"I found the boss," Debbie said excitedly after she stopped tapping her hands on the keyboard. "The reason why Emil Balaam applied was to attend a children’s doctor conference in new york, but according to the data, Emil Balaam is a general doctor and holds a Romanian medical certificate."

Mark frowned.
Go to new york?
Mark’s fingers rapped on the desktop and there was an echo in the conference room.
quite a while
Mark looked up and said, "Tell Cooper that I want new york’s office to be on 24-hour alert. I’m afraid I’m losing my mind if I want to make trouble on my site."
Debbie nodded and replied
Being hung aside, Bill Talbot has panicked.
It has been less than four hours since the restaurant exploded, and he hasn’t come at all to delete the surveillance video of the visa office.
Who knows …
Bill struggled for a heart and said, "Director Louis has no certificate for this foreign citizen …"
"The FBI doesn’t need evidence. It’s not too late to arrest and find evidence."
"This is England."
"I got permission from the Minister of Justice and Mrs. M of MI 6."
Bill opened his mouth and felt that the man in front of him was different from the FBI in his impression.
Mark glanced at his eyes and bumped into Bill curiously. "Is Mr. Talbot sick?"
Bill reluctantly shook his head and said, "I’m going to look outside."
"Be my guest"
Bill pushed the conference room door out and walked quickly towards his office with his head down.
Standing against the door of his office, Bill shivered slightly and took out a towel with his right hand to wipe the sweat that had just come out of his forehead.
in a moment
Bill’s little silvery white hair was covered with sweat.
In the conference room
"Boss, you guessed right." Debbie looked excited and pointed the note screen at Mark.
It is Bill’s office in the display.
no doubt
This is the embassy.
If it weren’t for privacy, I’m afraid there would be cameras in the hand washing compartment …
"catch it?"
"Wait a little longer"
Mark pulled his eyes away from the monitor and said with a smile on his mouth, "He’s just a traitor. I want to catch big fish."
Debbie: Oh, no more talking.
Mark’s eyes narrowed and his mind rushed out, which enveloped the whole London and attracted the attention of the extraordinary world.
But when several old guys in the supernatural world move their own means [see] Mark, they are slightly stunned.
Then I knew what had happened and pretended not to see it.
The extraordinary world does not interfere with the ordinary world, which is an iron law.
There is no doubt that he is a different kind.
quite a while
Mark looked back at Debbie with his eyes open and said, "Pay attention to the old man’s movements and catch him as soon as there is anything wrong."
Debbie nodded and then looked up. Mark asked, "Boss …"
"I’ll pick someone up."
with this
Mark walked straight out of the meeting room.
city park
Mark walked leisurely along the park path.
There are still many people in the park.
This is London.
Residents have long been concerned about the explosion …
Mark looked into the distance.
Her face was still scarred and her clothes were covered with dust. A lady appeared in a corner of the park not far away.


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