Just arrived in Baihua Valley on the second day, Xi Fangping’s patrol received an attack order. The goal of their trip was a large uninhabited grassland in the center of Baihua Valley. According to some patrols, a large number of monster beasts appeared there, which seemed to have signs of attacking again. Therefore, Liu Dong had to go there with four hands to see and confirm one.

The distance of 500 miles is too short for these friars in their infancy, but it took them half an hour to get there. While flying carefully, they leaned out their gods and observed everything around them. Although the friars in the deification period can detect monster beasts 500 miles away, the number of monster beasts is too much. With the deification period, we can probably tell that there are more monster beasts there than there are monsters stationed in a certain place. For example, these have to be learned by patrol reconnaissance.
Liu Dong feels strange that the patrol went unexpectedly smoothly today. There are a lot of monster beasts dozens of miles away. Many monster beasts are much stronger than themselves, but they just don’t take the initiative to attack and turn a blind eye to their own infiltration. It seems that the roots don’t care. This is very different. Don’t say that it is dozens of miles away from each other. Even if it is hundreds of miles away, those monster beasts have already rushed happily.
This matter XiFangPing nature is clear in my heart.
With him as the ancestor of the monster beast, how can those monsters approach without orders? Especially, there is a thirteen-order blue dragon about a hundred miles away from me, and the blue dragon is extremely intelligent. At ordinary times, it is not necessary to communicate with Xi Fangping. As soon as Xi Fangping enters the monster beast’s activity range, he has already connected with the blue dragon through the gods. The cheerful blue dragon is preparing a trap and waiting for Liu Dong to step on it.
Liudong felt something was wrong when he finished. He stopped looking around and kept going straight. The monster beast actually played tricks this time, which made his heart quite uneasy. After thinking about it, Liudong turned around and fled without even saying hello. Although Liudong finished fighting capacity, it looked average, but the speed was really fast. Generally, the monks at the end of Yuanying were not necessarily able to drive him to display his strength, which was even more frightening. Xi Fangping and others had already fled before they could react.
The remaining three monks had just turned around and tried to escape, only to find that they couldn’t come. Suddenly, the ambient temperature dropped, and a burst of cold air surged towards them. After fighting for so many years, the ice monster beast had been quite experienced. There was a small reason for this situation. Many monster beasts appeared around them, and many of them were surrounded by high-level monster beasts. It was impossible for them to escape. The three people reacted quite quickly and immediately put on a back-to-back circle, expecting Liu Dong to escape and call for reinforcements, although they also knew that it was very unlikely that Liu Dong would finish his character.
The monster beast didn’t get close to the three monks and felt a slight pain somewhere. Then the whole body became numb and even the aura didn’t work properly. The three guys were frightened. They didn’t know what had happened, but they knew that if the monster beast didn’t self-destruct the top of the skull before it arrived, even Yuan Ying would be able to beat his muscles. They immediately blew the top of the top of the skull, and the ternary baby was about to escape from the top of the skull, but it couldn’t come. The thirteen-order blue dragon had already flown to their mouths, and a strong chill blew over, and unexpectedly frozen the ternary baby into ice and fell
Xi Fangping secretly released the 32nd-order shadow snake and injured three monks, and immediately took it back and flew towards the northern corridor of Baihua Valley. Monsters everywhere automatically avoided it and followed Xi Fangping into the back of Bawang Mountain, which made it quite strange for those godsworn in the deification period hundreds of miles away to stay in Baihua Valley. Fifty or sixty million ice monsters were evacuated to the back of Bawang Mountain like a flood, but it had never happened before. Before that, a group of monsters came to relieve guard every few months, but generally, other monsters would be withdrawn after the change of guard monster beast was in place, and the deification period was weird.
Xi Fangping quickly passed the Baihua Valley Corridor with 50 or 60 million ice fairy beasts, and arrived at the peak of the wild goose in two hours. With Xi Fangping’s whistling geese returning to the peak, a large number of left-behind ice fairy beasts flew out of their caves and quickly gathered around Xi Fangping. It was only a few decades before these ice monster beasts were seen, and the number increased by tens of millions. This place is really an excellent breeding ground for ice monster beasts.
Xi Fangping quickly released the ice monster beast in his belt, nearly two billion monster beasts, packed a wild goose back to the peak, and there were more than 700 small fifteen-order monster beasts, among which the fifteen-order blue dragon was about 500. Xi Fangping quickly called these fifteen-order monster beasts together and told them their thoughts in detail. Fifteen-order monster beasts like ice cows, ice pythons, snow eagles and so on may not be able to understand what Xi Fangping told them, but they have ancient dragon veins and blue dragons are aware of it, and there is no difficulty in understanding it.
After everything was ordered, Xi Fangping arrived back to Baihua Valley only two hours after the geese returned to the peak. As soon as he entered Baihua Valley, he held his breath until he was about to return to the camp. As expected, he slowly let out his breath before he entered the control area of Tianpai. There was already a patrol of about 20 people looking for him dozens of miles away. Among them, Liu Dong, who ran away from the chicken, was in the column. Xi Fangping sneered and walked into a barracks with the patrol.
To be honest, XiFangPing didn’t despise LiuDong finish, which meant to be so cruel. People like LiuDong finish live the longest. Besides, he came to kill LiuDong finish, and people immediately perceived the danger, which is also a talent. If he didn’t really, he could communicate with him more.
After returning to camp, Xi Fangping casually found a reason to prevaricate about his disappearance for half a day. Anyway, the troops stationed in Baihua Valley are not serious, and they are not loyal to Tianpai to the desperate degree. On the contrary, most monks are in the heart of a career, and there is no reason to pay attention to Xi Fangping. Besides, those who are in the stage of deification know that the monster beast army has been inexplicably removed. It is estimated that people’s monster beasts also feel that eating one or two yuan babies seems to have no sense of accomplishment.
Waved in the camp for two hours until it was dark, when Xi Fangping quietly left the camp and hurried to the courtyard. When it was still dark and far away, there were still waves of rumbling sounds from time to time. It is estimated that the Godsworn of both sides were fighting one-on-one with this reason, and Xi Fangping ignored it. Before the large-scale duel, the Godsworn of God was fighting one-on-one without much influence on the whole game.
Xi Fangping quietly returned to the building where he had lived for decades, ran to the small pavilion and sat up. He knew very well that now no one in the whole Tianpaigen knew about it. Almost all the wars in this area were in front of the Bawang Mountain, that is, in the area of the welcome desk. Who would be full and have nothing to do and run here to drink the northwest wind? Of course, except those guarding the Kowloon Column, Xi Fangping arrived here only after dark, so as not to let people know that he had sneaked into the breath, but others could hold their breath in broad daylight. You can also see yourself with the naked eye. At night, those who are in charge of guarding the Kowloon Column meditate and adjust their breath, observing everything around them with pure knowledge. At that time, Xi Fangping was almost equivalent to entering the country. Xi Fangping rested in his attic for three days. During these three days, he kept his breath and showed a little knowledge to observe the movement of several small Kowloon Columns three or five miles away from himself. According to his orders to the ice monsters, three days after Xi Fangping left the wild goose to return to the peak, they would launch the most violent attack on Baihua Valley and make a long drive after defeating the defenders of Baihua Valley.
On the fifth day, Xi Fangping finally heard some noise from the small Kowloon Array. A brother in the middle of the deification hurried to guard the Kowloon Array. After a few orders, he immediately left so close. Those brothers in the deification period were so loud that Xi Fangping couldn’t hear them. That guy told his brother that they had something important to go out and asked these brothers to stick to the Kowloon Array. Once they were attacked or received the first order, they immediately started the Kowloon Array.
Xi Fangping naturally knows what they are away from Baihua Valley. It is estimated that something has happened. Two billion monster beasts have poured out of Baihua Valley and appeared in Wan Li, a place away from the mountain gate. The North-South echo of Hunyuan Sect vaguely threatens the Tianpai Mountain Gate. This is a heavy blow to the Tianpai Sect. They will definitely send a large number of troops to intercept the monster beast army, so they will be sent to take charge of the defense of the whole mountain gate, and the monks will have to be sent out. For Hunyuan Sect, this is an inevitable choice. The whole mountain gate is still under control, but for Xi Fangping, it is enough.
Xi Fangping was patient. Although he got the exact information, he still stayed in the attic quietly, even without making a sound when he walked around. He didn’t sneak out of his territory until it was dark.
There’s no one hanging around in such a large courtyard except the 16 Kowloon arrays and 243 monks who are defending around. Among these 200 monks, there are 120 monks in the early stage of Yuanying and 123 monks in the late stage of Dan. When it comes to strength, you can send some monster beasts casually to clean up their department. But the problem is that once you accidentally make a noise, the monks stationed in the God Period will notice that nearly 10,000 Kowloon arrays will start at the same time, and Xi Fangping will have no chance to break it. It will also cause considerable losses to Hunyuanzong’s attacking army, which is why Xi Fangping would take such a big risk to rush to the wild goose back to the peak to organize such a big monster beast army, and he would have to take the risk to get back here without breaking and destroying the overlord mountain. Most of the Kowloon array wants to defeat the Heavenly Sect, and no one can imagine that even Xi Fangping’s monster beast army would have to lose at least half to take the overlord mountain, which still does not consider the combat effectiveness of the Heavenly Axe and Heavenly Sect.
Xi Fangping sneered at a display posture and sneaked into the nearest small Kowloon array. Although the night was extremely thick, Xi Fangping had already seen the array clearly with his extraordinary vision. The nine monks sat cross-legged and sat on the base of the Kowloon column all the time. As soon as they received the order, they would immediately inject their own aura into the Kowloon column, thus stimulating the Kowloon column to ban and start the Kowloon array. Because of the aura frequency required by each Kowloon column, The strength is different, and the Kowloon Array can only be started when all the Kowloon Columns are stimulated. Therefore, once it reaches the emergency head, they must always stay at the edge of the Kowloon Column and neglect it for half an hour. A shadow snake flying out of the belt silently hovers in the middle of the night. This time, Xi Fangping sent out 13-order shadow snakes, including 15-order 214-order 300 and 13-order 513-order shadow snakes. This kind of strength can scare some small sects if we talk about the end of deification alone. The monks’ coming to the whole school adds up to more than 200 people, and such a powerful force is just to kill about 200,000 monks guarding Kowloon Array in the dark.
This time, however, Xi Fangping carefully selected it. After five days of duel-style challenges, the troops of both sides have also been deployed, and the feelings of the brothers have also risen to the highest point.
Knowing that this battle is not the same as that of God Jupiter at that time, God Jupiter was just a small battlefield. When will the decisive battle be decided? Considering the situation of other battlefields, especially at that time, both sides are sending troops from other battlefields, so both sides are willing to send monks of the same rank to fight a duel without any pain. Besides, it is just a small battlefield. The victory or defeat of the war can’t affect the overall situation, but the hope of sects is much more important than the victory or defeat of a local battle. Therefore, the battle was defeated by Heaven. Not only was it defeated by tens of millions of troops being wiped out by Xi Fangping and Hunyuanzong, but it was also defeated in the middle of the deification of the Heavenly Sect. Godsworn Jin Qi did his best to deal with Xi Fangping instead of killing him. Instead, he was ruined by Xi Fangping’s counterattack and was seriously injured by the sneak attack. Not to mention, it also caused the reputation of the Heavenly Sect to be discredited. That was the biggest blow to the Heavenly Sect.
[ ]
Chapter two hundred and forty-seven Broken array ()
But the situation is different now than it was more than 100 years ago? The old rose training pulse is the last barrier of the Heavenly Sect. Once the overlord star is taken away, even if the Heavenly Sect really has thousands of planets and tens of billions of brothers, without it, the roots will not last long in the face of Hunyuan Sect and its allies. Besides, the overlord star is an important source of income for the Heavenly Sect. Without a large number of lingshi sources, it will be eroded by other sects sooner or later to support so many younger brothers. Like the Heavenly Sect, they will focus their efforts on the mountain gate. If the mountain gate is still there, he will have a chance to make a comeback.
Therefore, for Tianpai, they must try their best to fight with no retreat. In addition, a terrible monster beast army suddenly appeared in the north. Therefore, before the monster beast army attacked the mountain gate, they must repel Hunyuanzong’s attack with strength. It is best to drive Hunyuanzong out of overlord star directly. In this case, they can’t be as leisurely as Jupiter. They must fight back, and once they fight back, their main force will fly out of the mountain gate, and their defense will be greatly weakened, just to destroy the Kowloon array with their own strength.
Today, during the day, those monks who are specially responsible for guarding the Kowloon array have also rushed to the war. Under the situation that the troops occupy an absolute advantage, these godsworn monks are still sent to stop the monster beast army. Apart from saying that the heavenly faction is quite afraid of the monster beast army, they also said that the heavenly faction is preparing a big action, and this action should have been exhibited at this stage. What big action is there besides attacking?
What Xi Fangping saw also confirmed his thoughts. He specially observed for a long time before releasing the shadow snake. In the southern night, there was always a huge aura column piercing through the sky, and the rumble was never broken. Moreover, although the sound was continuous, it was not very loud. If it was not for Xi Fangping’s good ear, If you add the dead of night, you may not be able to hear it. From this, Xi Fangping judges that the large-scale contact war between the two sides has happened and the war did not happen outside the Tianpai Mountain Gate, but hundreds of miles south of the Mountain Gate. Otherwise, Xi Fangping’s gods should have detected the sudden attack of Tianpai. Hunyuanzong obviously chose to retreat steadily and the battlefield is getting farther and farther away from the Tianpai Mountain Gate. At this time, if Xi Fangping suddenly attacked and destroyed the Kowloon Array at the Shanpai Gate, it would be a fatal blow to Tianpai. The order shadow snakes fly out of the belt and quietly fly around. They just kill and protect the monks of Kowloon Array as much as possible before they are discovered. Once they are discovered, they will directly turn from sneak attack to cooperate with other monster beasts to storm. Anyway, this time, Xi Fangping is trying to destroy the most powerful defense system in the fix-true world. Isn’t this the thing that has been lurking here for decades?
At the beginning, everything went well. These shadow snakes have already been repaired in the thirteenth order. Even if they don’t deliberately hide other monks, don’t try to find them locally. Even Xi Fangping can tell by their body breath that they are staying there. These shadow snakes are simply bullying people at the beginning of the Yuan baby or at the end of the knot. The two sides have sent several grades.
When the shadow snake quietly flew into the array, the monks were still sitting there cross-legged, and the root didn’t notice that the shadow snake easily bit the monks’ teeth. The powerful aura pushed them to blink, and they almost cut off the monks’ breath in an instant. Even those monks in the early days of Yuan Ying managed to escape the attack of the shadow snake. It was too strange, and they were too strong to repair their teeth and were too poisonous to kill the monks. Even their faces and expressions remained the same as before. If someone next to them saw the root, they wouldn’t notice the difference.
But for the monk, the monk’s death suddenly cut off, which is something to hide, especially when the monks next to him immediately opened their eyes and looked at their companions. They found nothing but the intact body, and the shadow snake had already rushed to a Kowloon array. According to Xi Fangping’s instructions, when the shadow snakes attacked, each Kowloon array attacked one person, and the Kowloon array was temporarily lost. Other things would be done later.
I didn’t see anyone sneak attack. Although my companion was sitting cross-legged as usual, he suddenly breathed, which was terrible for those heavenly monks. Their brains were also in a confusion. They didn’t search immediately to see if they were attacked, but got up to see what was going on with their companion. This time, there were a lot of waves. For the fast speed and physical training, they were several grades higher than them. "Second, one or two breath was enough for them to attack another Kowloon array. Well, I’ve seen enough of their work.
Just a lamp of tea and kung fu rang out from the attacked Kowloon array, and then there was a buzz at the Tianpai Mountain Gate. Many Kowloon arrays were kept intact all the time, and immediately started up. The Kowloon columns were suddenly lit up, and the other Kowloon arrays were quickly connected to form a complete optical chain. The monk in the center of each Kowloon array was responsible for gathering all the aura of Kowloon columns and selecting the target for attack. Tianpai Cloth is not the real meaning. The Kowloon array must be presided over by someone, or even an attack target must be determined.
It’s a pity that Xi Fangping, who has been staying in the courtyard, secretly called him until at least a column of incense kung fu. The other party may find that the Kowloon array is strange, but I didn’t expect that these heavenly monks were really well-trained and responded in the shortest time. Fortunately, Xi Fangping had expected this situation. Although the heavenly brothers responded in a short period of time, they were enough to do a lot of things suspended in the high place. Xi Fangping noticed that they could really start Kowloon. There are not many arrays, it is estimated that there are about 4,000, and the bases are all in the periphery, which means that the Kowloon array base near the courtyard has been destroyed by shadow snakes. Although the effect is not as good as what I originally thought, the result is quite good for Xi Fangping.
Xi Fangping decided to make a big number of monsters fly out of the belt and immediately formed an offensive formation according to Xi Fangping’s command. But Xi Fangping had long thought about the small contingency plan to prevent too many Kowloon arrays from being destroyed.
Five hundred brutal and horribly defensive snapping turtles took the lead in pouncing on 500 large Kowloon arrays, with 160-legged tortoises in charge of the remaining dozens.
These two immortal beasts are known for their defensive ability, which is fifteen orders. Their defensive ability is not much worse than that of the sixteen-order monster beast in theory. Although there has never been a sixteen-order monster beast in the fix-true world, there is no strong attack against the fifteen-order monster beast for these two special turtles, and the crocodile turtle in the wild has strong attack power, while the hexapod tortoise is huge and poor. These two monster beasts immediately attracted the attention of all large Kowloon arrays as soon as they appeared.


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