But each missile seems to have long eyes, and it flies around to Zhang Mi. Several missiles come from all directions. If it explodes around Zhang Mi, there is no doubt that Zhang Mi will be blown to pieces.

"I said that a crying man is also a male Han. My sister gave her brother warmth and affection, and the younger brother protected his sister at the cost of his life." The small voice was heard in the missile’s passing sonic boom
After saying this, the shepherd boy released a lot of golden light, which made him look like the sun. The golden light suddenly appeared around Zhang Mi and destruction and wrapped them up.
The shepherd boy looked at Zhang Mi without a ray of light, and his direction gradually dimmed. His body was soft and his consciousness was weaker than that of waking up. Now he can easily kill him even if he is a powerless child.
Chapter 179 This heart does not regret
Boom! !
The terrorist explosion resounded through the heavens and the earth, causing all the people present to be shocked. The ears were buzzing except for the explosion. With the explosion, there was a sonic diffusion shock wave
Kayak is rocked like a feather by shock waves, followed by shrapnel and high temperature instant dust.
Even the 200-meter-long warship was tilted and lost all its strength in the shock wave attack. At the moment of the shock wave, the shepherd boy flew up shrapnel directly and turned his body into pieces and fell into the sea.
Zhang Mi and the destroyed shepherds exhausted their vitality and landed in the sea under the protection of golden light. They survived with the buffer of seawater, but they were also fatally injured.
In addition, one person lived to get fat!
Before the fat eyes were red, he used the five elements of reincarnation to make him lose all his strength. Although Shelley’s frozen sea water failed to stop the gentle shepherd, it gave Lin Dad a hug and jumped into the bottom of the sea to escape.
When the father and son were filled with grief and ready to take revenge on the shepherd boy, before the terrorist explosion, Lin Dad turned fat and blocked the shock wave, but Lin Dad died on the spot in the terrorist shock wave and shrapnel.
But even if dad Lin dies, his hands will hold fat tightly without any relaxation!
"Hu Bing, the shepherd, is always at odds with you and won’t kill you. I don’t deserve my parents not to kill you. I will never kill anyone!" Tears in fat eyes keep falling like broken beads.
At ordinary times, she doesn’t care about anything. At this time, the murderous look in her eyes is overflowing. She hugs the dead Lin Dad’s body and looks at the body in her arms. He brings tears to the place where Lin Dad disappeared and says, "Mom and Dad, why are you so stupid? You don’t know the difficulty, even if you die."
"Why do you want to do that? You and I are still unclear for a generation. Even if I die in the middle of the day, I don’t know if it is a reward!"
"I have never given you anything. You have always been paying. I am unfilial and I am sorry for your cultivation!"
The tearful person is not only fat, but also slowly recovers under the protection of golden light. Zhang Mi’s tears are also kept. She saw the shepherd’s last eyes and saw the shepherd’s last death. "Brother, how can you be so stupid?" My sister takes care of you and asks you not to repay your health, health and happiness, but to repay my sister best. "
There is no enemy in the team battlefield. Although the other villagers are strong, they were annihilated when the siege of the players was not long. More than 160,000 people took part in the battle, and the players left more than 40,000 people. This has to be said to be a brilliant victory.
But the people who have paid the most in this battle can win this battle. People who are sad except death. The joy of victory has not brought them a little happiness. Zhang Mi’s face is smiling, and there is a little sadness. Even destruction has a small face. Everyone knows that destruction is in a bad mood now.
Fat eyes and red blood rushed into the command room, sealed Hu Bing’s collar willy-nilly, and slapped Hu Bing in the face. "Do you know that your weapon is aimed at your comrades?"
"Do you know that there are your kin and your compatriots in your weapon?"
"You cold-blooded bastard, you inhuman thing. If I don’t fucking teach you a lesson today, I won’t be Lin Kui!"
Fat slap in the face was hard and heavy. Hu Bing’s face was fat and smoked like a pig’s head. Even the teeth in his mouth were beaten off by fat.
Can Hu Bing eyes than calm coldly looking at fat also don’t strike back.
"Fight back, you coward, you inhuman beast!" After playing fat for a long time, his eyes turned red with anger, but he never saw Hu Bing strike back. He also stopped.
"I will not fight back. I am the commander in chief. I will be responsible for the victory or defeat of the whole war. I want more people to be born in charge. No matter how many people are sacrificed in this process, I will not regret it."
"If you hit me, I won’t fight back, so you can vent your anger ~ Come out and calm you down. I know I’m sorry for you, but even if you give me a second chance, I’ll still let the missiles cover there. If you don’t kill the shepherd, it will be us who lose this war!"
After listening to Hu Bing’s words, he was more angry than angry and fat. "Go to hell!"
I didn’t leave a hand to punch Hu Bing in the head and blow Hu Bing’s head out of his nose and make a crazy gasp. "You have your responsibility. You are the commander-in-chief of the players. You want most players to be responsible. I also have my responsibility. I want my father to take revenge!"
"As you said, give me a chance to do it again. I still want to kill you! I am an ordinary person, I am a headstrong man, I care about my family, I care about my relatives, no matter who hurts them, whether it is righteous or not, I will kill my enemies, and I will not hesitate to report my fat! "
Fat eyes and red eyes saw Hu Bing’s body and disappeared into the battlefield.
"There will be a shepherd, and you will wait for the old man, whether you are chosen by God or not. If you kill my mother, I will kill you! If I don’t kill you once, I’m Lin Kui unworthy. "
On the other side, Wang Gang aborigines opened up a punishment ground and suffered the same level as the players, so that the shepherd boy kept rolling in pain.
"God choose you regret it? If you kill Zhang Mi and destroy, the victory will surely belong to you, and you will not be punished like this. Tell me, do you regret it? " Wang Gangyin sounded in the mind of the shepherd boy.
"You trained Zhang Mi and destroyed them so that they could continue to fight and send the true qi quietly into their bodies. It took a lot of true qi for you to get injured in Lin Kui’s tricks. If it weren’t for you to protect Zhang Mi and destroy all the true qi, you wouldn’t have died in the missile attack! Do you regret it? Destiny! "
Listening to Wang Gangyin’s pain getting stronger and stronger, the shepherd boy said intermittently in the scream, "I don’t regret it, even if I do it again a hundred times, I will choose the same."
"It is better to live without that warm smile and eyes than to die!"
"Even if I am deprived of my feelings, even if I am absolutely rational, that kind of warmth has never disappeared from my heart, but because there is no other emotional interference, that kind of warmth is magnified a hundred times, making me feel a kind of warmth that I have never felt before."
Speaking of the pain here, it’s like disappearing from the body of a shepherd. He grinned in horror than pain and roared, "That feeling is called happiness!"
"For this kind of happiness, I’d rather be burned by hell. I’d rather be doomed!"
"Happiness is eternal in my heart even if I have a moment. I will never regret this moment!" to be continued
Chapter 18 Post-war Total
In the large conference room of Huaxia Dynasty of Emperor Company, Hu Bing was sitting on the platform, and many powerful people in reality were sitting on the platform.
The emperor centaur, the Russian president, the ministries and commissions of China, the generals of Changshi and many players are among them.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not a politician, so I don’t have much to say. We are gathered here this time to make a war and always tell you about some problems I encountered in the war." Li didn’t change Hu Bing’s face at all, and he didn’t have any feelings. He looked colder than.
Speak unabashedly, make a long speech to politicians, despise a group of soldiers and simply come straight at me
"I found two very important problems in this battle!"
"First, our military equipment has failed to meet the needs of war. Our former equipment was formulated in consideration of the earth’s situation, but I think everyone has seen that flying speed is difficult to catch birds, but voles can be found everywhere at ordinary times. If they are not found early, our warships may become scrap iron and have no fighting ability. I suggest strengthening the protection of the lines."
"I don’t agree with you. You need to know that the voles have the ability to bite the broken line only after they have been strengthened. In reality, it is impossible to be such an animal and do you know how long it takes to transform a warship? Do you know how much manpower and material resources it takes to transform a warship? You don’t know anything. Of course, anyone will, but it needs to be practical! " China’s Ministry of Finance ~ has a big belly and rudely accused Hu Bing of saying that.
This department chief just became a player, and it didn’t take long for him to go to the personal battlefield once, so he didn’t understand the cruelty of the team battlefield.
"Impossible? Are you farting? God is in the virtual world. You told me it was impossible? Is that shit in your head? The other world is in the crack, and you told me that you can’t bite off the animal. Do you know everything about the other world? You don’t know! "
"I don’t know, we must consider all possibilities so as to ensure the normal operation of war weapons and the safety of every soldier!"
"What is money? Can you buy health and victory? Can you guarantee the lives of soldiers? " Hu Bing cold face to the department ~ long swearing scold department ~ long gnashing anger heartburn.
But because the emperor is here, he dare not be presumptuous. "You are a little petty officer in reality, and it is not up to you to decide the national policy. Keep your mouth shut and get into trouble."
But I’m a little petty officer, and that’s why I know what soldiers need, and an official like you knows nothing but money and war.
"And don’t threaten me and I won’t dare?" Hu Bing went up to the front of the department chief and raised his hand, which was a slap in the face.
Department ~ long even deskmate fell to the ground with a miserable cry from the department ~ long mouth constantly shouted out.
"I ~ damn Hu Bing, if I have the guts to scold, I will scold and fight without mercy, and I am not afraid of being beaten by the Ministry in reality!" Yan Yan gave a thumbs-up to Hu Binghang.
"The feud has been cleared! Although hot, he is cruel in the battlefield than human nature, but in reality he loves soldiers, such as he is still a small petty officer. I heard that it is because he can’t kiss up to others and simply offended many senior officials. "I have to admire Hu Binghang even if I have some grievances with him."
"It’s also Hu Bing’s personality, even if it’s only natural. His personality is too easy to offend people. You see that the emperor’s face has been pulled. Don’t you know that a slap in the face means a slap in the face?" Yan Yan pointed to the emperor’s way of fat novel
"If you fight, you will fight. Now Hu Bing is protected. Even if you run to the emperor and slap him, the emperor will at most be in neutralization and Hu Bing. He wants to deal with Hu Bing in reality. I don’t think even the emperor has the courage!" Yan Yan disdained to say
The sound pressure is even lower. "Strictly speaking, do you think that the world political god will let him continue to go after everyone in the world has become a player?"
"You mean …" Yan Yan’s eyes DengYuan looked at fat in shock.
"Now is not to say that after these times!" Fat a will yan yan mouth hold because yan yan suddenly heard the news after the sound can’t help but high degree has attracted everyone’s attention.
"Yan Yan, do you have anything to say?" Hu Bing slapped the department ~ long and then returned to the high platform. After hearing the harsh words, Yan Yan and Fat had any opinions on what he said, so he asked to look at the things that were killed by Fat before his eyes were very peaceful, as if he had forgotten them.
"There is no commander in chief. You speak very well. Please continue." Yan Yan hurriedly answered.
"Well, since everyone is fine, I’ll say something!"
"I want to say the second point is that the player’s military literacy is too poor. Every time he wants to question an order, he is very opposed and does not execute it! There is simply no discipline! "