Slowly withdraw the sword from the dark blue Se shark skin sheath. Chen Shaobai took off his clothes and looked at the Miao language piano curled up like a baby. He gently lifted the sheets …

Chapter 10 Home Furnishing Muxi City
As soon as he lifted the sheets, Chen Shaobai felt a faint fragrance, and J: ng God shook his face.
Lying on the bed, he felt that the body of Miao Yuqin gradually warmed up and became as hot as a chest heater.
"Xiao Ni is not asleep yet."
Chen Shaobai laughed and held out the bracelet on the waist of Miao language piano, and the hot palm was attached to her lower abdomen.
A slight trembling came from Miao language piano body, perhaps never so close to male contact with her body suddenly a little stiff.
Dial the Chinese-style chest covering Chen Shaobai Yu, looking at the rising palm, and slowly moving, he touched a hot and greasy soft object. After several island pieces, he naturally knew what he touched.
Miao Yuqin’s chest is not very big, but Chen Shaobai feels very comfortable in his hand.
This is the first time he has touched the girl’s part in two generations.
A hot air in the lower abdomen rises like a pestle against the back of the Miao language piano. Chen Shaobai gently rubs and caresses the Miao language piano face and gently leans over.
Just as he was about to gather his face together, he saw a pair of watery and pure eyes, and evil thoughts in his mind suddenly turned into shame.
But now, after all, Chen Shaobai is young, strong, upright and full of blood. Although he was ashamed, he was still carried away by hormones. He accelerated his rubbing and turned over and rode.
The young girl is as white as an ox. n m: I’m exposed to the crotch, and things are getting harder and harder.
"Brother Bai, didn’t you say you would have sex when I grew up?"
The Miao language piano is as sweet as an oriole. Chen Shaobai Yu looks down.
"Miao Miao just turned thirteen!"
See each other that haven’t finished grow into a face and body Chen Shaobai and pointed to the sword thrust at his neck wind pool point.
Head Christina Yu looked down.
"I’m sorry … you are so beautiful that I can’t help it."
Chen Shaobai to his mind to see his humbled Miao language piano blinked watery eyes, a little deep red between the eyebrows also appears dim in the heart some sufferings.
"Brother Bai, it’s not that I don’t want to, but your heart pulse symptoms are very strange now. You really can’t have sex, otherwise you will definitely live for a few years."
"I’ll give you my body when you’ve finished your physical training, okay?"
No one knows Miao Yuqin Medical Institute better than Chen Shaobai. Although he has a heavy breath and a dizzy mind, he should come anyway.
So he became more and more eager for fencing.
"When swordsmanship reaches the realm of swordsmanship, you can nourish meridians and make your body heal as before."
This night Miao Yuqin slept soundly, but Chen Shaobai stayed up all night.
"Jian Hao must achieve Jian Hao early."
After more than ten days, the two finally reached their destination-Muxi City.
Although it has been fifteen years since I came to this world, Chen Shaobai has seen the real city for the first time.
Magnificent, majestic, simple and strict
These two words popped up in an instant.
The whole city of Muxi is surrounded by a moat with a width of more than ten feet. There is also a small town outside the city. The large and heavy solid wooden doors cross the river and run parallel in Sanma.
The city wall is high and the big wall tiles are faint blue and black, which gives people a sense of antiquity.
Chen Shaobai, a second-generation man who has seen skyscrapers, is still so amazed that he has never left a small village. The shock of Miao Yuqin is even stronger.
"This is the city? It looks so big … "
"What big city has a small town outside?"
"The city gate is the weakest place, and that small town called the urn is a special fortification."
"What about the river?"
After paying into the city, Chen Shaobai and Miao Yuqin entered the city of Mu Xi.
With two silver tickets worth 100 taels pinned to his waist, Chen Shaobai’s money is also much more casual than before. Although it’s not extravagant, it’s also a far cry from ordinary people. It’s quite a heroic demeanor.
Money makes everything easier, and the problems of clothing, food and shelter are quickly solved.
In a spacious and bright quadrangle in Dongcheng.
"Young seedlings like it? It is estimated that we will all live here for a long time to come. "
Looking at Chen Shaobai, who has changed into a Miao language piano, secretly admire her decision to walk out of the autumn magic spring.
At this time, Miao Yuqin wore a plain white dress, silver hairpin and round head and white cloud shoes, giving people a feeling of floating like a fairy.
"Of course I do. I didn’t expect to find a place cleaner than the autumn magic spring in this big city."
Miao Yuqin’s beautiful eyes are full of brilliance and she is very satisfied with her new residence.
There are three houses, two rooms and one kitchen in this quadrangle. The blue bricks and red tiles are quite quiet.


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