I thought that Golden Head had coveted the Shire Brewery, but Shire had been avoiding it and fell into Golden Head’s hands. Just a few months later, Shire didn’t want Golden Head to do anything, but he took the initiative to cooperate with Huanxiang Industry to do so.

Banana wine originally produced in the workshop has been controlled by technicians, and now it has unified packaging and trademark design. The brewery has also produced an oriental-style liquor named Kelin Daqu with cassava starch as raw material according to the technology developed by Yang Lao. At present, it has launched 53 degrees and 41 degrees.
There is no need to talk about these trivial things. There are many others. Wang Fengshou is mainly busy with big things during this period, such as how to reorganize the Kelin district government and re-plan the functions of various municipal departments … Many systems can be modeled after the East China, but more attention should be paid to combining local characteristics.
More than three months ago, after killing more than 300 armed thugs at one time, three tutors called him over and scolded him, and then taught him one thing, which was to help Xiaohua eradicate the remaining high-level officials in cultural trade and freight transportation in Beigang.
Help Xiaohua? Is that what some old man said? I think so. Wang Fengshou, a monk all around, can’t remember it a bit, even if no one really said it at that time, it seems to have this meaning in his words
I went to the corner and looked back at the grocery store. Suddenly I had a strange feeling but I couldn’t say for sure.
Last night, he didn’t plan the operation, and there were no instructions from three old people. It was Xiaohua’s idea and Xiaohua’s dispatching command.
Accurately speaking, I learned that the two groups of high-level officials were going to meet last night, and Hua Zhen made a decisive decision. This fighter plane was really accurate, and I would have made such a decision if I had a bumper harvest, and the record was very beautiful
When walking, Wang Fengshou suddenly paused, stretched out his hand and patted his forehead. Suddenly, what was wrong with Bai?
It was only yesterday evening that he learned that Xiaohua had decided to make a big move. Li Jing contacted him directly and said the action plan and scheme. After listening to it, Wang Fengshou felt that there was no problem. He had been tracking this for a long time and had long wanted to get it done as soon as possible. How could such a good opportunity be missed?
However, he didn’t return to his senses until he finished his work. It was really good to come to China. Why did he make this decision and what he could do? He mobilized resources from all sides and didn’t let the slightest leak.
Wang Fengshou doesn’t know the origin of the wind from the guest. At this moment, he has to think about what identity Hua Zhenxing is to do these things.
In the final analysis, Huazhenhang is a boy in the grocery store. If he wants to be industrial, he is also a special technician in Klin Mining Company, which belongs to the head office. At present, this mining company is just a shell that does not mine, buys ore and sells gold.
But it’s weird that such a little guy can take charge of the bureau and mobilize all the resources at any time. This is something that the decision-makers in the bureau can do, but everyone will listen to him.
There are some things that Wang Fengshou doesn’t fully understand, but he can feel it somehow.
For example, Charles, the director of Huanxiang Industry and the general leader of the new alliance, is a local spokesperson introduced by everyone, while Hua Zhenxing is Charles hugging the "thigh"
For another example, Manman, a little girl with exquisite water control ratio, is a standard idiot. It seems that Xiaohua has the final say in whether it is a new alliance or a happy industry, but she just represents the whole Poseidon.
In the process of building Kelin District, the new alliance incorporated and transformed three old factions, the Big Head Gang, the Poseidon Gang and the Gold Gang, which represented Locke Hua Zhen. Obviously, he also put his attitude very low in front of him, just like a subordinate.
Simomo has realized that Xiaohua in Obana Locke’s eyes is completely different.
Hua Zhenxing is not Locke’s younger brother. When they first met, Locke didn’t know Hua Zhen’s age, and he still didn’t know his details. Xiaohua captured the gold gang and took people to solve the gun god and Kelly like ghosts, and gave Locke and the gold gang a way forward on the spot.
Locke’s "new life" is from meeting Hua Zhen.
However, these three reformed old forces can’t affect the overall situation now. The main body of the new alliance is still the members of the original straw sandals gang, and the real masters of Huanxiang Industry are Mo Shang Tong, Yang Tehong and Ke Mengchao.
Ke Lao is now equivalent to the executive director presiding over the daily affairs of Huanxiang Industrial Headquarters, but if you think about it carefully, Ke Laoshi rarely interferes with specific things, and often gives some instructions to supervise Huanxiang Industrial Operation, and there is no problem.
Yu Mo’s latent influence is the biggest, but the nominal sandals gang is no longer there. He is more like a laid-off researcher, not to mention Yang Lao, who doesn’t even stay in grocery stores often, and seems to enjoy life all day.
However, at the beginning of the establishment of Huanxiang Industry, these three old people gave everyone an indication that if Xiaohua made suggestions, made decisions and made plans, they would all support it. Sometimes, even if she made a question, she asked how to implement the problem, not whether the plan should be implemented.
At this moment, Wang Fengshou finally realized that he once told the people that they were too fond of Hua Zhenxing. Now it seems that the attitude of several old people towards Xiaohua is not to let go, but to default to Hua Zhenxing for nothing, that is, their co-spokesman, heir Shao Fei Suo Port.
Huan Xiang industrial executives have long seen Wang Fengshou, a recent student of people’s parents, instead of looking too deeply.
Simomo recalled what Hua Zhen said in the grocery store just now, even the details of life such as promoting oil-sprinkled noodles were taken into account, so what happened in the port of Sofia now really represents Xiaohua’s ideal.
Wang Fengshou immediately thought that Xiaohua had his position, so what was his position? When he came to the port of Sofia, he first continued his studies with three teachers, advanced his studies and helped them to do something by the way, and took this opportunity to display his talents and ambitions.
I can’t help but smile when I think about this king’s harvest. Since I am working for three teachers and the three teachers acquiesced in Xiaohua, I just have to help this little younger brother myself. Anyway, his ideal of king’s harvest can’t be the hegemony of this broken place, so I don’t think so much anymore.
Wang Fengshou inexplicably felt relaxed a lot. When he looked up again, it was palm manor in front of him. He was just a little distracted and showed his posture. The walking speed quickly crossed the non-Suo River Bridge and came to Huanxiang Industrial Headquarters.
When he came to his senses, he was a little scared. It was dangerous to be alert. Although he had self-cultivation, he could not stop the attack of large-caliber guns in case of preparedness.
The three old people who came to Palm Manor were already waiting in the shed pavilion.
Wang Fengshou came to report the results of this big operation, whether the three well-connected old people have understood the situation or not, they should report it, which was also given to him by Ke Lao.
Wang Fengshou is still very satisfied with his reporting role, which also represents another kind of approval letter, and he also knows that reporting is also an inspection
The way of describing the same thing, including language tendency and selectivity, may expose some of the reporter’s own goals and thoughts, and he will also wake up and never say anything wrong.
After listening to Wang Fengshou’s report, the three old people didn’t comment on their bodies. Kefu nodded, "Good, these two hidden dangers have finally been solved."
Wang Fengshou "even Charles can sleep peacefully, but we still have to pay attention to protecting him."
Kefu smiled gently. "This time Xiaohua made a temporary decision. We old people have neither intervened nor interfered with the harvest. If it were you, could you do better?"
Wang Fengshou "I’m afraid not"
Kefu: "You don’t have to be too modest. If it were you, you could do it well and do it more beautifully than Xiaohua."
Wang Fengshou "doesn’t make much difference. This time the body is not complicated."
Coffey "I mean it! Xiaohua does a lot of things, and if you were him, you would do better than him. There are still some things you can do, but his eyes are not good. After all, knowledge and practice are here.
In that case, have you ever thought about what we should let Xiaohua do instead of letting you be responsible? "
This sentence is a bit sudden. Wang Fengshou quickly bowed his head and said, "Please give me some advice."
Ke Mengchao interjected, "It’s very simple. Many things are either assigned to Xiaohua or Xiaohua wants to do. If these things are given to you, I believe we can do better, but without Xiaohua, there would be no such thing."
Yang Tegong with the wave, "you will no longer say! Harvest, not all the troubles have been solved, but there is still a finishing touch. You have to give it to you before you can rest assured. "
Chapter 1, Congratulations to the New Alliance
After Wang Fengshou left, Mo Shang Tong asked, "Mr. Meng, did you stop me from continuing the capital injection plan because you saw the current situation?"
Ke Mengchao has a slight color. "I didn’t see that the start-up capital of 100 million meters is already quite a lot. You can’t be too used to children’s many things. We have to find a way to solve them ourselves if we don’t intervene in Xiaohua. This is also an exercise for him."
According to the plan of Huazhenxing Huanxiang Industry, there is a big funding gap, mainly to acquire and continue to invest in the construction of heavy oil power plant project, which requires a total investment of up to 12.4 billion yuan.
Huanxiang industry took over the construction of the heavy oil power plant for several miles, and the Chinese government could not guarantee that they could not get the loan from the Bank of East China, which was an unplanned expenditure.


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