Hodge is at the window. "I was passing by and heard something inside, so I wanted to come in and have a look."

Yuan Tian asked, "Why don’t you go through the door?"
"Dare not" Hodge looked at him. "Why don’t you answer your brother’s words? Do you know what it’s like outside? "
Yuan Tian told the truth that there was no net, no signal and the wind was going crazy.
Hody leaned against the windowsill and nodded wearily "as expected"
He asked the two of them in vain, "What the hell happened?"
Hody lit a cigarette and told them what happened these days slowly.
"… Ji Wutong’s elders and Hui Jue have a little friendship, and he came forward to find Hui and felt a positive answer."
"In fact, it is not feasible for everyone to find a way out in vain. Once the world is broken, the people of they nest will be finished."
"The only way is to awaken the wind and break the power of the Ministry of Magic Light, which may be as chaotic as it was 300 years ago, but this is not feasible because no one can force him if the wind doesn’t want to."
"One is that Ji Wutong came out to kill the Nangong dust before the ten squares were broken, which changed the cause and effect of the whole thing."
"Hui Jue said that if all spiritual masters in the world start the Qiweijing glass together, they might be able to send a person’s soul back to the past, but this is a one-way trip with no turning back. That person will either die or come back."
Yuan Tian was silent after hearing it. "This is not cool at all."
Xiao Yuetu: "Both methods are to kill Taotao. No wonder the disciples want to put Taotao in chaos."
"Ji Wutong said this way in front of the body spiritual division of the Salvation Alliance. The situation is out of control. The spiritual division has surrounded the chaotic world. The special bureau has come forward and can’t find peaches and peaches. The spiritual division won’t leave," Hody said. "In their eyes, peaches and peaches are an organic whole. It’s appropriate for her to do it, but besides, there are peaches and peaches that can kill him. He did say that the Salvation Alliance had a round of fruit with the wind before I came in …"
He smiled. "… they underestimate the power of five broken magic lights and should not dare to make a move again for a short time."
Yuan Tian looked at him suspiciously. "Then why did you sneak in?"
Hodge waved his hand. "For most people, one person dies and a thousand people die. committee of 100 does not hesitate to choose the former, but in my opinion, no one is beneficial to decide the life and death of others. I came because I think this matter is peach and peach. She should know that no matter what the choice is in her."
"It’s not necessarily what she wants if the spiritual masters want her to intervene in this cause and effect or wind protection, is it?"
Yuan day wanted to mean to nod.
Hody pulled out a map with a big smile. "So can you tell me where Ying Taotao is?" What obstacles do I need to cross to appear in front of her? "
After Hodge left, Yuan Tian looked at him with appreciation. "It’s very kind of the teacher to be so concerned about Taotao."
"Bullshit points are ulterior motives. Can’t you see that?" Xiao Yuetu grabbed the apple on the table and bit it. "He’s after the teacher elder sister."
Taotao has been insomnia for many days.
She looked at the bedside and threw it aside.
Fuguiwo slept enough on the windowsill, got up and shook his wings and flew to the table next to her to eat bird food in a small bowl.
Taotao was angry with her for kicking it to the ground when she saw its worried appearance. "You just know how to eat!"
Richness spread her wings angrily and tweeted at her to express her anger.
Taotao picked it up and picked it up at the back of his neck. "Bird of God, your bell ringer was imprisoned by an anti-thief. Why don’t you worry? What can you do besides eating and sleeping? Go and take two sleeping pills and put them in the anti-thief cup for me. I’m going out. "
Rich mouth glued to high-grade bird food particles looked at her indifferently.
In the past, peaches and peaches were fed with rice bran and biscuits that were about to expire. Now they are delicious and have been bought. They are unreliable.
Taotao threw it back to the table thinking that it was better to expect it than to expect the wind to suffer from narcolepsy
In the spring night, insects are buzzing in the revival yard.
Hody took the gag and crept into the garden wall. He tapped on the window.
When Taotao heard the sound, she was pulled to lie on the bed and said angrily, "Don’t bother me when you sleep!"
There is wind coming in here, and she takes it for granted that it is the wind knocking at the window.
The knocking at the window rang again.
This peach senses that something is wrong, and the wind will knock at the door, and it will come in after knocking. It can’t be him outside the window.
Taotao opened the window softly. "Hodge?"
Hodge came in through the window. "Do you want to go?"
"What is this nonsense? Do you want to be imprisoned? " Taotao stretched out her wrist. "Can you open it?"
Hody studied her hand-blocking ring. "It seems that people are doing well. The wind is coming true. Did you give this thing to you?" I can’t open it. "
"Aren’t you from Hualing Institute?"
"Not everyone in Hualing Hospital can open the ring of resistance."
Taotao sat at the table and poured him a glass of water. "I can’t leave without you opening it."
Hodge knocks on the ring of resistance. "Why did he install GPS on the ring of resistance?"
Taotao waved his hand. "I can make psychic force beat my teacher younger brother? As soon as you get out of this door, he will find out that he won’t do anything to me, but he will probably strangle you. "
Hody held the bar in his hands. "Are you worried about me?"
Tao Tao gave him a white look. "Mr. Huo told you before that my younger brother is not normal recently. If you coquette again, he will have to kill you before strangling you."
Hody smirked. "It’s worth killing you twice."
Taotao sneered, "Is it worth it?"
She went to the window "the wind-"
Hody hurriedly put her hand over her mouth and dragged her back. "Just kidding, don’t take it seriously …"
"To tell you the truth," he said honestly, "I mean to take you out and ask you to decide how to go, but now it seems that your spiritual power is locked and taking you out is no different from killing you."
Taotao "speaks like you can take me out"
"It’s the virtual dragon that brought me in, and of course it can take you out. It’s outside the mountain gate now."
"Stop talking nonsense. I can’t even get out of this hospital."
"You have to go out. Tonight, the spiritual master of the Salvation League broke into chaos. He was injured."
Taotao rubs on the ground. She wants to push the door and go out. Hody quickly pulls her. "The injury is not fatal. The psychic’s physique will recover in a few days, but I don’t think he should have the usual energy to pay attention to the movement in the courtyard, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to come in so easily. If you go to see him now, you will really not get out."
Taotao sat back in the chair after a while.
There is a small crack in the window.
The moonlight fell into the yard, and half of her body was hidden in the darkness of the house, looking back at the calamus in the yard.
"Let me ask you something," Hodge looked at her. "What do you want to do if you don’t want to stay here?"


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