Chapter 232 Large array Wei

Because 70% of the elite of the Holy See was trapped in the 17th century, I was a little worried. However, due to the sudden change of my own strength, I can see the real strength of tens of thousands of people who fix the truth. By careful comparison, these tens of thousands of people who fix the truth are not much stronger than the Holy See, and the Holy See still has the advantage of many people.
Nai Xiu-zhen has a magic weapon-flying swords, especially Jian Xiu, who claims to be a thousand miles away to get a man’s head. Although this ability is a bit exaggerated, top sects can do it with all their strength. It is really easy for ordinary disciples to make flying swords kill people hundreds of miles away.
In this way, the strength gap between the two sides became more and more obvious. Therefore, the seventeenth century immediately asked the bishops to use magic to guard against the sudden attack of the fix-the-true. To save the 70% elite of the Vatican, he respected the Pope and tried his best to fight the first world war.
However, as time goes on, the dark air around us is getting stronger and stronger, and the cold air around us is rushing around. From time to time, some painful attacks are made, which makes the seventeenth panic. The dark air around us is getting stronger every second.
Ten’ Ten Array Pictures’ look like they have just been patched up and dazzling. Every time they absorb a little more dark breath, there will be a slight change in the array. The dark breath is like evolution, and soon the dark breath will condense into a shadow two meters high. From a distance, it looks like a human figure, but it is not an entity.
Suddenly, the 17th stuffy hum a big surprise in my heart and call it bad. I hurriedly waved the sacred staff, and a firm but gentle light roared out and shot at the front, trying to break the dark fog. It was also a spell to read the snow-white wings behind me, and I hurriedly shot several strong holy lights and added them to the firm but gentle, which became more robust with each advance.
Outside the array, the Star Real Person came as if waiting for something. Suddenly, when he saw the 17th attack, his face immediately showed excitement, and his mouth was slightly chanting. Everyone focused on the array, and no one wanted to miss this good opportunity. No one noticed the hidden move of the Star Real Person.
When the shock wave of the holy light was about to hit the dark fog, a black hole with a diameter of several tens of feet suddenly jumped out and swallowed the shock wave of the holy light, followed by nine black holes of the same size from all directions, arranged in a strange array.
The black hole quickly spits out black gas. Black gas is slightly bloody and as thick as sticky stuff. It exudes a burst of evil chill. The Hunger’s old ghost is shaking all over. This black gas is the ghost day of fighting Luo Cha. He sucked it out of the hell and condensed the scattered fairy body.
Jinyang smiled. The reality of Tianxing didn’t escape from his eyes. He muttered, "No wonder you don’t need extra mana. You can break the virtual connection to the hell by yourself with the help of nine Yin Shaqi to condense ten unique complications. Killing people and drinking blood deserves to be a congenital treasure."
Suddenly a dust burst through the void and flew in, nodding slightly at Jinyang to indicate that things have been completed and looked at the changes in the Ten Array coldly. "I have always wondered why Kunlun will give up the Ten Array?" It turns out that the Kunlun faction has restored the power of the array. It’s a good plan to eat two birds. So that’s it. "
"Well, it’s unexpected that the holy light but firm but gentle rushed into the hell. If you don’t have a cup of tea, the hell will send someone to check the reason. Although the number of the Vatican is large, the number of people in the hell is just a few hundred, including the Pope. Everyone will die."
"And secondly, to condense the ten unique banners and seal the gods for ten days in World War I, and the dead body of your army was broken by the elucidation of Jin Xian, but the body essence and blood were a little broken, and the Yuan gods were absorbed by the ten unique arrays. At this moment, it is just with the help of the nine Yin Shaqi of the underworld that the ten unique banners and plastic ten demon bodies are just like the ten-day monarch. Although the demon bodies are all aware, the refiners can control the ten demon bodies and play the real power of the ten unique arrays."
Sure enough, the dust hasn’t finished yet. Ten black holes have jumped out of the shadows one after another. Count a thousand shadows. All the shadow bodies are wrapped in nine Yin Shaqi, and the two shadows are particularly huge. One person is a cow’s head and one person is a horse’s face. The height is full. Zhang Xu is holding a mace, and his yin fire is wrapped around the brotherhood of the wolf.
When the horse face came out, it was attracted by the darkness around it. I hurriedly found out and trembled. "Ten lore arrays?" Withdraw, withdraw, withdraw, everyone immediately. That bastard has put on this beautiful fierce array again. Although I have already become a Yin God, if you can kill Ling fierce array, you can withdraw it with a single blow. "
"Don’t worry, I’ve heard that the Ten Commandments were broken by the Elucidation Golden Fairy. As I estimate, this fierce array is accumulating nine Yin Shaqi to restore its strength. I’ll wait and don’t intervene."
The cow’s head flashed cold light and pulled the horse’s face to Pope Gregory XVII, especially the snow-white wings behind the Pope. They looked like they were thinking of something, and they suddenly turned their heads to look at the horse’s face and showed doubts.
At the moment, the horse’s face is also naked. I feel puzzled at the cow’s head and slowly nodded and said, "My brother’s bad luck was really hit and killed. Otherwise, the emperor blames my brother for not being able to afford to take the body back. Maybe the emperor will reward my brother for staying in this cow’s head and horse’s face. It’s long enough to be promoted to black and white."
Tauren severely waved a mace in his hand, and his face was ferocious. He said coldly, "How dare a brave monk offend our hell and kill a man without giving in quickly?"
As soon as the bull’s head makes itself move first and shoot the mace directly into the hands of the Pope, it immediately shoots bursts of yin fire and maser at the Pope, and the Pope’s position, which has become an angel of light, is actually scared and trembling, and his face has changed dramatically, especially when he sees two people in the cow’s head and horse’s face, his wings are out of control and he wants to escape.
The Great God Paladin watched someone attack and respect the Pope’s position, and immediately roared into a golden light and rushed forward to prepare his body to resist the attack of yin fire and safeguard the dignity of the Pope’s position. The golden light flashed and it was worthy of being a holy war, and the yin fire could not burn.
Chapter 233 The Pope’s Fall
Chapter 233 The Pope’s Fall
"The genie dares to resist and die!"
At this time, the bull’s head fell from the sky and waved the spike stick. The shadow of the stick was smashed into a scream, and the holy knight was instantly blown into a blood fog. The bull’s head suddenly gave a sly grin and stretched out its fingers to shoot ten blue blood fog, which was immediately sucked. See that the color of the light blue nails became deeper.
A sacred armor with amazing defense has also been smashed into pieces, and the golden starlight has dissipated. Although it is not inflow in the Yin God, it also has the strength of ordinary immortals. The strength difference between the two is too great. When the holy knight meets each other, the armor will be ruined and even the soul will be absorbed by the tauren.
At the moment, the Pope’s face is paler than his legs can’t help shivering. The most profound memory left by the angel of light is that the two evil gods, the cow’s head and the horse’s face, killed the angel of light and the devil. If they have their own unique breath, they will not admit their mistakes.
On that day, the powerful angel of light, that is, the feather man left over from the wild, was killed by an ox head. However, although they were similar in strength, they successfully killed the angel of light, but the ox head was also seriously injured. Nai fled back to the underworld and has not recovered yet.
The other seven archbishops in red have used hallows to protect the whole body and hurried back to leave a series of phantoms. The seven people, who are not child prodigies, looked at the Pope’s expression and immediately knew that the bearer was terrible, especially after seeing the bull’s head and killing the great god paladin, the soul was almost scared out.
Tauren saw that seven people were ready to escape, and immediately the lotus flower had killed their red eyes. They were willing to let go and immediately raised their other hand to rapidly shoot seven light blue beams and shouted, "Want to run? The old seven evil spirits’ magic finger is just Dacheng, so I will let you taste it and give it to the old to die. "
The strength of the Archbishop of Cardinal is really strong, but the physical body is weak and the speed is too fast. Otherwise, the physical body can’t bear to see the blue light flashing and the seven evil spirits’ fingers will drive the seven people out. Suddenly, they are frightened and hurriedly command the hallows to send out the holy mask to stop the one, two, seven evil spirits’ fingers from rotating in a spiral going round and round way and invading instantly.
Seven stuffy hum suddenly the daylights out of the red archbishop, who is not supported by hundreds of millions of believers and worth hundreds of billions of dollars, died like this. Even the soul was accused of being scattered, and the three souls and seven spirits were broken, and the cows’ heads were not absorbed into the nails together to increase the power of the seven evil spirits.
Seeing this pope’s face is even paler. Seeing that all the archbishops in red were instantly killed by the bull’s head, but because of the fear of the devil in the depths of the soul, they couldn’t afford the courage to rescue and watch the Vatican’s core be killed instantly.
Jie Jie
Instantly killing 15 people, seven archbishops in red and seven holy knights are all powerful people, gods, paladins, and vigorous blood. The concise soul of the archbishop in red really makes the seven evil spirits and fingers in the bull’s head improve, and their power increases dramatically, making them laugh strangely.
The absorbed bull’s head immediately turned his head and grasped the mace with his right hand. His eyes were full of blood and cold, and he stared at Pope Gregory XVII’s baby’s fist-sized nostrils, spewing extremely pungent anger. It was difficult to roll out a word in his throat: "Death!"
With a little blue light finger, he immediately shoots dozens of fingers of seven evil spirits at the pope’s whole body, then roars at his body like a shell, shoots a mace, and slams it at the pope’s mace, which will add thousands of kilograms of brute force and at least ten thousand kilograms of strength. If it is hit, even a mountain will be smashed out.
The seven evil spirits’ finger is still unresponsive when it approaches the Pope, but he is aware of the danger at the top of his platinum robe and teaches the crown early. When it approaches, he shoots holy light and interweaves it into a white cloud, which is as thick as paste to block the seven evil spirits’ finger. After all, it is worthy of being an artifact. Although the seven evil spirits’ finger is strong, it can’t pierce this sticky white cloud.
However, although the bull’s head is heavy, it moves as fast as lightning. The mace has already appeared ten meters above the Pope’s head, igniting nine deep and remote yin fires and hitting the Pope’s head with bursts of evil wind. If it is hit, it will definitely break the blood and split the brains.
On the occasion of life and death, the Pope woke up slightly and hurriedly directed the sacred staff to shoot a thick holy force and turn it into a cloud to resist the mace. However, although he resisted it, he also paid the price for a churning in his chest and a spurt of JingXie.
For miles and miles, the priests held their heads high and prayed to the sky. Everyone’s forehead shot a milky holy beam and slowly converged into a huge mushroom cloud, hanging high above everyone’s heads to block the attack of the dark atmosphere outside.
The horse’s face was shrouded in nine Yin Shaqi, followed by nearly a thousand Luo Cha ghosts flying out of the mushroom cloud, and the spirit was quickly shot out and integrated into the light shield. Soon, I found out the position and quickly smiled and said, "I dare to show off in front of God!"
A huge roaring horse’s face stretched out its right hand, and the magic gas was shot from the fingertips in a spiral shape and quickly merged into a magic gas. It was several meters in diameter and stabbed into the mushroom cloud, which kept spinning and gave off a dripping walk.
Bang! As soon as the magic evil spirit refers to the air, it instantly pierces the mushroom cloud, and the milky white mushroom cloud suddenly bursts. Come on, at least ten thousand senior bishops have vomited blood and died. In the frightened eyes of the remaining priests, nearly a thousand Luo Cha ghosts turned into several black shadows and rushed in with bursts of evil wind.
Immediately lotus flower cries repeatedly whether golden knight or senior bishop is lower than the’ tenth order’, but these Luo Cha ghosts all have ordinary scattered fairy strength and natural strength of the Yin soldiers in hell, which is simply one-sided slaughter.
As soon as the Pope roars, the crown is taught by the claws on the top of the platinum robe, and at the same time, the ivory light is emitted. First, the fingers of the seven evil spirits are destroyed, and then the sacred staff is replaced by the mace to attack the sacred staff, and then it is smashed into the tauren spirit.
The bull’s head was slightly surprised. Obviously, I didn’t think that the other party had three artifacts, and all of them could resist his force. Seeing that the sacred staff was smashed, he couldn’t hesitate to get back the mace and resist the sacred staff.
Looking at the slaughter of several Vatican elites, the Pope’s heart was so anxious that he constantly drove the holy staff to make a killing move without mercy. He wanted to end the life of the bull’s head first so as to free himself to rescue the Vatican elite.
After dozens of strokes, the bull’s head gradually became tired, and the flaw gradually became obvious. As soon as the Pope saw it, he was overjoyed and knew that the other side was a spent force, and immediately gave up defense and devoted himself to the offensive, which became even more fierce.
Suddenly, the corner of the bull’s head flashed a trace of insidious smile’s Pope’s heart. Suddenly, it didn’t come to think about it. A flying sword wrapped around nine deep and remote yin fires flew out from behind his back and flew out of his heart. At the same time, insidious smile "This is a reward from Yan’s adult. It’s really cheap for you bastard to take your body back to Emperor Jun’s adult."
Before the Pope made a sound, the dark flame immediately burst out from the Pope’s body and the whole body burned violently. In a scream, the Pope became dull and bloody, like a dead body being grasped by a cow’s head.