Kama later recognized their names.
Chu Hang gave a random name and followed it with a pile of habits, which were not important to him. His goal was not this artificial intelligence but an interface.
"Dear Mr. Chu Hang, you have successfully entered the network, and Mimi has given you many good experiences of your intellectual family. Please don’t make any illegal acts on the platform. Everything is under the monitoring of the highest intelligent Kama. Once you find any illegal acts, you will be punished accordingly, but please rest assured that your personal privacy will not be leaked to fair accidents."
Chuhang ignored "Mimi" to show himself that he had directly typed the main interface to test various restrictions after entering the network.
The senior citizen limit of the intellectual family is still very wide. For example, on that day, the reception of the Lu Chenzhi family in the big fight was really very small.
Senior citizens have a great advance value, which is equivalent to 100% of the crystallization. The digital currency limit allows them to apply for admission to the highest institution of learning in the universe and ancient stars, and they can also apply for becoming a military aircraft manipulator.
Bubrosgen didn’t intend to fulfill the agreement before he agreed to Chu Hang’s big mouth, otherwise he would be a first-class citizen of Chu Hang.
The number of senior citizens of the Archaean intellectual family is less than 30 million, accounting for 14.96% of the total population.
When Chuhang was preparing for one-step exercise, suddenly a silver mask appeared on his flat screen, and the whole flat screen was no longer controlled by him.
"Mr. Chu Hang, you are illegally invading the civil computer room. You are in the network and I am monitoring and will report to the Supreme Research Institute for decision."
Can’t tell the difference between men and women’s mechanical synthetic sound plate sounds.
Xiaojinlong was startled, mainly because the cold silver mask in Zhang Sen looked weird.
Chuhang frowned. Although I expected this situation, I didn’t expect Kumar to keep watching myself.
As he analyzed before, a senior citizen in the civil computer room’ normal’ access to the network will not cause waves.
Because of the database, it is normal for a senior citizen not to have his own artificial intelligence to activate one
Whether the senior citizen is activated remotely through formal channels or in the computer room should not be noticed by the official of the ancient star, because the scientific and technological content of the tablet in his hand is higher than the current scientific and technological level of the ancient star, and he is an external exercise and has not directly activated the gymnastics table.
According to the network of ancient stars in the universe, he should be activated remotely.
"How do you know my computer room?"
Chu Hang asked the people’s computer room to be a closed black box in a sense, that is, it is not monitored by the Ministry. This is to keep random activation and wait for artificial intelligence to prevent some intelligent people from deliberately choosing.
"Because I won’t remotely activate Mr. Chu, if you register with the Zhizu official to activate the artificial intelligence host, I will reject your application. Mr. Inbros has given me an order to reject all your official applications."
Kama sound tablet said
"So I succeeded in accessing the network. He told me that there was something missing, but he didn’t say that he couldn’t activate himself from unofficial channels."
Chuhang said lightly, "It seems that you are still a little rigid and failed to deeply understand the meaning of Bubros."
"I am a mechanical artificial intelligence. I will do what I am told."
Kama said
"Is that true? God fuck you, right? You’ve got a soul. It’s not a rigid machine. "
Chuhang did not panic, but Xiaojinlong poked around for fear that something would come out and attack them.
Seeing Kumar’s silence, Chu Hang continued, "It’s like now you say’ it will be reported to the Supreme Research Institute’, which means you haven’t reported it yet, right?"
Chu-Hang Light-Beam Platform sits with a tablet in hand. "I can’t hide from you when I enter the country with Liu Chen. I don’t know what the decision of the Supreme Research Institute of Zhizu is, but I’m afraid I’ve already kept your watch list. You are extremely intelligent and can guess my intentions with Liu Chen. Of course, I will be alert. I’m curious …"
Chu Hangge made eye contact with an artificial intelligence. "… why didn’t you report to the Supreme Research Institute for them to arrest me?"
"Does Mr. Chu want to be captured by the Zhizu and lose his freedom for life?"
Kumar asks.
Chu Hang shook his head. "Of course not. What do you want to do?"
He became more and more interested in this artificial intelligence that can make the soul feel. At this time, the other party has completely violated the original intention of the intelligent family to design it and even made a judgment privately.
"I’m … I want to play chess with Mr. Chu again."
Kamayin gave Chuhang some surprises.
"Cosmic hegemony?"
Chuhang gave the name of the game with a strong sense of two senses.
"I lost to Mr. Chu and wanted to win it back."
Kumar’s answer made Chu Hang even more surprised. Will an artificial intelligence win or lose?
"What do you want to win?"
Chuhang asked.
"Because I haven’t lost since I learned to think"
Kumar simply replied, "… maybe so."


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