At the moment, Shen Qiqi is experiencing ecstasy and bone erosion pain in an obscure mountain village on the outskirts of Huai River.

Her blood clan is getting more and more overbearing and out of control.
And every time you lose control, there will be a burst of unbearable pain.
Several times, she couldn’t help but want to hit the wall and finish herself.
Every time Qin Sheng clung to her to prevent her from hurting herself.
The price to stop her is to be bitten black and blue by her, but no matter how much it hurts, Qin Sheng is silent and forbearing.
She is afraid that one day she will lose control of herself.
Sometimes she will complain about Qin Sheng’s holding her back and not letting her bump into it.
But when she’s conscious and rational,
Especially when she saw that he was covered in wounds and worried, there was a trace of gratitude and guilt in her heart
If it weren’t for Qin Sheng, maybe she would really be dead.
At this moment, no matter how much he cares about her, her gratitude to him is deepening.
I don’t know if they are dependent on each other.
Strangely, every time before she lost control, she also lost consciousness for a short time and was tortured to death by pain. This time, she was still so awake and felt the pain, but her consciousness was more sober than that of waking up, so that she could separate her mind from thinking about her and Qin Sheng and miss Master now.
But this is the first time that she lost control and thought of Junyang.
The thought of his pain doesn’t seem so unbearable
But the longing in my heart is stronger than a while.
Shen Qiqi clenched his teeth and fought back
After a while, Qin Sheng hurried through the door and pushed in.
A door will see Shen Qiqi messy hair disheveled.
She was in such a mess that her teeth bit blood out of her lips, and her face was slightly distorted because of pain.
But her eyes are so clear, her eyes are so firm, and there is no hole or confusion
Qin sheng was so shocked by her.
He didn’t expect that in just a few days, she could control herself and resist her thirst for blood.
Is it because she is a saint?
Because the virgin has many congenital conditions superior to his blood clan, their usual cognition is not suitable for the virgin
Or did she really wake up a little bit?
If it is the former, then they can breathe a sigh of relief temporarily; But if it is the latter, the consequences will be unimaginable when her blood is awakened.
Qin Sheng forced himself not to think so much. If he wanted to have him, he would do his best to help Qiqi get rid of such a fate.
His heart is still full of blood, but this saint is no one but Shen Qiqi