Zhang Shaotian’s words made Li He’s anger more prosperous. He couldn’t help but nu way, "Am I still afraid of you?" I don’t believe that I can’t win a game! "

Su Heng and Kong Ninggang wanted to dissuade Zhang Shaotianlang from laughing. "Good! This kind of tolerance makes me Zhang Shaotian admire! "
Immediately toward the podium that temporary referee class three boys made an expression of eyes.
The boy hurriedly shouted knowingly, "Good! Now the third game is official! "
Su Heng and Kong Ning, who fell to the ground, were anxious. On the other hand, Du Chengzhou, who was beside Li He, was more proud and won a point, as if he would win if he took it.
An arrow in the string has to be sent
Li He crustily skin of head into the cool run is about to touch the key point to the golden "game" when a clear voice came in at the door of the classroom on one side.
"Wait! This game … Let me try! "
Chapter 9 Orange Wings
Li He, three people, suddenly heard the news and hurried to see Mo Tianyuan with a leisurely face and a wry smile. Ye Shuishan stood behind him and said that she could not find other better people.
Three people some solidification expression.
Two days ago, when Mo Tianyuan and Li He competed, they all watched. Although they finally won, it was because Li He made a big mistake at that time. Now Li He can’t run five or six kilometers normally. He ran less than one kilometer at that time. Can the technology be achieved?
Su Heng jumped to the podium and pulled Mo Tianyuan aside and whispered, "Tianyuan, can you do it?"
Mo Tianyuan suddenly felt that the language laughed. "Please have a little confidence in me, ok …"
Su Heng touched his nose and smiled awkwardly. "You know that’s not what I meant. I mean, are you sure?"
"Try it and you’ll know."
Several girls in the back of the classroom raised their heads and asked the girl sitting in the middle carefully, "Who is Sister Ying?"
The girl’s eye, eye and lip corners evoke a shallow radian. "I don’t know who it is, but I know … This next game may be a little interesting …"
"Li He is your class?" Zhang Shaotian is very upset about the interruption of people. He almost abused these guys in Class Four, but half of them actually killed someone.
Because Mo Tianyuan was transferred from No.1 Middle School to re-read, it wasn’t the root of Red Miao Zhengqi Middle School. Unlike Li He and Su Heng, they had been studying with Zhang Shaotian for a year. In No.7 Middle School, there were not many people in other classes except Class Four.
"Isn’t this nonsense? Can outsiders come over at this time?" Anyway, I finally came to a clearance, and Li He relaxed a little.
"Mo Tianyuan in Class Four"
Mo Tianyuan scanned a circle in the class and turned to Zhang Shaotian and the girl’s body for a moment, then took it back without trace. Lang laughed
Zhang Shaotian impatiently waved his hand. "Come on, don’t worry about who it is."
Class three has already won two games. If you want to win one more game, there will be no suspense in this game. Can one person turn over the sky just now? Even from the perspective of probability, the chances of winning by one’s own side account for the vast majority. Zhang Shaotian can’t wait to end this power gap confrontation.
Li He got up from the stool and his face was worried. "So many people look at you. Don’t be nervous …"
Mo Tianyuan smiled to signal that he was all right.
Nervous? Hehe, it’s a joke. I didn’t feel nervous when I played in front of tens of millions of running players. If I want to say something nervous, I may have been a little nervous when I first came into contact with the game in senior one, but with the course of games, big and small, the word nervous has long since disappeared from my dictionary.
Slowly walk to the front of the podium and sit on the stool. Mo Tianyuan said, "It’s really stressful for these three classes to get the venue here and watch with dozens of pairs of strange eyes in class. Unfortunately, it’s really hard for him that Li He didn’t play his part in this situation."
Twist a head to look at Du Chengzhou’s face sitting next to him. When he saw that he could not speak and looked at himself, he quickly turned his head aside.
"It seems that this man is really like what others say, but … what is he smirking about by himself?"
Mo Tianyuan suddenly found that Du Chengzhou’s face was moving like that, but he might feel a little embarrassed in front of so many people, revealing a pair of deliberately enduring but his face was still shaking and his expression was extremely obscene.
"Hehe, when am I a soft persimmon?"
MoTianYuan in my mind a little despise a this dirty man left the pie mouth and brain move suddenly want to deliberately the whole this worthless goods leaned over to the Du Chengzhou ear whispered "buddy smile happily come out".
Poof …
Du Chengzhou didn’t stop laughing, and the water splashed three feet outside the podium, and a gray face was flushed in the dark.