Chen Xuanfeng immediately waved his right hand and blocked Ling Feiyang’s sword potential. At the same time, his left hand had grabbed a short knife and "shua" a knife to swing out three strong crossbowmen immediately beheaded!

Ling Feiyang’s successive attacks are all empty tricks. The real purpose is still to find an opportunity to attack the navel. But Chen Xuanfeng only defended all the moves of Ling Feiyang with his right palm, but his left palm is still killing soldiers!
Ling Feiyang looked around and found that there were no more than half of the soldiers left, but his sword was scored in Chen Xuanfeng near the heart and he couldn’t help getting more and more impatient. At this moment, Muqali suddenly raised his broadsword and charged at Chen Xuanfeng!
Chapter 23 Black wind and double evil spirit VS Mongolian fighters
"The devil bit me!" Muqali suddenly jumped broadsword to Chen Xuanfeng pledge split!
The blade is not Chen Xuanfeng, but it has already felt that this knife force is fierce, which is definitely not what ordinary soldiers can cut out!
Chen Xuanfeng, however, is still reached out and grabbed the knife and forcefully blocked it!
"Hey!" Chen Xuanfeng capacity twisted Muqali broadsword was neatly broken!
At the same time ling Feiyang sword has stabbed Chen Xuanfeng alongside of.seem!
Chen Xuanfeng waved half a broken knife and blocked Ling Feiyang’s sword, but at this moment, Muqali suddenly jumped and hugged Chen Xuanfeng’s waist tightly!
Chen Xuanfeng suddenly earned capacity but didn’t break free! Although Muqali can’t do martial arts, after all, he is Temujin’s first warrior. His brawn is amazing and he is proficient in Mongolian wrestling, so he will hold Chen Xuanfeng rigidly!
"Stab him!" Muqali shouted at ling Feiyang.
"poof!" Chen Xuanfeng raised half a broken knife and ruthlessly inserted it into Muqali’s lower back, but Muqali was still holding back the pain and clinging to Chen Xuanfeng!
"Changhong penetrates the sun!" Ling Feiyang hands sword into a silver straight for Chen Xuanfeng navel!
Chen Xuanfeng was dodged by Muqali’s eyes, but suddenly he pulled Muqali’s body against his abdomen!
Ling Feiyang’s blade turned sharply from Muqali’s side. Although it didn’t stab Muqali, it has lost the opportunity to kill Chen Xuanfeng!
"hey!" Muqali suddenly pulled out half a broken knife from his lower back and blood gushed out immediately! Muqali held on to his last breath and stabbed the broken knife to Chen Xuanfeng’s navel with his backhand!
Seeing that the tip of the broken knife has touched Chen Xuanfeng’s skin, Chen Xuanfeng slapped Muqali’s head!
Muqali’s mouth, ears, nose and eyes oozed blood at the same time. Before dying, he dashed his body forward and finally inserted the knife into Chen Xuanfeng’s navel!
Then Muqali died. Although he lived a few more minutes, he finally died.
He finally died in the battlefield, exhausted by the enemy’s fighting, and he knew that his death was worth it at the last moment.
Muqali’s body collapsed to the ground, and the strength of his hands instantly disappeared. Although this knife stabbed the Ming Gate, it was less than half an inch into the meat. Although it hit Chen Xuanfeng hard, it failed to kill Chen Xuanfeng. After all, he cast his flying skills and fled all the way!
These Mongolian soldiers were all elites selected by Muqali and Bolshoy. Although they witnessed the killing of two leaders, they were not afraid to shout and chase after Chen Xuanfeng.
"Never let him escape!" Ling Feiyang rushed to the front of the soldiers in an instant by displaying her flying skills, but Chen Xuanfeng’s flying skills were outstanding, and Ling Feiyang’s distance was getting farther and farther.
See Chen Xuanfeng will get rid of the pursuer, and suddenly several torches will light up ahead to make sense at night! As people shouted hiss, thousands of cavalry fought from the flank and blocked Chen Xuanfeng’s way! The first two generals are Boroqul and Chilaowen!
"Shoot the arrow!" Boroqul ordered a group of Mongolian archers on horseback to rush over and launch arrows at Chen Xuanfeng!
Chen Xuanfeng’s Ming Gate has broken his martial arts. Although he lost 60% to 70%, he is still brave and abnormal. His hands even waved an arrow and fell to the ground because of the wind!
This team of archers can’t hurt Chen Xuanfeng with a quick arrow, but the steeds have rushed to the crowd and stepped on Chen Xuanfeng with hundreds of horseshoes! Chen Xuanfeng suddenly jumped up and waved a palm to pat a rider on his horse and then jumped the horse and charged at the cavalry camp!
"Stop him!" Boroqul shouted that two dozen cavalry longitudinal horses stopped Chen Xuanfeng’s way! Chen Xuanfeng galloped through the gap between more than 20 cavalry, and at the same time, his palms were successively photographed as fast as lightning. It was the Peach Blossom Island blue wave palm method! These cavalry have fallen from their horses and died!
However, there are more than 30 cavalry immediately fill to block Chen Xuanfeng way at the same time ling Feiyang has arrived!
Chen Xuanfeng killed thirty or forty people in succession, but the Mongolian cavalry kept attacking, and Ling Feiyang’s sword was entangled in him like a poisonous snake. Chen Xuanfeng felt that his strength was almost exhausted. Seeing that there were horses and soldiers in all directions, he could not help but complain.
At this time, the right wing of the army suddenly became a mess, and a black shadow rushed out of the darkness into the encirclement! A dozen cavalry fell to the ground miserably. This shadow seems to run faster than a war horse. It has already rushed to a hundred feet of hair flying around in the night. Obviously, it was a woman!
The bearer is Mei Chaofeng!
"Thief, are you okay?" Mei Chaofeng asked as he ran.
"I was stabbed to death!" Chen Xuanfeng mouth shouted and waved his hand to block Ling Feiyang’s sword.
"Who hurt you?" Mei Chaofeng asked in my haste, at the same time, slapping a dead spearman to attack him.
"Don’t you know?" Chen Xuanfeng said, "Have you ever told anyone about my life?"
"How is that possible? I came to save you and you are so suspicious of me! " Mei Chaofeng was furious and waved three short knives with his hands. He was lying dead on the spot and his body was already running near.
"No one knows my fate except you this day!" Chen Xuanfeng cried.
"Well, if you say it’s me, it’s me!" Mei Chaofeng screamed and waved his hands and killed seven soldiers.
Chen Xuanfeng had been exhausted when he heard Mei Chaofeng’s words. His body froze on horseback and suddenly stopped.
"Whoosh-"An arrow carved with feathers broke while Chen Xuanfeng’s Ming Gate was in a trance and was pierced by this arrow!
The archer is ChiLaoWen! Temujin’s archery of "Four Mongolians" is not accurate.
Chen Xuanfeng body heavily planted on horseback MeiChao wind shout loudly a robot to Chen Xuanfeng tightly embrace!
"Thief wife I can’t …" Chen Xuanfeng micro way "I shouldn’t betray you more shouldn’t … doubt you … forgive me …"
"I forgive you!" Mei Chaofeng shouted, "I’ll kill you behind your back!"
"Thank you …" Chen Xuanfeng smiled and insisted, "Don’t worry about me or you can’t escape … that book … has burned the secret for me … in my chest …"
Speaking of which, Chen Xuanfeng was killed if he couldn’t get it in one breath!
Mei Chaofeng’s bitterness immediately reached out to his chest, but the Mongolian soldiers had already attacked!
"He said it was the Nine Yin True Sutra! Carved on Chen Xuanfeng’s chest, Mei Chaofeng must not get it! " Ling Feiyang thought of here and hurriedly used a recruit "plum blossom three lane" sword to turn out three tips to stab Mei Chaofeng’s forehead, person and neck respectively!
Mei Chaofeng used the blue wave palm technique to shoot three palms quickly, sealed all the three tips, stretched out his hand and groped in Chen Xuanfeng’s clothes, but there was no root.
"Did I hear you wrong?" Mei Chaofeng is thinking that other soldiers’ weapons have been attacked at the same time!
Mei Chaofeng finally couldn’t touch anything, and it was hard to resist. She split a palm and blocked Ling Feiyang, then abandoned Chen Xuanfeng’s body and killed it!
Mei Chao’s wind skill is not Chen Xuanfeng, but her flying skill is higher than Chen Xuanfeng’s, and her figure is worn through the soldiers.
"Don’t let her get away!" Boroqul saw Mei Chaofeng rushing to himself and immediately raised his broadsword and rode to meet him. Mei Chaofeng shouted a figure from the ground and grabbed it at the top of Boroqul’s crown!
Boroqul hurriedly parried with a knife, but Mei Chaofeng’s claw was incredibly fast. Before he raised his knife, he heard the crack of his skull.
Boroqul’s dead horse "Mongolian Four Jungs" has died!
The leader was killed and the morale was in chaos. Chi Laowen hurriedly shouted to regroup, but Mei Chaofeng had rushed to the front!
"He killed the thief!" Mei Chaofeng thought of this long body and jumped on Chilaowen!
Jiuyin white bone claw!
Chi Laowen knew that Root could not hide from this claw and could close his eyes until he died. At this moment, a long sword blocked this claw for him!


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