"Spices, if transported to the maximum extent, will be far more attractive than cooking." Yunxuan looked at the three thoughtful people and didn’t say anything more.

One day, Yunxuan taught the three people a lot of things, and the elite of the gourmet school quickly learned the menu. Most of the things were carved dishes and drunken shrimps.
Yunxuan will make an appointment for these dishes every week and he will cook in person.
At seven o’clock in the evening, Zhong Yunxuan hosted three people for a dinner before sending them away.
Yunxue writes her light stories in her room except when she has dinner.
Yun Xuner resigned from Manjie and then took charge of the future of the restaurant.
Wen Xiaoya specially scolded Yunxuan for this.
Yunxuan took a bath after supper and returned to her room.
Look at the current several and what you need to do YunXuan a headache.
First of all, the main line is to let a girl reach% goodwill in three months. In special aspects, Fang Yu’s Xingyue Cup primary election, Wen Xuan’s smile, and helping Qin Zhihua cancel the marriage.
The second problem is Liu Meng’s smoke, such as dealing with Qin Yue’s illness, such as correction, and Wen Xiaoya’s entrustment and the current 10 thousand exchange points, such as maximizing benefits
Yun Xuan recorded all the things in the list of meowing cats, and came to a conclusion that the special triggers are about wishes and specific conditions.
Wen Xiaoya’s entrustment is not her wish. She probably wants to be with Yunxun.
Fans reach 10,000 reward points, which is an achievement.
Ten thousand exchange points can be exchanged for a good cartoon or novel and Four Great Classical Novels.
Yun Xuan means that he doesn’t want to exchange Four Great Classical Novels. After all, Four Great Classical Novels has been involved in different history and some classics are not in line with his status as a teacher in the North.
Is it as realistic as a martial arts master who suddenly went to the second yuan to tell you to write a light novel? Of course it’s unrealistic
Four Great Classical Novels things delayed partly cloudy Xuan can’t take it out now.
When I was a child, I talked about Journey to the West and changed it into a novel. People who were baptized by anime and fantasy novel may not get good results.
"From the recent hand ten thousand exchange point temporarily motionless" YunXuan look at Fang Yu city, the first primary of the Moon Cup.
early morning
Yunxuan opened his eyes and sat up.
First I made a cup of coffee and then I processed the northern sauce. WeChat official account asked
It will be ten o’clock when the problem of high prices in WeChat official account has been dealt with.
Yun Xuan hit Manjie. com and watched the score of anher.
Anher is also his light novel body double.
At present, only 50 thousand words have caused a good response and successfully entered the top five in the new list
The collection has reached the horror of 10,000, which is still the result of Yunxuan without WeChat official account’s announcement.
The evaluation of "anher" is that if it is adapted into an animation, it will be absolutely popular.
Anher, a classic suspense reasoning animation, has a high evaluation of Yunxuan World.
It’s the same here, even if there are 50 thousand words, it makes the audience see a lot clearly
The novels here are different from those in previous lives, with more than 210,000 readers, and the new energy is among the best among newcomers.
It is even more terrible to increase the collection every day in the top five of the new list. Yun Xuan has handed over the novel department to the editor in charge.
There is a discussion about materialization. It is expected that "anher" will be released in animation at the end of July, depending on the physical sales.
If the entity sells more than 10 thousand animation, it is almost appropriate. This is the editor in charge who told Yun Xuan.
He is very optimistic about the prospect of "anher", and the first opinion is the original.
According to the regulations of Manjie, if the original person participates in the animation system, there will be 10 thousand adaptations and 1% playback sharing, and if not, there will be 50 thousand adaptations.
This is a newcomer who pays less attention to novelists than to fame, and the adaptation of novelists is amazing than that of 50 million adaptations.
(PS:1% broadcast sharing is only fiction, don’t be serious) 1
Chapter 47 Xingyue Cup Primary Election
At noon Yunxuan asked Yeshan Yuanting to practice painting in his room alone in the kitchen.
Just now, the company has linked him to produce the daily entity of Beifang sauce and comics. According to the current speed, Yunxuan will finish it at the beginning of the month with three words missing.
This is really a bit of a surprise to him, but Yunxuan, the first entity cartoon of Beifang sauce, still drew it.
The expression pack has a fixed image in its mind. This daily cartoon of Beifang sauce needs Yun Xuan to finish it himself.
Fortunately, reading novels and cartoons is cloudy and mysterious, which has brought some stalks in previous lives.
For example, the boy who got the magic lamp summoned the northern sauce and then …
Beifang sauce: You call me out and you want to realize my 100 wishes.
There is also the northern sauce, eating melons, singing and dancing, northern sauce, northern sauce, sister harbor.
Yu Yunxuan has heard of it, but he has never played it, let alone painted it.


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