This time, due to the assassination of Yong Wang, the celebration of Wanshou Festival was almost too low-key to be a low-key person, especially when there was almost no contact with foreign captives and foreign envoys, so Li Wang and Xian Wang did it.

Looking at the King of Glass and the King of Xian-especially the King of Glass, who won the praise of everyone at the moment, was also in a very happy mood, boasting that the King of Glass had a complicated taste many times.
But there are many things that Li Wang and Xian Wang can do, but they can’t.
What they did was a "wise king", and what he did was "buying people’s hearts and having ulterior motives". Chapter 977 What’s new?
Being too sick is the most difficult thing in this world.
It is necessary to be smart enough for my father to see something, so that my brothers can’t be too aggressive and too smart to show off. My father’s suspicion falls into a life-long misery.
Even Fang Zhou laughed "so good! Great, you also worry! If you don’t worry, spend more time with me and my son Well, do you think I should set up several construction teams to help people build houses? "
Li Fu "…"
Even Fang Zhou saw his silly wait for a while forbearance. He couldn’t help but hold his cheeks on both sides with his hands and gently pull a smile on both sides. "What are you doing? Forget it. I’m not kidding. I’m just kidding! This matter is too eye-catching to manage and troublesome. I don’t want this heart! "
Not to mention that dim sum shops and roast duck restaurants are booming and rich in financial resources, there are still nearly 10 million profits in real estate alone, and Li Fu’s family can’t spend them all for three generations!
Li Funai laughed. "I’m still serious! Forget it. Help those people build houses. Be careful not to collect the money! "
Even the corners of Fang Zhou’s mouth twitched. This is called hitting the cat! It seems, as if it is not uncommon for the construction team not to collect the money in modern times.
"Is that a few troubles in our house?" Li Fu suddenly thought of meeting Fu Ya and Jia Xue again during the day, so he couldn’t help but feel a burst of humbled fire in his heart. Even Fang Zhou’s lips forced him to bite. "How long will he have to endure them?" If I had known it was so troublesome, I should have refused if the emperor wanted to reward people! "
"What else is there to say now?" Lian Fangzhou sighed and circled his neck and rubbed softly into his arms. "I know I wronged you. Please bear with me. I think it should be soon?"
Even Fang Zhou’s heart depends on this. Should he say it to me? The roles are reversed! Why did I tell him that he was wronged?
Well, isn’t it loose enough to manage by yourself? Haven’t they scampered enough?
Well, give them a little more freedom! Didn’t the woman ask the trustee to go out to buy things several times? So let them buy it …
Li Fu this time is not good to coax than firmly, "a month a month if you can’t send them, I’m too lazy to find any excuse to throw it directly to the village! But it’s just a few ladies-in-waiting. Even if the emperor knows, how can it be difficult for me? "
Even Fang Zhou secretly speaks with a heart! You got back into trouble, and now it’s me.
However, there are still two points in my heart, so I smiled and agreed.
Li Fu saw that her eyebrows were picturesque and her eyes were full of spring. She smiled, and her eyes were flowing, and she felt hot again. With one hand in the soft and tender waist, her two hands stood up and pressed her to the side. She gasped, "Today, my eyes are open and my eyes are an eyesore. Good mother, you have to comfort me …"
Even Fang Zhou opened his mouth to speak early and was kissed by him. The two of them had already rolled together again.
Three days later, the supervision of land sales at the meeting was really blocked.
Jiande di long Yan da yue
Jin Tian Hua’s good deeds are the cheapest and safest to do. When many people sing praises, they praise Jiande Emperor and Tai Lai.
If one person opens his mouth, the others will naturally have to be interesting, otherwise wouldn’t it seem that you don’t think so?
You don’t think so. Then what’s on your mind?
Even King Li and King Xian all smiled and praised a few words: "This method is quite good for the country and the people! Too much to say! "
A harmonious meeting can make everyone happy.
However, everyone knows whether it is true or false in his heart.
After the meeting, everyone left the palace door and said goodbye. As soon as the curtain of the carriage was released, the smile on the king’s face immediately disappeared, with a gloomy face.
Back to the palace, where the face was still clouded with brocade boots, the slaves did not dare to get out of the atmosphere without hanging their heads and bending over hurriedly.
It is said outside that the sovereign has a gentle temper and a good disposition. What is it that only one of their own in the glass palace is white?
Of course, absolutely no one dares to say a word to the outside, otherwise they will die miserably and ugly.
When I entered the room, I saw that I had specially selected the children to wait on me, and I hurried in with King Li and shouted, "Get out!" The boy was so scared that he hurriedly promised to retreat. He also carefully took the door at the door and listened carefully. He also dared not go out of the atmosphere.
It is even more frightening to hear the angry roar of King Li and the crisp or dull landing sound of things.
For a long time, there was a tea kung fu glass, and Wang Cai gradually subsided. The cold face broadsword Jinma sat behind the table and sneered repeatedly.
He slammed his fist on the table and sneered at whether his hand was red, swollen and painful. "Father, do you really want to go to the horizon …"
Although the assassination of Yong Wang was planned by Li Wang for a long time, the third division failed to find him all the time, and he naturally counted it in Taitou.
Too much suspicion, but my father was furious. He insisted on being too excused, forcing the third judicial department to find a scapegoat and get a prison to "commit suicide". But my father actually reprimanded the third department and fined the xiangren for three months.
Yu Tai is suspected. That’s not a word anymore.
This matter is equivalent to nothing.
Well-designed, finally determined to take a bold shot and ended up like this. How can he not hate it?
Too much to be punished, but my father forgot what happened before and praised him in front of all the courtiers!
What about him? Father never praised him on formal occasions, but he was just in the mood to praise him casually!
The same is his son. He is even better than Taitai. Why should my father treat him like this?
It’s just that the father’s partiality is not only today, but it’s too bad that this sinister scumbag doesn’t move, and that’s what makes him hate more!
What is free of charge, such as gathering people’s hearts, looking for talents, asking for information and dredging?