"You’re already dressed so thick and you say it’s cold. I think you’re just lazy and don’t want to go, right?"

"I just don’t want to go to such a desolate place. I don’t want to be here. I’d rather go back to Lieling Peak!"
Xia Houlian’s arms were paddling in the middle of the game.
Don’t you want to beat the war yourself, cousin? Here is the place where my grandfather chose to practice and improve our strength so that you can hope to lose the war. "
Heard Tang Luoling words YunSu dint to pull him to his body to face his "I tell you now that you have come, you can not go, you have to go! You can’t leave without my permission! "
"No matter what you say, I’m not going anyway."
In summer, Hou Lian usually sits on the spot with his legs crossed, and his eyes squinted at her. What can you do to me?
Yunsu sat cross-legged across from him. "You really don’t want to go?"
"Yeah, I don’t want to go. I want to go back."
Xia Hou Lian seems to be deliberately confronting her.
"Then do you want to defeat the war?"
Yunsu patiently said in a low voice, "Don’t keep it from me in the summer, will you?" Even if you see Yang Kui, you will treat it as if it were in front of me. In fact, you can meet her. You and she had a very romantic story. Although it has passed, there is still a sweet feeling when you recall it. In fact, you don’t need to be embarrassed because I am here. If you still like her, you should boldly pursue it. "
Summer Hou Lian’s heart was surprised, but she didn’t expect to know that she had seen Yang Kui!
How did she know?
Looked at her with a grain of salt. "Is that what you mean?"
"Of course! So can you stay together or with everyone? "
Xia Houlian said that he had got up from the ground and patted his ass. Chapter 119 Nine Snow Valley
When they came to a rocky place, Xu Yuanmo ordered, "Listen up, everyone. The most important thing for you to practice in this place is to let you catch the snow silkworm, which can directly increase your strength."
Straight up?
Don’t go against the weather with this snow silkworm!
Tang Luoling Yunlie Day and others were appalled and never thought that Xu Yuanmo was actually taking them to find snow silkworms!
But is it easy to find snow silkworms in the vast snowy mountains?
Moreover, the snow cover here all the year round can be said to be deserted.
So they walked on and suddenly found a small village not far from the mountain, but few people would go to the snow-capped mountains.
Xu Yuanmo pointed to the village in front and said to everyone, "See? We’ll live here tonight and go into the mountains early in the morning. "
Everyone feels stiff except that it is getting colder and colder.
Although the village is small and there are few pedestrians passing by, there is a small restaurant at the entrance of the village, which is beyond Tang Luoling’s surprise. She is going to spend the night at the villagers’ home tonight.
Xu Yuanmo shouted and bowed his head and walked into the small restaurant. Before he got to the door, the door was opened by the inside person, revealing a head and a cotton cap. He looked like he was in his twenties. Maybe it was because of the climate. The skin looked a little dry.
"Is the guest official staying in the hotel?"
The original dry face flashed with a pleasant smile, and the mouth widened to both sides, and the face folded deeper.
"Get something to eat first"
Xu Yuanmo finished holding Tang Yushou and let him follow behind him.
When a group of people came in and sat down, although the wind was biting outside, the room was still warm. Then the young man made tea for them and turned to prepare meals.
Tang Luoling’s eyes swept away in the room. It’s very simple that two dining tables show that there are no guests at ordinary times.
"Guest officer, our place is small and there is no good wine or food. Please deal with it."
The little two brought us two big plates of bear meat and a big jar of soju.
"It seems that there is no shortage of snow bears in your place."
Xu Yuanmo looked down at him.
"That’s to say that we don’t have bear meat here, but there are many snow bears in the nine snow valleys."
"Oh, that’s right. Then I don’t think there is any business to maintain in your small shop?"
"To tell you the truth"
Xiao er pulled up a stool with a smile apologetically. "Few people come to our place, but they all come at the snow-capped mountains and silkworms. And we people who don’t want to get snow silkworms are said to be able to sell them at a good price to make their families leave this poor place for a good life."
But for years, I’ve seen people looking for snow silkworms, but I’ve never seen anyone catch them. I’ve never even seen them. Anyway, I’ve never seen what snow silkworms look like when I’m so big. Even people who pass by here come on a whim and come back disappointed. Some even put their lives on it. Although everyone thought about it, it’s not worth putting their lives on it, right? "
Xiao er seems to guess that they are also coming for snow silkworms.
"Second brother said that no matter how much wealth you have, you can’t buy life."
"That you … 113 Chapter 113 Nine Snow Valley 3
Although the second brother has guessed that they are coming for the snow silkworm, he still wants to make sure that one
"We are also coming for the snow silkworm."
Xu Yuanmo made no secret.