Cavalry leader roar a way

More than a dozen arrows shot at the small fishing boat with broken pieces.
Zhang Sanfeng easily blocked these arrows.
The cavalry leader shouted, "Han little girl and that old Taoist priest, who are you?" Is Chang Yuchun teaching rebellious thieves that if you save him, you won’t be afraid that the imperial court will destroy your nine families? "
Zhang Sanfeng said with a smile, "Being original wudang zhang sanfeng can surround Wudang Mountain with an army if the court wants to find trouble being original!"
Zhang Sanfeng?’ The cavalry leader looked shocked.
A cavalry beside him asked, "The leader is Wudang Zhang Zhenren, and his martial arts are unfathomable. What should I do?"
The cavalry leader snorted, "Let’s go!"
Zhang Sanfeng looked at Zhou Zhiruo and said, "Little girl is chivalrous and can save people from danger. It’s rare not to know her name?"
Zhou Zhiruo politely replied, "Back to the long story, my name is Zhou Zhiruo. My eldest brother said that practicing martial arts is not only about practicing martial arts, but more importantly, it is about helping the poor and having good thoughts to go further. If practicing martial arts is about killing people and seeking personal gain, it will become narrow-minded. This kind of person can make a fool of himself."
Zhou Zhiruo speaks with confidence, calm tone and delicate eyes, which means that Zhou Zhiruo’s family education is very good, and ordinary people can’t teach this child.
Zhang Sanfeng wondered what kind of person could raise a fisherman girl to be so delicate.
Zhang Sanfeng asked, "Miss Zhiruo doesn’t know who your big brother is?"
Zhou Zhiruo said, "My eldest brother is Chen Yan. He is a famous doctor in Hanshui area."
"doing? !”
Zhang Sanfeng eyes a bright let out a scream.
Zhang Sanfeng is too familiar with the name Amtrak, but is this Amtrak an Amtrak?
Chapter 1 sit and talk
Zhou Zhiruo came back with Zhang Sanfeng, Zhang Ji and Chang Yuchun.
Zhou Wang walked at the back with two big grass carp. He didn’t even sell fish today.
As soon as he got home, Zhou Zhiruo shouted, "Big Brother has a guest."
Zhang Sanfeng knew from the moment he saw Elgin that this person had a letter with Elgin.
"Being original Zhang Sanfeng met Mr. Chen."
Zhang Sanfeng told elwyn fuels
Ulrich hurriedly said, "Zhang Zhenren, you’re welcome. You’re a senior. I should salute you. It’s Zhang Zhenren’s room."
Zhang Sanfeng nodded "please".
After entering the room, Chen Yan first did the healing for Chang Yuchun.
Chang Yuchun’s injury is very important. If we don’t treat it soon, I’m afraid it will fall into the root cause and sequelae in the future.
Dealing with Chang Yuchun’s trauma, Chen Yan is handy
Chen Yan’s treatment method is clean and tidy, and the wound is treated quickly. Chang Yuchun’s injury will be treated in less than a quarter of an hour.
Chang Yuchun was seriously injured and exhausted. As soon as he stabilized the injury, he fell asleep in bed
Chen Yan and Zhang Sanfeng sit in a wooden futon.
Zhou Zhiruo gave them tea and took Zhang Ji to clean grass carp.
Yang Buhui or quietly sitting next to Albert.
Zhang Sanfeng said with a smile, "Mr. Chen, you and I have been friends for a long time and are being original. I didn’t expect you to be so young. If being original is not wrong, you are less than forty years old now, right?"
Ulrich nodded and said, "Zhang Zhenren has a bright eye. I’m really less than forty years old, but soon."
Zhang Sanfeng sighed, "Mr. Chen is really a genius. At the age of 30, you have reached such a state. It is really rare in the world to be original. When you practice like this, you are already in your sixties."
Zhang Sanfeng is 100 years old this year. He looks like he is in his fifties and sixties. His hair is gray, his face is red and his face is wrinkle-free.
Chen Yan said modestly, "I’m flattered by Zhang Zhenren. It’s nothing to fix the truth. I’m really afraid of death. It’s because I’m afraid of death that I have to walk on thin ice and race against time to practice. What’s more, I practice these ideas and methods. Compared with those ancient sages, I’m still far from it."
Ulrich and Zhang Sanfeng exchanged pleasantries for a while and then sat down and talked about it.
Both of them exchanged letters before, but after all, what they wrote in the letter was limited. How can they talk about it face to face?


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