Wang Yue shook his head and said, "Don’t worry that we Han people are ten times full. In the future, the number of Chinese experts will be dozens of times that of Manchu experts. Besides, after three years, I will annihilate Manchu in one fell swoop!"

Xiao He nodded and said, "Yes!"
Chapter 21 Destroy Huashan School
Huashan, Yuan Chengzhi and Wen Qingqing are now living here. Wen Qingqing’s martial arts Yuan Chengzhi has made rapid progress. Of course, her practice is not Huashan martial arts, but her father Xia Xueyi’s secret book of keeping golden snakes.
On this day, after practicing, Wen Qingqing took out the secret book of Golden Snake. Suddenly, she found that there was a mezzanine in it. Tear it and see that there was a map hidden in it.
"What kind of map is this?" Wen Qingqing doubts in my heart.
It is strange that this map is even more hidden than that treasure map. Is this map more important than the treasure map?
"Brother, look at this map?"
Wen Qingqing found Yuan Chengzhi and asked with a map.
Although Yuan Chengzhi is dull, he learned some geographical knowledge with Wang Yue when he was a child, and recognized this map as an island at a glance. It can be reached in a day or two by boat from Fujian.
"This is a sea map with an island, huh? There are words behind the map. "Yuan Chengzhi found that there were fine print behind the map.
It turns out that these words are an introduction to this island. After reading them, Yuan Chengzhi said happily, "If Qingqing island really has such a nice map introduction, it will be a treasure island."
Suddenly Yuan Chengzhi’s eyes lit up and said, "Qingqing, do you think we will go here to live in seclusion in the future?"
Wen Qingqing also nodded with flashing eyes. "Yeah, I’ll listen to big brother."
"Chengzhi" Mu Renqing found Yuan Chengzhi.
Yuan Chengzhi saw Mu Renqing salute quickly. "Master doesn’t know what to look for?"
Mu Renqing said with a frown, "Chengzhi Huang Taiji has promulgated the" Prohibition of Martial Arts "to prevent Han Chinese from practicing martial arts. Ao Bai has killed Han Chinese fighters with Manchu fighters. Ao Bai has destroyed many gangs and clans and got a lot of martial arts secrets. Now the whole Jianghu is already bloody."
Yuan Chengzhi one leng heart shocked these days, he is Huashan rarely note outside things root don’t know the martial law things if it weren’t for Mu Renqing to come to him, he still don’t know.
"Since Master Manchu banned martial arts, all martial arts practitioners moved to the south, which is better than being killed by Manchu," Yuan Chengzhi said.
Although Yuan Chengzhi no longer cares about things, he is still a little angry when he hears that many gangs and sects have been destroyed. It’s so overbearing to be in Manchu.
Mu Renqing shook his head and said, "I want to transfer the whole sect to Yi, and now the killing is not a river’s lake feud, but the Manchu army massacred Wulin people. Although martial arts are high, Wulin people don’t know how to March and fight. Compared with regular troops, they are Ukrainian Union, and even if their martial arts are high, they are surrounded by the army."
Don’t say that ordinary fighters, even master fighters, are not enemies, and they will die if they are besieged by tens of thousands of troops and exhausted their true qi.
None of the sects in the Manchu Dynasty had a master fighter, and naturally they would not be rivals such as Ao Bai.
Yuan Chengzhi sighed and asked, "What does the master want his brother to do?"
Mu Renqing said, "Chengzhi, although you are no longer in charge of things in the Jianghu, you are still the famous King of the Golden Snake. You are even more open to the martial arts champions in seven provinces. You can’t ignore the fact that the major sects have jointly sent a letter to Huashan and hope that you can rescue those martial arts heroes."
Mu Renqing took out a copy of "blood", which was written by the heads of major sects, hoping that Yuan Chengzhi could take charge of the situation.
Yuan Chengzhi took the blood and saw that there were many familiar names. Many people had a life friendship with him, such as Zhongsha Tianguang, Chu Hongliu, Jiao Gongli, Shili Master and Minhua.
Yuan Chengzhi thought of Ao Bai’s terrorist forces and invulnerability, and said with some trepidation, "Master, I’m not Ao Bai’s opponent, Ao Bai’s martial arts. Even Master, you have Uncle Wang to suppress him now. Even if I’m afraid of the mountain, I’m out of my depth."
It’s not that Yuan Chengzhi’s ambition kills himself, and his martial arts are far from Ao Bai’s.
Mu Renqing said, "I naturally know that the best way is for you and me to join hands to save people, but in order to prevent the Manchu from attacking me, Huashan sent a division to sit in Huashan, which can’t go with you to volunteer. You are going to save people, not to fight with Ao Bai. Even if you meet Ao Bai, you should be able to escape at an ever-changing speed."
Yuan Chengzhi thought for a moment and said, "Okay, I’ll save people."
Yuan Chengzhi Ma packed his bags and went to the mountain.
This time, Yuan Chengzhi did not take Wen Qingqing but acted alone.
A middle-aged man dressed in pale yellow Manchu ornaments came to Huashan. He looked up at Huashan and sneered, "Mu Renqing, the God, the Sword and the Fairy Ape?"? It is said that this old thing was the best in those days, but after today, there is no Mu Renqing anymore. "
This person is Ao Bai.
Killing the three great masters of the Han people is the most important thing. His fighters can be cleaned up slowly later, but if these three master fighters are United with Wang Yue, it will be very troublesome. It is better to kill them early
Mu Renqing!’
Ao Bai mountain cold shouted.
Mu Renqing came out and looked at his heart and was surprised, "Ao Bai!"
Gui Xinshu and his brothers came out and were surprised to see Mu Renqing on guard.
"You leave Huashan quickly and leave Nanjing separately to find Wang Yue. If I don’t die, I will definitely come to you in a few days." Mu Renqing said to the Huashan brothers in an unusually dignified tone
"Master" Gui Xinshu shouted.
"Go!" Mu Renqing cold drink a way
Gui Xinshu and Guiernian Nai can take Huashan to send their brothers to the mountain and then go to Nanjing separately.
Ao Bai ignored these Huashan brothers, who were wannabe and ants to him, and his goal was Mu Renqing.
"Ao Bai didn’t expect you to send someone to Huashan so soon." Mu Renqing looked at Ao Bai with a long sword in his hand and looked at him warily. Although he didn’t compete with Ao Bai, Ao Bai’s name Mu Renqing had already heard about it.
Musang Taoist priest has hurt Ao Bai’s hand. Although Mu Renqing is stronger than Musang Taoist priest, he is also limited. Mu Renqing can’t stop Musang Taoist priest from escaping.
Ao Bai came from the top of the mountain and soon arrived opposite Mu Renqing. They were less than 50 meters apart.
Ao Bai said with a smile, "I can blame you for having too many grandmaster fighters among the Han fighters. You are too strong. You die and the emperor can’t sleep well. I will kill you today in Qing Mu Renqing."
Now Mu Renqing knows the true meaning of Huang Taiji’s martial law order. It turns out that he is afraid of the Han Chinese master fighters.
Mu Renqing’s operation is full of qi and breath.
"Huang taiji was scared" Mu Renqing sneered. "It’s a pity that your martial law order can’t stop me from practicing martial arts."
Ao Bai’s momentum reached its peak and shouted, "You have to try to know."
Ao Bai turned into a pale golden ghosting to attack Mu Renqing.
Mu Renqing’s sword turned into a series of sword-light firm but gentle attacks on Ao Bai crazily.
Mu Renqing’s swordsmanship has naturally reached a very high level. More than ten years ago, Mu Renqing got the Huashan School from Wang Yue, and lost the swordsmanship of raising our country and the swordsmanship of Xiyi, which is even higher.
"Ding ding ding …"
The firm but gentle impact on Ao Bai’s defense shield made a burst of noise, and every time the firm but gentle impact broke out, there was a strong fire.


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