Because there are two brothers in the throne, one of them can inherit the throne, and they have instantly become competitors from he is my brother.

Soldiers and ordinary people around them heard Wang Gang calling Sun Ye and Sun Ren, and Wang Gang wanted to choose an emperor from the two brothers.
"I still believe that people will have great wisdom. I didn’t expect to get a straw bag just after killing an animal horse."
"I estimate that even if the two emperors can ascend to the throne, that is, the puppet emperor’s life will definitely be manipulated by Wang Gang and the players in secret. I Wang Gang’s action is the beginning of a new era, but I didn’t expect that Wang Gang, a god in man, is also a politician who can do anything for the benefit."
"Don’t dream of a new era! China has always been an imperial emperor, and no one can refuse the potential brought by the throne, not even Wang Gang! "
"Because wang gang is still a person, he is not a god! Many temptations in the world ~ confuse others to refuse! "
None of the officers left behind were guilty, and they suddenly felt more sad after hearing other people’s comments
Because the imperial emperor’s profit is too great to see all the laws, even if there is a trial of Wang Gang, give the new emperor a warning before it.
But these officers know that there is no limit to profit here, unless a saint is reborn, they will definitely fall into the mire of profit and eventually fall into a trap.
"China really can limit cycle to like this? If officials and royalty don’t have supervision, changing one hundred emperors and killing one thousand emperors can at most frighten officials for a while. Supervision and punishment are the only way to let Chinese officials get down to business seriously and take the road of incorruptibility "to be continued.
Chapter 199 Decay will eventually return
The discussion made the two emperors on pins and needles. They were afraid that Wang Gang would change his mind because of these people’s discussion, but they didn’t feel relieved until they found that no matter what others said, Wang Gang’s face didn’t change a bit.
Hats and masks were thrown into the center of the earth by them. Although they were more anxious than they were, they were afraid to leave a bad impression on Wang Gang. They racked their brains and walked towards Wang Gang at a leisurely pace.
Seeing these two human beings, Wang Gang has guessed what they think in their hearts, and there was some consternation in their hearts. Wang Gang heard about it.
Indeed, as people around you say, the emperor’s interests are too great. If he is normal, he will refuse this position. But is Wang Gang a human being?
No! He is the only god on earth!
God’s perception of heaven and earth and God’s power made him have no interest in reality. If the emperor had not died himself and the plane war was not in sight, Wang Gang would never have made an easy move.
Because this is enough for Wang Gang to understand a lot of charms when dealing with this matter!
For God, it is the most important thing for God to be promoted to the priesthood and understand the accumulation of divine power. However, even the most glorious longevity policy is only a thousand years.
The life span of God is not unexpected. The so-called politics and benefits are calculated in millions of years. In Wang Gang’s eyes, things are just passing away. Just as human beings will not compete for ant rule, God will not be attached to secular politics. That is too small!
When they came to Wang Gang, they stood up straight, their eyes shone, and their hearts were both uneasy and poor.
Wang Gang gently waved his hand and asked about the magic of God. According to Wang Gang’s idea, if the two people are not guilty, they can supervise the law around their lives to give them a fair trial.
If their sin is similar to their brother’s father’s, then hell is their ultimate destination.
Although Wang Gang hasn’t got the clerical hell that is similar to death, even if he is dragged into the dead soul, he won’t get any benefits, but only the emperor and his three sons can afford this consumption.
Moreover, it is Wang Gang’s deliberate priesthood that reveals the reality of hell, which is recognized by ordinary people! Ordinary people think that Wang Gang is the master of the world after death, so when Wang Gang is promoted to the godhead level, he will naturally gather for the Ministry of Death.
This is also one of the reasons why Wang Gang consumes a lot of divine power to make virtual hell appear!
The plan of the god of hell needs to be in the position of death, otherwise, although hell exists, it is no different from a plan of the god of hell.
In the magic, two bloody lights rose into the sky, and the scenes were terrible. The pictures extended from the light column, and the crimes committed were indeed less than those of their fathers and brothers, but their sins were equally heinous.
"No, you must never let such a person be an emperor, even a puppet emperor!"
"If such a beast disagrees with the supreme ruler of China, not only we, but also all citizens of China will definitely disagree."
"If such villains can become emperors, then God’s so-called justice, fairness, punishing evil and promoting good is bullshit!"
"Never let these two pigs and dogs be inferior to animals as emperors. Even if I fight to death, I will prescribe the most just and most worthy shot in my life to prevent these two animals from becoming emperors."
During the discussion, the faces of the two emperors suddenly turned white, because not only the people around them, but also they could see the scenes displayed from the bloody columns.
The body is covered with sweat instantly, which makes them feel like they have just been caught in a heavy rain. The fear makes their legs tremble like playing cotton strings.
When they found that Wang Gang had a thoughtful face but didn’t have the slightest intention to start work, they suddenly felt relieved. They were used to arrogance at ordinary times, and they could no longer stand the words of animals, villains, pigs and dogs.
The two faces showed their piety in unison and said to Wang Gang, kneeling on the second emperor, "God can see all evils. God’s wisdom has penetrated into the Millennium. If I am guilty, I would like to be judged by God. If I choose my emperor, I will uphold God’s concept, spread God’s belief and safeguard the interests of players."
There is no disguise in the two emperors’ words that they will safeguard the interests of players and want to believe in God and contribute to win Wang Gang’s favor.
Moreover, there is another meaning in his words. In rough terms, it means cursing people around you. In short, it means telling people around you to shut up and stop making trouble. Since God has decided to let me be the throne, you people are not qualified to question it.
After hearing the words of the Second Emperor, san huang was full of chagrin and fear that he would lose the chance to inherit the throne because of his second brother’s words. He also quickly said, "I am a devout believer of God …"
Not only the people around him, but even Wang Gang frowned and waved his hand at this time. san huang’s words were rudely interrupted by him. The faint sound rang in the square. "I was thinking that the people in the Chinese royal family were guilty of many crimes, but there should be at least one or two good people, but the fact tells me that it is just my fantasy."
"Huge profits without supervision have made the whole royal family rotten from the bone."
Just after Wang Gang’s words were finished, the two brothers knelt on the ground and looked at Wang Gang with horror. They were desperate and ran towards the crowd. Although they were straw bags, Wang Gang’s words meant that they were already white!
Now their only thought is to escape! If you don’t escape, you will die!
"Now that it has rotted to the bone, there is no need to continue." Wang Gangyin was all over the scene in an instant
After listening to Wang Gang’s words, the crazy cheers rang like the tide, like rolling thunder in the whole square.
Just rushed to the edge of the crowd, the two emperors were knocked to the ground by those onlookers, and then they were quickly brought up by soldiers and placed on Wang Gangli’s high platform again.
At this moment, Wang Gang felt a surge of spirit with extreme joy ~ into his godhead, although it was not very pure, but even Wang Gang was dumbfounded!
But now is not the time to calculate the income. The hand gently waved the fire and ignited from the two emperors, just as Owlman wailed and screamed from the mouths of the two emperors.
The fire is getting bigger and bigger, and finally the bodies of the two emperors are directly reduced to ashes, and the souls are revealed to ordinary people in Wang Gang’s divine power.
"Sun night, Sun Ren was so guilty that God tried and punished him like hell, suffering from hell fire for 100 thousand years!" Compared with their father and brother, Wang Gang has been very kind in punishing them!
In Wang Gangyin’s mid-sky, the illusory hell is revealed, and their souls have no ability to resist and are ingested into hell.
"Decadence should turn into historical dust!" Wang Gang looked back at the resplendent palace to be continued.
Chapter One Sword Cold Light Shines Kyushu
The palace accompanying the emperor shows that the emperor is a symbol of the emperor and will disappear with the emperor in history.
The cost of destroying ancient buildings will bring a truly new era to China!
"Decadence will eventually go home!" Wang Gang roared like thunder in the dry land. In the roar, he turned back to the direction of the palace and walked step by step. A golden sword light extended from his hand and measured the length of the sky by root method.
Destroying all the horrible breath at the moment when the golden sword light appears makes all the people present feel difficult to breathe and almost suffocate. Just the imposing manner shown by firm but gentle has made hundreds of thousands of people present feel a terrible feeling of disaster.
"What is Wang Gang doing?"
"The royal family has been tried, and there are still heinous people? Even now, there is no need to make such a horrible move? "
"It’s too powerful. Just the breath from the firm but gentle gives me a sense of death. How can this power be mastered by people?"
"Is this the player’s power? If I also have this power, the whole world will be vertical and horizontal! "
"Wang Gang, why do you want to look at the direction of the palace? Is there someone who is stronger than the earth in the palace?"
"Is this kind of power the power of the agent or the power of Wang Gang?" Hu Bing mew mew self-talk eyes flashing than eager for brilliance.