Look thoughtfully at somewhere

One second
Mark’s right hand is a knife and empty.
A dark hole instantly tore out.
Wheat comes out from the middle
Mark said gravely, "How can a group of pseudo-gods like bedbugs have the courage to name me?"
Mai was stunned when he received the information from the underworld here.
There is also the underworld.
There is also the Lord.
There are also
The Lord abandons … Lucifer!
Mark is angry.
This is blasphemy.
When did he get an old head?
And it’s the Lord who pulls it out from time to time to run around
This is death.
Mark’s eyes are red.
Don’t talk about this life
Just talk about past lives
Mark’s nine sisters helped to be born sacred.
The law of life and death is the first law of the universe.
Since when can anyone be the father of the law of life and death?
Typical death
Even Mark has not recovered his memory now, but he is instantly angry at this moment.
Mark looked at Mai.
"How long will it take to mobilize the army to smash the false gods here?"
Mai shook his head and said, "The Ghost Palace has a seal before your reincarnation. You didn’t have a breakthrough in the Ghost Palace method before your return."
Mark was dumbfounded.
I can’t wait to slap myself immediately.
That’s the end of it. It’s a desperate rhythm for yourself.
He thought he was handsome, cool and manly when he was sitting on the throne.
The whole thing is stupid
After scolding yourself


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