"You weren’t here these days, and my brother was in a bad situation. He went out to find Qu Youyou before, and when that woman came back, the knife was broken in half." Qin Sang sighed and said, "It’s a good thing you’re okay, Fang Yin. It’s a good thing you’re okay."

Just then, they talked about the hero and came over with a re-refined knife.
The former Dao was put away by Qin Xun, like a square printed wing, and summoned when necessary, but this time he gave it a scabbard and slung it around his waist.
The topic stopped here. Two people and Qin Sang said goodbye. In the dreamland, everything must be careful and then drove straight to the mountain city.
"What’s the matter with your knife?" Fang Yin twist the eyebrow asked.
Qin Yougui took the steering wheel while glancing at the road conditions and said "folded" lightly.
Nonsense. Can he not know that it is folded?
Fang Yin was angry and smiled, holding the bar and turned supercilious look.
Qin Xu’s face also had a little smile, which added, "I went to find Qu Youyou, and she escaped. The knife was chopped in her defensive prop, and Lin Qiushan’s thousand machines were repaired, but they couldn’t be collected."
"Are you all right?" Fang Yin knew that the more thrilling the man’s problem was, the more understated it was. He had been leaning against the car door.
After coming out, I have been immersed in my own emotions. It seems that I have not found any wounds in Qin Xun’s return.
Qin Yougui shook his head and gave him a careful look and whispered, "I miss you, too."
"Ah?" There is something wrong with Fang Yin’s ears.
I didn’t know that Qin Yi returned and repeated "I miss you very much" with clear pronunciation and mellow voice.
Fang Yin’s auricle turned red and coughed lightly. The corners of his mouth could not control Yang Xiao and muttered, "Why … suddenly say this?"
Strange makes people shy.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four The fifth dreamland opens
Fang Yin seems to have given Qin Yang a lot of stimulation this time.
Although you can’t see anything on the surface, it’s impossible for this person to tell his feelings in Fang Yin’s ear all day, but Fang Yin can see that he is more insecure than before.
If Fang Yin has no sense of security because he is not confident in his own strength and afraid of the unknown nature, then Qin Yin’s sense of security comes from the excessive concern and worry of the other side. He is worried that the young man will have another accident under his eyelids one day.
Like a dragon who has got the treasure, he can’t wait to take it back and hide it forever and ever, so that people can’t covet it.
However, Qin Yougui won’t do this. He will never imprison Fang Yin and deprive him of his mobility, even if he is afraid that young people will encounter unexpected dangers again.
Qin’s return to this kind of uneasiness is easy to feel.
Specifically, his physical contact is more and more frequent, his language is softer than before, and he falls into his sight from time to time.
He often suddenly looks at the co-pilot’s seal, which seems to confirm something. He always likes to rub people into his arms and hug them, or kiss them on his forehead. Young people can feel his uneasiness and are especially clever every time they are hugged.
Halfway through, the road was blocked by vines and collapsed plants on both sides. Qin Xu went back to the car and opened the way in front of Fang Yin. He urged him not to lock people directly into the car and told him not to run around.
Try not to go far when driving. If there is danger, be sure to call his name at the first time.
Fang Yin promised that the activity was also around the vehicle.
It’s just that the shoelaces are scattered and Fang Yin has a shoelace. Fang Yin didn’t think much about crouching down and just being blocked by the traffic. Qin Yougui didn’t see the young figure almost crazy at first sight, and his things were scattered all over the floor, and he rushed over in a hurry.
Only to find that the young man was crouching in the back of the car, holding his shoelaces in his hand, and looked up with a face of ignorance. He looked over his shoulder and looked back. "What’s the matter? Is there something behind … Qin Yougui? "
Fang Yin’s words haven’t been finished when he was embraced by Qin Yi.
The man bent down and held him in his arms in an extremely awkward posture.
Fang Yin understood what his gaffe was as soon as he lifted his head slightly and sighed. He put the pad on his shoulder, loosened his shoelaces, and changed his kneeling position. He reached out and encircled Qin Yigui, patted him on the back and said, "I’m here. Qin Yigui is all right. I’m here."
Qin Xugui took a deep breath and felt quite stuffy. Well, he noticed the young man’s posture and held him by the shoulder. Then he squatted down and patted the dust on his knee. After checking that his wound was not bleeding, he picked up half of the young man’s shoelaces and quickly hit a butterfly.
"No, I’ll come by myself." Fang Yin panicked and waved his hand to stop the man who bent down and bowed his head and personally gave him shoelaces.
Qin Xu returned to move quickly.
Will he stop it or not?
After finishing shoelaces, Qin Xu got up as if nothing had happened, picked up what he had just left behind and said, "The road ahead has been cleaned up."
Fang Yin shook his head with a smile and sat back in the car.
"the return of Qin"
The vehicle started slowly. Fang Yin leaned his elbow on the window and looked at Ba Pian. He said, "Don’t be so nervous. I’m not a porcelain doll."
Qin Xu nodded, but obviously he was uneasy and didn’t put it completely.
This kind of psychological problem really can’t be forced. After all, Fang Yin was also worried when he first came out
Qin Xu returned to the car and hurried to meet Zhao Yi as soon as possible.
The scenery outside the window quickly regressed.
Fang Yin took this opportunity to tell Qin Yougui all about his five-day experience, including his new understanding and speculation about Dreamland and Lingbi No.1.
"Then how did you … get out?" Qin Xu returned to the light just to listen to the young man’s narrative, and his heart was shrinking and shrinking.
Fang Yin said, "Do you remember that I got a ball-shaped prop in the second dreamland? I have never studied it. This time it should have saved me. At that time, I might have really died. It was probably a one-time resurrection prop. After I lost consciousness, I woke up and it was already falling for a second. After I came out, the little ball was gone. It should have been consumed."
There is one more thing Fang Yin didn’t tell Qin Xugui.
After he came out, he seemed to have another kind of power called "symbiosis" in addition to his magical strategy.
Through the "symbiosis", Fang Yinke can sign a contract with the Italian, and he can fully own other people’s abilities. The cooldown is fifteen days. The only restriction is that the other party of the symbiosis contract must be voluntary. The other party has a little doubt and reluctance, and the contract can’t take effect.
Power in the fog is an important means of life-saving, and no one wants to share the situation with others unilaterally.
This precondition is actually harsh.
There is another reason why he didn’t tell Qin Xu about the symbiosis. Now he is too afraid that Fang Yin will get hurt, and Fang Yin is afraid that he said that Qin Xu will come back and sign a contract with himself.
This ability is highly similar to the ability of robbing others by land.


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