[Handcart Making] This skill allows players to rent a handcart in capra. When the walking speed rises to level 1, the original moving speed can be restored, and the trolley will become lighter. In addition, the trolley can also be used as a weapon.

After reading the introduction, I took a deep breath. Although these skills are all one-turn professional skills, combining them according to my dream plan last night will be no less than two-turn professional special occupations. But for the current base level LV1, the first thing for me is of course to upgrade, so I came to the west gate of Ji Fen and visited the lovely whistling Pollies again.
After half a day of previous experience, I was promoted to the basic level LV14, and the professional skill level LV14 was 13 points, and I added the first ten points to the healing, so I would have more life without wasting unnecessary money, but I also added a little [identification] and a little [concealment] to [poisoning], and now I am specialized in agility and a little dexterity.
After all the preparations, I took my 5RO coins to the south gate of the capital for some searching. After that, 45RO coins and a businessman bought a wild fencing sword. In this sword attack, I have the opportunity to make a [wild blow] ]LV5 skill attack, 15 loads, 9 third-level weapons, and LV12 is the right weapon for my beginner.
w w w
I bought red potions and ice cream (recovering a small amount of health and magic power) and came to the headquarters of the Knights in the northwest of the capital, because I heard the NPC in the capital say that there are monsters in the waterways of the capital and there are generous rewards for killing the Knights after entering. For me with little money, this upgrade to kill monsters and make money will certainly not be missed.
I entered the general department of the Order, and a soldier wearing a pair of hooded face armor pointed a pike at my forehead and said, "Who’s coming?"
"I’m here to pick it up!"
"oh? Welcome to come, warrior! " The soldier immediately changed his smiling face to 1 degree and said to me
There was such a big gap between before and after, and the warriors all said it. I followed him to the head of the Knights Order’s office. The bearded head greeted me warmly and invited me to drink a cup of coffee. Then he smiled and said to me, "Welcome to our warriors. Are you here to accept it?" Thank you so much! "
"This ~ this is nothing!"
"This is the ticket. After you go out from the west gate of the capital, go straight. There are guards guarding it not far away. Give him this ticket and you can go in. And this is a gift of 20 bottles of yellow potion (twice the health value of red potion) and a bottle of energy milk (made of pure milk powder) from our knights. This is your advance bonus of 1RO coins."
There are 1RO coins to send. If I had known the game was just over, I would have had the money to buy a decent weapon at least.
I always feel strange when I left after receiving the things with the enthusiastic cheers of the head of the Knights Order and the members. It seems that those NPCs are relieved. I didn’t notice that the smiling face of the head of the Knights Order immediately turned back to normal after I left, and when a player picked them up, there was no such thing as a bottle of watered milk.
I happily came to the west gate of the capital and saw a guard dozing off to wake him up, gave him a ticket and went in.
As soon as I entered it, I found it was really dark inside. Fortunately, I had an adventure light and hung it high to see that the waterways of the capital were all black and mucus crisscrossed. The waterways were black and ink-stained. There was a waste water channel with only one person crossing the suspension bridge and many iron nets staggered on the surface. Fortunately, there were all kinds of cobwebs and some unknown plants. Fortunately, there was no smell here. Otherwise, it would be stinky. Look at the water and you will feel a burst of odor.
I crossed the steps and walked towards the floor. Just a short distance later, I saw a monster, the’ stolen insect’, which is a strange monster. According to the introduction, this monster belongs to the passive attack category, but it likes to collect things very much, whether it is garbage or something. At the sight of a horse, its eyes glow and it is 30 centimeters in size and big enough for it to collect many things. The stolen insect is a LV6 monster, so I saw it as if I saw experience flying towards me. It is this kind of thief without saying that the right hand is holding crazy fencing. Insects have about 13 health points, and crazy fencing has 15 attack power. Although the attack power will fluctuate due to the influence of terrain, time, climate, emissaries, enemies or magical defense, on the whole, it is very easy for my LV14-level people to kill this LV16-level thief like a cockroach, and it is very easy to kill a thief with two knives. "Bang", a thief’s body exploded and scattered all over the ground, including many things, insect shells, Jeleby crystals, iron ore, Red herbs and so on, but I was very lucky to lose a one-hole leather coat. This anti-+3 is much better than my cotton coat, at least a little more handsome [identification], and then change into my cotton coat (unidentified things can’t make it possible for the four-level unidentified things to know what it is before identification)
Of course, I experienced a lot of thieves all the way. I came to the second floor of the underground waterway and just climbed the stairs, and I saw a figure bump into me. Bang! The figure slammed into me and two people rolled together.
Chapter 11 Force mage
Chapter 11 Force mage
I was dizzy when I was hit by that black shadow. Let me see the black shadow on my body. It turned out to be a mage in a magic apprentice robe, and his brown hair was almost stuck in my nostrils.
"Friend, are you all right!" Although I say this in my mouth, my hand pushes him. If it is a woman, it is good to say that a big man jumps into my arms and feels uncomfortable.
"Ah yes ~ yes ~"
"What’s the matter?"
"there is a BOSS!"
“BOSS? What BOSS? "
"Old mouse king!"
"What is the mouse king?"
Just when I wanted to ask again, I looked behind the man and suddenly turned white for a meter or two. The white giant mouse was looking at us with its sharp eyes. In its eyes, we must be prey.
"Oh, my God!"
I ran back at the first time, and the mage was also very clever and followed me until we returned to the first floor of the underground waterway and felt that the giant rat had not followed me before taking a short rest.
"Friend, why do you have nothing to do with this giant rat?"
"Brother, I didn’t provoke it, it just showed up and swept me away."
"Haha, it seems that you are lucky. Others haven’t seen a BOSS for days. I didn’t expect you to come to you instead of looking for a BOSS."
"You still make fun of me? By the way, what’s your name? Oh, by the way, let me introduce myself first. I’m a mage and I’m a force mage. "
"What?" Force mage? The kind of guy who adds strength and physical strength? Then why do you want this mage? Rush at the enemy as a forward? Khan, it seems that this guy is a younger brother than me. For a moment, he forgot that he was a celebrity and reported his name.
"My name is Elegant!"
"Ah, you are elegant!"
"Do you recognize me?"
"Of course, I know that you are the first celebrity to accept the unified punishment and the player was beaten with 30 sticks."
Shit, I cann’t believe there’s an announcement here and I let you know. Do I have the face to be a man after that? It seems that my name will be kept absolutely confidential, otherwise it won’t be worthwhile to laugh my teeth off and ask me to pay for it.
"Where did you see it?"
"honor list!"
I took a look and fainted. In addition to the highest number of deaths, I also had a unified punishment list with my name on it and I was alone. I was the only one on the whole page. I cursed that unknown official for ten generations! I have this thing. Chris said it’s okay. He actually … But when I think about it, it’s only been more than three months since the game was launched. It seems unlikely that I’ll be depressed for the first ten generations of the official.
Turn to the disease and say, "I’m going. Take your time!" "
"Hey, big brother, wait!"
"Eldest brother? When did I become your big brother? "