Luo Tianwu waved to stop Cao Gang from going on.

It was only after a short contact with Luo Tianwu that I realized that this little trick could not be concealed from the people in front of me, and it could also add to the laughing stock by barely explaining it.
Su Mo sneered and stopped when he turned away and walked to the door. "If Lord Luo really wants to help Sue’s family, I should thank Su Mo, but I don’t like being promoted to Lord Luo … Hello!"
Say that finish Sue ink head also don’t look back to leave.
When Su Mo’s figure disappears, Luo Tianwu’s face is gloomy, and there is already a handprint on the ebony table next to it!
"The brat is incredibly arrogant in front of me!" Luo Tianwu heart fury grind scold a way
Calm down for a long time Luo Tianwu took a long breath and turned to ask, "Sir, how do you feel about this?"
At this time, the old servant in gray is straight and his eyes are clear, and there is still a little old age.
When I heard Luo Tianwu ask the old servant in gray, he said, "This is not a simple Su Ergong. Although he is not a practitioner, he recognized my identity as a practitioner at a glance. I felt a palpitation when my hands must be stained with a lot of blood before I became angry. It is dangerous to be alone!"
Luo Tianwu frowned slightly and asked, "For you?"
The old servant in gray looked proudly and said, "I’m a spiritual practitioner. No one can compete with me!" "
"But …"
Pause a little gray old servant (turn "this mind ability to assassinate the prince grasp a lot! Can you escape from the prince city alive? "
The old servant in gray smiled and said nothing.
"I don’t care if I can escape from the city of the Prince of Yan. If the Prince of Yan dies, the leader of the group of dragons will be in chaos. It is a good time for us to seize the opportunity to be king!" Luo Tianwu smiled and everything was under control.
Chapter 27 Blood Crystal Bow Cold Moon Knife
Most literati like swords, even if they don’t know martial arts, they will wear a sword to look noble and elegant.
Knife has always been a battlefield warrior, and the temperament of wearing it is very different from that of the Jianghu grass.
When Tianbaoge Sumo chose a melee weapon, he didn’t choose a sword, but consciously chose a knife. Even he didn’t think about the reason.
It was not until a moment away from the castellan’s mansion that Su Mo was white because he was not born in his bones.
He is a deterrent to the warlord Wu Dinggong, so he should gallop across the battlefield to kill the enemy and count the blood-stained robes and move forward!
Su Moyuan didn’t understand that there was no timidity, tension and fear in his heart when the sharp knife in his hand pierced Zhou Dingyun’s neck that night, but he was a little excited.
Until now, Su Mo was white.
This kind of war decision comes from the blood of relatives, and it has not been erased even after studying hard for more than ten years!
Luo Tianwu said those words just like a sharp stab in Su Mo’s chest, and the pain was unbearable.
How is Big Brother seriously injured? Is his life in danger?
Is Xiao Ning frightened that Su Jia was hit hard by this?
I saw the unique imprint of Tianbao Pavilion when Sumo stopped at the inn before passing by.
"Unless the two pseudo-horoscopes are refined?"
Su Mo hesitated and walked to Tianbao Pavilion.
When I walked to the end of the alley, the wall in front of me felt something, and suddenly it became as permeable as water, ink and ink.
Su Mo, who came to Tianbaoge Hall, walked directly to the building without stopping.
There are many practitioners in the hall who look back at Su Mo with a hint of hot eyes.
The atmosphere in the hall is a little weird.
The fix-true world has its own set of exploration techniques. Practitioners can see that Sumo has no aura fluctuation, but he can climb to the second floor of Tianbao Pavilion.
There is an explanation that Sumo has a Tianbao order!
Holding Tianbao copper can make Tianbao Pavilion shopping 10% cheaper, which is enough to make everyone tempted!
The first time I came to Tianbao Pavilion, Sumo was accompanied by Godsworn Yao Xue, and no one dared to move his mind.
But now carrying Tianbao makes Sumo walk around like a three-year-old child with BRIC in his arms.
A mortal has a Tianbao Order, and his background must be unusual. Although most practitioners are moved, they are afraid of being killed, but they still give up the idea of taking Tianbao Order.
But not everyone does.
The crime of being a husband is guilty of being a bride.
There will always be people taking risks in the face of great temptation!
In the corner of the hall, there was a cold eye that followed Su Mo’s back until Su Mo disappeared at the end of the stairs.
Su Mo was worried and didn’t notice the pitfalls that passed in the hall.
On the second floor, the owner of Tianbao Pavilion was sitting in front of him. When Su Mo came in, he quickly got up and said with a smile, "Su Gong can calculate that two fake horoscopes have been refined. What do you think?"
In front of Su Mo, a long knife, a bow and twenty sharp arrows are floating.
The owner of Tianbao Pavilion said, "Hanyue Dao is about three feet long, and its blade is silvery white with a thick back. It is suitable for cutting rare spiritual objects. The main material of Hanyue Stone is cast by adding more than ten kinds of hard objects, such as seven-star sand and golden rock, according to Su Gong’s requirements. Although it is a spiritual grain, it can resist the impact of the spiritual instrument without being broken!"


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