Han Rong heart happy as if returned to the years busy way "brother don’t bother, that’s just a hollow reputation I don’t mind … haha … and come with me …" Do you listen to the heart call "brother" and don’t call it "Lord Tao"?

King Huang Feng knew that some things should not be too enough, so he immediately smiled and walked behind Han Rong. They both came to the white jade steps of the Purple Clouds during the golden period, and Han Rong stopped and turned around and said, "Brother, wait here and I’ll get through!" Then walk the steps!
The Jade Emperor was discussing the war situation with all the people there when he saw Han Rong coming and knocking at the road, "I’ve seen you!"
"yes?" The jade emperor frowned and asked
Han Rong said, "There’s a Taoist priest outside our door with a broom star, Jun Xin, who came to help you stop that lonely nature!"
"Oh?" The Jade Emperor came to frown because Han Rong bothered him, and suddenly stretched out and said, "Please come quickly!"
"slow!" Han Rong was just about to walk away when Zhang Tianshi stopped and shouted at the Jade Emperor, "Please invite this person yourself!"
The jade emperor smell speech one leng immediately white Zhang Tianshi meaning laughed "yes! Ten gold markets are greeted by horses and shoes! It’s time to go! "
At this time, King Huang Feng was watching the celestial scene in a dizzying way outside. Suddenly, he heard a group of people coming from the white marble steps in the hall. First, a person with a handsome face and three strands of morality must wear a golden dragon robe. When he saw King Huang Feng, he laughed, "It’s possible to help the Taoist priest!"
King Huang Feng froze for a long time, pointing to the Jade Emperor and wondering, "Who is this?"
Aside, Venus, who is too white, said, "This is the’ Qing Fu Zheng Shen Da Ren Yu Huang Da Tian Zun Xuan Qiong Gao Di’"
"ah? Who? " The yellow wind king was bewildered by this title!
Then Han Rong whispered in his ear, "It’s the Jade Emperor!"
King Huang Feng wondered, "The Jade Emperor? Which one-damn it! " When he spoke, he immediately reflected that he was busy saying, "See Jade Emperor for being original!" After that, he was about to bow down, but he was held by the jade emperor. "The Taoist priest is a distinguished guest. You don’t have to be polite and talk about it later!"
"Thank you for being original, and I will report my death to great kindness!" King Huang Feng said that he bowed his head and followed the Jade Emperor into the purple clouds and golden halls!
Respectively sit quietly. King Huang Feng and all the people have seen it one by one before handing things over to the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor listened to Jiang Ya’s willingness to come to his heart and listened to Jiang Ya’s help from his best friends. He was even more proud of his special favor and ordered a banquet to be given to King Huang Feng!
Xi Yudi said to the King of Yellow Wind, "Even if the Taoist priest comes to help the Taoist priest, there must be a great magical power. I wonder if the Taoist priest has a collar?"
King Huang Feng looked at the crowd and stared at themselves one by one, knowing that they needed to show something and laughed. "Being original can control the wind and sand, and when the wind blows, the sky and the earth will change color, and when the sand comes, people will lose their eyes like a sword! To tell you the truth, I once fought against the Lion Camel King of Beiju Luzhou in the past, and he couldn’t beat me when I was being poor! "
"PSST ….." All the people in heaven paid attention to this yellow wind king, but the lion camel king swallowed hundreds of mountain soldiers in those days (although Excavate lied a little about military intelligence). In heaven, it is also listed as a "class A terrorist" figure. This yellow wind king wants to come and do something!
King Huang Feng smiled when he saw the smug face in everyone’s face. "If you are being original, you can’t come to heaven to make a fool of yourself. You dare to say that you can stop the solitary man. It’s because being original has a law called’ Huang Feng Array …’"
"Poof …" Others are fine. When Peng Zu heard this name, he spit out a mouthful of wine and coughed repeatedly. Two fairies were busy, patting their chests on the back. It was Peng Zu who saw that coughing was even more urgent, which made people doubt that this old shameless man really meant it!
"Peng Lao is so surprised?" The jade emperor asked in his heart but scolded, "Why doesn’t the old goat choke you to death!"
"Ah …" Peng Zu breathed a sigh of relief and touched his forehead and smiled. "Haven’t you ever heard of the Yellow Wind Array?"
The Jade Emperor thought for a moment and wondered, "It sounds familiar as if I have heard of it!"
"Ha ha …" Peng Zu laughed. "It’s not surprising that you forgot when you were busy. You’ve been through this battle yourself!"
"Maybe it’s …" The Jade Emperor suddenly remembered something and looked at King Huang Feng with a smile. "Your majesty is afraid of being born alone!" Say the pen and ink on the table, pick up the pen and write it and pass it to the fairy officer!
The immortal official read aloud the imperial edict, saying, "The imperial edict of the Jade Emperor, the Great Heavenly Zun Xuanqiong and the Great Emperor, sealed the Yellow Duct, and the wind-mad General sent his 100,000 troops to Japan and Heaven to form an array to meet the enemy. There will be a big reward for winning!"
The yellow wind king quickly got up and bowed down and said, "I respect you! I will do my best to die! "
The Jade Emperor got up and raised his glass of wine and smiled at everyone. "You and I will drink this cup when we are full." Drink up the wine, and then you will say to the King Huang Feng, "General Huang is in an urgent situation now, so don’t leave him to celebrate the enemy’s day!"
Chapter 23 The wind blows the colors of heaven and earth
In the big tent of Huaguoshan outside the old heaven, the orphan was born with a roll of Tao Te Ching in his left hand and a roll of Mo Dao Sheng in his right hand. When the Mo Nian Lu was verifying each other, he wrote something on the paper in front of him!
Like the Tao Te Ching, The Book of Magic Minds is not a practice method, but a solid Taoist heart sutra, which is widely spread among practitioners and is said to have been written by the foreign minister Monty, who has left the divine world. Although some of them are deviant in the eyes of the monks, the Great Sage, the Great Sage, said, "This is better than the Tao Te Ching, but not!"
"The Tao and the devil don’t know what to do, but the devil has everything." I was born here and closed my eyes for a long time. After all, I breathed a sigh of relief. I just came to help. I laughed. "It’s a pity that our generation can’t understand the profound meaning!" It’s a drop in the bucket for him to have an epiphany after hearing the poem of Taiyi real person from where he ate!
Which eat already impatient to see lonely born finally talk busy nods "I don’t know what’s wrong, I want to know how our army break the sun and heaven now! Give me an idea! "
Lonely born shook his head and smiled. Just now, the scholar-like appearance suddenly dissipated and he returned to his body and said, "A small heaven is also worthy of your brother’s anger?" Then I got up and threw the two "pa" aside and stretched myself. "Don’t go to the Tao, don’t be magical! Go to the tent and call everyone to see my brother. I’ll give you a knife to split the sun and heaven! "
Where to eat, I got up and smiled naively. "Dear brother, is it okay for you to let the lions and camels guard the blue sky?" These days, the lion camel king and the monkey king have broken the blue sky and solved the crisis of the hundred-eyed demon king, and they are constantly harassing Wen Zhong together!
Lonely born shook his head. "There should be no problem. Wen Zhong is a talented person who can attack and defend, but if he is not an idiot, he won’t invest too much troops to fight back to the blue sky at this time. We just let him be afraid! In Shen Gongbao, if he doesn’t meet Wen Zhong, it’s enough that a toothless tiger is blocked by Zhao Gong! Now we and Wen Zhong are also half allies. Let him toss it! "
Which eat frown way "the jade emperor is not a simple figure, but before more scenery, more scenery, good brother can’t be careless!" "
"Ha ha ….." Lonely born laughed. "I calculated last night that the Jade Emperor returned to the light with the help of a star, but it’s a pity that my luck will be worse after all. I still have a lot of cards in my hand!" Even so, it’s not necessarily careless. He just makes people wonder whether the protagonist is always more than those supporting roles.
Where to eat? No more words. As Lonely Born walked into the main tent, everyone had been waiting there for a long time until he was seated. Lonely Born was about to talk when he saw a little demon running in and kneeling in the tunnel outside the newspaper camp. "There is a Taoist with yellow beard who is calling for battle!"
"Huh?" Lonely born leng laughed "jade emperor hand and so have the courage to take the initiative to ask and we will fight? Ha-ha-"Everyone laughs. Who doesn’t know that the fierce warrior in Huaguoshan is like a cloud now? It’s almost like listening to the lonely man who wants to die." Second brother, are you going? "
"Cut!" Sun Wu disdained, "Is a waste worth my visit?" Then people across the street laughed. "Who are you going? This size is also a credit! "


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