When he kicked the door open, he saw a scene that made him murderous.

Heng Xuexiao turned into a rabbit and was caught by a vampire. Sharp fangs were thrust into the rabbit.
However, the rabbit’s smile is covered with blood, and the abdomen is a little bloody to the left.
Night evil repair let out a roar and instantly turned into a vampire.
"Uncle, count’s adult", those vampires threw away the snow in fear and knelt on the ground with a smile.
Heng Xuexiao was thrown to the ground and spit out a few mouthfuls of blood. It turned into a humanoid white skirt dyed red with blood. She lay on the ground and was full of colorful light. Her eyes were blurred and I couldn’t open it. Looking at the night evil, I shed tears. My pink lips were slightly open but I couldn’t make a sound.
Night evil teleported to several vampires and slapped them with a hand.
Then lovingly picked up Heng Xue’s scarlet tongue and licked her pale face covered with blood.
Covering the snow with the palm of your hand, you smiled at the wound and said a few words with your eyes closed.
Remove the palm of your hand again and smile. The wound has recovered.
"My son …" I lovingly stroked my pale face, and every inch of my skin was so gentle.
"I’m dying of night evil cultivation." Heng Xue smiled and buried it in the night evil cultivation chest, crying with help.
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry." Night evil looked at Heng Xue and smiled. Every inch of injury can blame itself.
"Who told you to come?" Night evil cultivate strict asked
"Well, the news that the college is full of flying snow and laughing blood can satisfy many vampires’ desires is that many people are open," the people replied in fear
Thank you for the gold medal of Effie V.
Act 168 is not the mother, then who is it?
That means there will be more vampires coming after Xue Xiao.
Oh, Qin Luoyi, are you challenging Wei?
It seems that he has to take care of something.
Hold tight to Heng Xue, smile and stare at the vampire kneeling on the ground.
In a second, they have melted into a pool of blood and finally disappeared into the air in smoke.
Everything went back to its original state as if the crisis had never happened just now.
"I won’t let you have an accident again. I’ve decided to talk things over with my father. Don’t worry." Night evil tries to calm down like touching snow and laughing at the top of his head as much as possible to make things look less heavy.
He also wondered whether Heng Xuexiao exposed her identity as a princess of the rabbit family. Why did he think that his father seemed to have killed her?
There must be some stories he doesn’t know.
"Then will you take me?" Heng snow smile on the night evil repair arms carefully asked
Night evil smiled and asked, "Do you want to go with me?"
Heng Xuexiao lost in thought and finally shook his head slowly.
First, she is still afraid of the vampire ruler, and she knows that she didn’t go. Moreover, listening to the tone of night evil cultivation is not to hope that she will follow the snow and believe that night evil cultivation has his reasons.
"My dear son, stay at home and no one will hurt you here."
No one will dare to come here and lay a finger on her again unless that person wants to die
"Okay, I’ll wait for you to come back."
Off the night evil repair Heng snow smile sitting in the courtyard, looking at the plant and his height as high as black flowers can not help but some curiosity.
The color of this flower is getting more and more strange, from lavender to dark purple, but now it is dark black and the petals and leaves seem to have a strange shape.
Heng Xue laughed and turned around the flower three times. I wonder if she was in a trance and thought the combination of flowers and leaves was a black rabbit for a moment.
The idea also startled her, and she reached out curiously to touch it.
As soon as the finger touched the stamen, it was scalded, and one hand shrank back and hurriedly held his earlobe.
She didn’t notice that the black flower turned into black smoke, and a woman appeared from the confused smoke.
Although this absolutely beautiful woman has some years, she still can’t hide her natural beauty.
Heng Xue Xiao looked up when she felt the shadow hanging over her eyes.
Looking at the woman in the black smoke, it took her a long time to grow up and spit out two words "mother, mother?" !”
It wasn’t until the smoke disappeared that the woman hurriedly pulled up Heng Xue’s smiling hand and said, "Heng Er, come back to the rabbit family with me."
Heng Xuexiao doesn’t know why her mother is here.
"Mother, why are you here?"
"I’m not your mother, and now vampires must be bad for the rabbit family again. You can’t stay here. Let’s go."
The woman tried to pull away the smile, but she refused to move.
"You are not my mother? Then who are you? " Heng Xuexiao naturally ignored the latter words and heard the half sentence’ I am not your mother’
The fetters of 169 stories
"Be good, let’s go back to the rabbit family." The woman looks very worried.
"I won’t go back if you don’t make it clear." Heng Xuexiao stubbornly shook off the woman’s hand and resolutely refused to go back.
The mystery of the matter has gradually surfaced, and she must find out.