It is very likely that Wan’er, the official, tampered with Zhuge Yue’s horseshoe, but somehow the horseshoe was changed and hurt himself!

Nanhao Chen looked gloomy. "Take your wife!"
Don’t wash your dirty linen in front of the Regent. This official, Wan’er, really humiliated the six princes!
"Yes!" Hurriedly, a servant girl helped her face to become more and more white, and the official Wan’er was unwilling to look at Nan Haochen "Report …"
A word has long been in tears, but her lovely appearance has not been exchanged for the slightest pity of Nan Haochen, who turned her face coldly and regarded her as angry.
"Well … nine lady now you saved a king’s life! Wang also said that he would promise you a request. "Compared with Nan Qianye, I really feel that Zhuge Yue is more beautiful and moving!
If people don’t attack me, I won’t attack. If people do, I will report it!
This is Zhuge Yue’s bloodiness and principle!
Zhuge Yue smiled like a flower when he heard this.
See two people a smell of appreciate each other south Hao Chen was uncomfortable "month what do you want huazhenbao tell the king that the king will get it for you at all costs! Such a small matter needs to please uncle. "
The infiltration "month" made Zhuge Yue feel goose bumps all over the floor. She shook her head and blocked Nan Haochen’s chest with a word. Chapter 1 Mysterious requirements.
The infiltration "month" made Zhuge Yue get goose bumps all over the floor. She shook her head and blocked Nan Haochen’s chest with a word!
"Your majesty, there are some things you can’t do. Only a regent can do it!"
Nan Haochen’s face is as black as a pot helmet, and a pair of storms are coming, but Nan Qianye laughs more and more, and the corners of his mouth are always wide behind his ears!
"Go ahead, Mrs. Nine, Wang Yiding will do her best!"
Zhuge Yue took a deep breath and handed a piece of paper to Nan Qianye. "Actually, it’s a small matter. It’s necessary to please the Regent to witness one!"
Nan Qian Ye took the paper and glanced at it slightly. His face changed.
He looked weird and looked at Nan Haochen awkward.
Let’s meet this. He should be angry and angry with Nan Haochen, but today he is a little happy!
Shouldn’t … Really shouldn’t …
Others are also curious about what Zhuge Yue wrote on that piece of paper!
Nan Qianye silently handed the paper to Nan Haochen. "Dear nephew, you’d better read it yourself!"
Nan Haochen took it and took one look at it. At the same time, the paper in his hand was shattered by him and danced like snowflakes …
"Nonsense! It’ s simply nonsense! "
All people don’t know what made the six report so angry and craned his neck in an attempt to see some clues from the debris there. It’s a pity …
Zhuge Yue was not annoyed and took out a big stack of paper to let Qiu Ju and Dong Mei distribute to everyone one by one!
Qiu Ju and Dong Mei trembled with fear when they saw the paper, but Miss ordered them to start from …
Can be honestly distributed!
Nan Haochen and Zhuge Yue’s eyes are like needles pointing at wheat awn!
"Zhuge Yue, do you really want to get so out of hand?" Nanhao Chen’s tight tone quivered slightly.
"It is the report that forced the male and female servants to leave and leave the report, and the report will definitely not agree that the male and female servants can make this policy!" Zhuge month stand hand nai said
A piece of paper and separation means that Zhuge Yue will soon be the first woman in South Lebanon to divorce her husband!
And Nan Haochen will be the laughing stock of the centuries-old history of South Lebanon!
Everyone’s expression was shocked. The maids were so scared that they sat down to the ground!
Zhuge Yue, after all, dare to divorce Liu Wangye, the popular lover of South Lebanon. She can marry him, which has burned Gao Xiangzu Kidd in previous lives!
Nan Qian Ye couldn’t help but come out to make peace. "Six sovereign, don’t let the king make it difficult for Mrs. Nine … No … The month is difficult. After all, the king has promised her to do this witness for her. Since she has made up her mind, it is not sweet."
Nan Hao Chen’s eyes suddenly stared, and his eyes were full of cobwebs. It was very shocking that Nan Qian Ye shut up.
What he said is reasonable, but Nan Haochen won’t listen!
At the moment, he was carried away by anger!
A cold glance at Zhuge Yue’s murderous look almost forced her neck, and he suddenly turned away!
Nan Qian Ye went to Zhuge Yue and pressed the bass. "The king of the month is very appreciative of you. You need a bell to solve the problem. Since your engagement is decided by the emperor …"
"But if I can see the emperor 3 chapter 3 betrayal.
"But if I can see the emperor?"
"Since Wang promised you to do this witness, it will naturally help you if it is not done!"
Zhuge Yue’s heart was pleased and hurriedly said, "Thank you, Regent"
South modest Ye hand delivery behind "er, what do you thank me? I didn’t say anything. "
Zhuge Yue’s naughty smile "is to thank the Regent for his appreciation of male and female servants"
-dividing line-
Zhuge Yue took the Snow Wolf King and the old thin horse back to the Orchid House.
As a result, an incredible spectacle appeared.