The old woman trembled and pointed to the place where the deer daughter-in-law landed, saying, "Deer daughter-in-law."

When Lu’s daughter-in-law heard Shiva say her name, she shook like chaff. As soon as she got there, she knelt down and kowtowed to Wang, begging for mercy.
This deer daughter-in-law, Wang, is not familiar with it. I heard that she cooks good soup and is very popular with Fourth Wife.
She glanced at the deer daughter-in-law kneeling with her fingers tapping on the desktop. After half a quarter of an hour, the deer daughter-in-law’s heart almost stopped. "It doesn’t matter if you send the wrong thing to our Qingjiang Hospital today," she said, glancing at the other homeowners, she added, "Deduct three months’ money and transfer it to Huanyi Room to wash clothes."
It really moved! How dare you adjust the kitchen people!
Where is the kitchen where people can go in? There is a history. Wang was not unaware of it before, so although he was in charge of the kitchen, he never interfered too much. He changed his charge and changed his cook! Deer daughter-in-law was surprised with everyone, and then she came to Wang for nothing. This is really angry. If she had changed to the past, how dare she be so presumptuous? I haven’t told the old lady yet!
Gu Zhao also ate a surprised look at Gu Man frown way "mother is too reckless! Grandmother will be angry, and four aunts will not let it go. "
Reckless? Gu Man kept silent from beginning to end, because she believed in Wang.
Although Wang is kind but not stupid, although soft-hearted, she is not stupid. She naturally knows who these people are, but now that they have moved, it is moving. She is still holding on to these people’s mistakes. It is true that the old lady defends her faults, but that also depends on the object. The fourth wife Fang is not very popular with the old lady. It is unnecessary for one daughter-in-law who is not popular with herself to embarrass another daughter-in-law
What’s more, the fourth wife is provocative and very old. This person has some bad tastes. I’m afraid she is more willing to watch the fourth wife make a fuss about Wang, right?
Besides, the people in the kitchen are all arranged by the old lady, and she can put another group of people in. Even in the end, she would like to thank Wang for cleaning up these people for her.
Gu Man will have to answer Gu Zhao’s words in the future, and the curtain outside will move with a clear voice and be reluctant to come in and report that "the wife’s twelve girls and thirteen girls are here."
Twins I’m afraid it’s not good to come at this time.
Gu was full of thoughts and stopped Wang with a smile. "Twelve sisters and thirteen sisters are afraid to come and play with me. I’ll just go out, mother. Are there any business to take care of here?"
Twins have always been above the top, and they are not liked by the old lady, and they are kind like dough. My second aunt has never paid much attention to it. It is really unexpected for Wang to come this time. Wang looked at her eyes and the old ladies nodded and agreed.
Turn out of the west side into the purlin and see Gu Jin and Gu Jin sitting in a chair. I don’t know what to say. When I see Gu Man going in, they all brush up and look very bad.
I heard something about the wind. Just now, the Fu family was driven out like that. First, the Liu Wangs took people to check the warehouse. The Liu Wangs were five wives, but they looked at them lightly and said, "Hey, what are the twelve sisters and thirteen sisters who are a sight for sore eyes?"
"I heard that my second aunt was angry today and took it out on the kitchen people. Let’s take a look." Gu 12 looked at Gu Man and asked, "Is my second aunt okay?" Sister Jiu should take a good look at her. She is so grumpy today, and I’m afraid she will get worse in the future! "
I knew I was here to gloat, but my face was the same, and my eyes were like a lake, and I couldn’t afford to be lightly waved. "This doesn’t need to worry about twelve sisters. Isn’t twelve sisters more worried about brother with this kung fu?"
Gu Chengdong trampled to death a Persian cat in the old lady’s room a few days ago for fun, and he is still afraid to meet the old lady.
Gu 12 look a change to see Gu Man’s dead sample, I feel angry and can’t help but sound a lot higher. "You are so proud! No matter how old my brother is, the old lady will protect him! I’m just like you! Uncle can never look you in the eye? Not to mention being destined to be a small ten in bad karma at birth! "
After saying this, Gu Man’s look really changed. Even when he first came in, Gu Zhao couldn’t help but growl, "Shut up!"
Gu 12 is getting stronger and stronger. It’s rare to see Gu Man’s look, so it’s even more cynical. "My second uncle didn’t even hug him seriously on the day of Xiao Shi’s full moon wine, did he? It happened that the second aunt was also stubborn in temper. How nice it was to let the old lady take it directly to raise it? Also save suffering here. Hum, I think whether Xiao Shi can survive this year is a problem. "
"That’s enough!" Gu Man finally got up quickly and gave her a heavy slap. "Do you dare to curse Xiao Shi? !”
After living so big, I have never been beaten. Before that, Gu Chengdong was also beaten by Gu Man. Gu Jin felt humiliated and unbelievable. Looking at Gu Man, he stretched out his hand and was about to fight back.
Gu Mancai won’t let her get away with it. The reaction is very fast. Grab her and raise her hand. Kick her down and stare at her. "If you dare to curse Xiao Shi, I will dare to beat you!"
Gu man has always said that he can do it. Gu thirteen is not as arrogant as his sister. Suddenly he got a fright and winced and remembered to help his sister up.
Gu 12 brushed away her hand and resented Gu Man, determined to scratch Gu’s face!
It’s really backwards! It’s upside down. You have to kill this arrogant man!
137 status
Gu Jin’s age is small, but his strength is not small. This robot actually threw Gu Man to the ground. Finally, Gu Man was suppressed. Gu Jin looked proud and ridiculed. He held out his hand and drew a line on Gu’s face.
When Gu Man hid, Gu Jin caught the neck and immediately took Gu Man’s neck out of a blood stain. Gu Jin was more proud to sit in Gu Man and gloat. "What’s the matter? Aren’t you great? Fight! You fight! You little bitch, thief and whore! Tell you to cheat
My brother told you to bully us! "
Gu Man was sitting by her, unable to break free at the moment and holding up her back behind her, but she was really scratched by several big ears.
Her mouth was broken, and her blood overflowed. She took a mouthful of Gu Man and stared at her coldly without saying a word.
Gu Jin was more outspoken when she saw her panic, anger and hate. "Don’t you like fighting very much? Fight! Fight! I see what arrogance you have this time. Curse the small ten? Does he want me to curse him? He is short-lived, just like your brother who died before he was born! "
Wang was pregnant once before Gu Man was pregnant. It was more than five months, and she twisted the stairs.
This passage immediately told Gu Man that Gu Zhao was angry. Gu Zhao tried to pull Gu Jin apart in the past but was pushed to the ground by Gu Jin.
Although gu thirteen didn’t have the guts to fight, he also knew that he would help his sister to hold Gu Zhao and not let her move.
Anyway, they are all cousins with blood relatives. No matter how much she hates the rest of the rooms, Gu Jin never curses them to death, but she keeps silent because she hopes that Xiao Shi will be short-lived and will not be full of this tone.
Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen this younger brother in my life. Gu Man values this little life very much and likes it very much. That’s her hope. It’s also because Wang left Gu Boqi and can still be strong and alive to protect and support anyone who dares to think in his head, then take his life for it first!
Gu 12 see Gu Man glassy-eyed lying on the ground Gu Zhao was Gu Jin pulls his mouth more and more secretive. "My mother said that it was really good, and your mother was not taught well to bring you so unruly! You little slut, if it weren’t for your grandfather, you would be nothing! Xiao Shi is nothing! I know you’re all counting on Xiao Shi to take you over. You’re dreaming! In those days, the master who criticized your mother said that your mother was ten years younger than her. "
Gu Man’s face turned red-when Wang was not married, he asked the master to approve his life. People all said that she was willing to marry her because of this. Gu Boqi’s Wang was so desperate and so dependent on her, and she felt inferior since she was a child without a mother. What a name! I don’t know how much anger I got after this incident.
Now I finally gave birth to Xiao Shi, an old story that has been dusty for many years, and it was taken out by Gu Jin. It was also a curse. Xiao Shi Gu Chengfeng Gu Man screamed, stretched out his hand and grabbed Gu Jin’s silk and pulled her over. This just got up and sat on Gu Jin’s waist and slapped her hard. Suddenly, Gu Jin was dizzy and even his ears buzzed.
"This slap is for my mother!" Gu Man stared at her eyes and resented Gu Jin. "You are disrespectful to your elders!"
Gu Man stretched out his hand and gave her an ear to scrape her eyes without blinking and sneered, "This slap is for the little ten! No matter how bad we are, you shouldn’t curse a newborn child like this! What’s more, he is still your brother. You can’t do it yourself! "


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