"There is no law of robbing bitter in broad daylight! !” Don’t ask, this kick must have been for nothing. Look at the swollen cheeks of that hooligan and you will know how cruel his hands are.

Master Pig knew that he was a foreigner and was afraid of offending the big family, but he carefully watched a group of people dressed in ordinary clothes and found that they were not official brothers.
"You are all for nothing? ! ! I can’t see the young master. I’ve been beaten. Give me the break of these kings’ hands and feet and let them know that the devil is not easy to mess with! !” Master Pig commanded his servant regardless of wiping his face and footprints.
"We didn’t make moves. This account is not our head, is it?" Muqingfeng quipped, staring at the pig’s death and not knowing how to repent.
"Hum! ! Who told you to be with this king’s egg? Maybe you’re a group. It’s your bad luck! ! What are you waiting for, young master? I’ll pay you. If there is another person here today, you all go to drink northwest wind at night! !” Master pig’s head is still bared his teeth
Several big men rushed at Bai Qiao and some of them. It seems that it’s really what the master is looking for and what servants these people are doing to bully men and women.
"Dare to play master me! ! Grandpa, I make you regret coming out of the womb! !” Before the pig’s head was finished, a servant flew over
It is said that this servant has the highest martial arts in the crowd. Although he is a three-legged cat, he has given himself a long face. He rushed over to Mu Chongshan, who has the highest martial arts among these people, and wanted to make a difference first. I didn’t know that Mu Chongshan was vigorously bumped into the past. As a result, I didn’t say that this evil servant was not flying as high as usual
"Oh, my old man’s house is too old to stand up to it. Don’t hit me. Go and hit those teenagers." Xiao Langzhong shouted in fear when he saw someone rushing towards him.
"Old things who let you go to hell in the way of our young master’s eyes" That who seems to have found his own merit point.
Before his fist hit Xiao Langzhong, the evil servant tilted his eyes outside his mouth.
Xiao Langzhong withdrew his point-cutting life ruler and said lightly, "This statue is just right for your virtue to dare to start work on the old man’s house! !”
Bai Qiao was furious. Although he didn’t carry his own steel gun, he was no ordinary person with martial arts. It was a brotherhood of the Wolf that he and Mu Chongshan beat evil servants.
Mu Qingfeng shook his head with a wry smile. This group of belligerents saw a fight, but their left hand was a pity.
Since we can’t fight, it’s good to take care of the victims, so Mu Qingfeng walked to the girl.
Seeing Mu Qingfeng coming towards her, the girl’s consciousness stepped back a few steps. Maybe it was Mu Qingfeng’s handsome face, or maybe they drew their swords to help the girl. She felt that he seemed to be a good man.
"Don’t be afraid, girl. I’m not a bad guy. It’s okay now." Muqingfeng smiled and said that Muqingfeng smiled but was very attractive. I thought that the golden knife sweat was planted in his hand.
"Are you really not a bad person?" The girl doesn’t seem to have recovered from the shock.
MuQingFeng waved his left arm some force "seen disabled bad guys? Maybe I can’t even beat you. "
"Snow" A girl was amused by Muqingfeng’s exaggeration. In her opinion, this sunny and delicate teenager seems to be really not a bad guy, at least much better than that schoolyard bullies.
At the same time, a group of young delinquents were beaten everywhere to find their teeth, especially when Xiao Langzhong got up to face with one hand, which was a crazy fan and murmured.
"You see how you can cheat the old man when a dude’s face is swollen. This will give you a balanced balance and fan your face over there."
It is natural to make such a big noise that a group of Yecheng guards and soldiers led by an officer came to the scene of the incident.
"People in this fight! ! Why don’t you want to try our yecheng criminal law? !” A high drink made everyone stop.
Seeing someone coming, the pig-headed schoolyard bullies even rolled and crawled to the team. People were dressing up and hugged his thighs and cried. "Jun Ye help! Jun Ye help! I’m a good brother. I’m trying to find my own escape concubine. Where did I know that a group of thugs threw themselves at us and beat us? Jun Ye wanted us to make decisions! !”
Master Pig cried and put the silver ticket into the forehand of the team desperately to see the denomination of at least several hundred taels.
"Where is your concubine?" The team is motionless.
"That bitch is right behind him. This man is also one of them." Seeing that the team is not sending money by itself, there is less schoolyard bullies and taking out a few silver tickets and stuffing them into his clothes desperately. In his opinion, no officers and men do not love money.
The girl looked at the schoolyard bullies and pointed to her fear of hiding behind Muqingfeng, clutching his right hand with both hands.
Muqingfeng consciousness in front of the girl.
Finally, the team said, "Give me a bunch of them and put them in jail! !”
Just as the hooligans gloated over the drama, they found that all of them were arrested.
"Army ye catch the wrong person! ! Not us, them! !” The hooligans are returning to the team and don’t know the situation.
I don’t know if the team is even looking at him. He said to Bai Qiao on one knee, "See the temple! !”
This pig-headed young master can sit on the ground, and in front of him, the average person dressed is actually the world? ? ! !
"These people rob the commoners in public and put them in Wangfu prison to act according to the law! !” Bai Qiao said angrily that just after boasting about the good public security here, such a big demon moth appeared. To be honest, Wang Shi of Beiyan would face a little bit.
"Follow the orders! !” The first team leader gave a military salute to Bai Qiao and led them to detain them.
After all, I still have to do what I have to do after watching the excitement.
"Let brothers laughed and we continue? You know, there is no place to go to that wine shop late. Our yecheng wine belongs there. "Bai Qiao called Muqingfeng to arrive.
Muqingfeng really wanted to say yes, but just now the bullied woman clung to her sleeve like a frightened white rabbit who didn’t want to leave Muqingfeng for a moment.
"Big Brother," Mu Qingfeng pointed to the girl snuggling behind her. "Why don’t you bother to find someone to escort her home?"
"The girl doesn’t know where your home is, so let me." Bai Qiao took a few steps forward. Before she finished, she saw that girl was so scared that she put her head behind Muqingfeng’s shoulder that it seemed that Bai Qiao had just killed her in all directions.
"I didn’t recruit you to find a way to" appear this kind of situation Bai Qiao is also very nai, after all, you can’t be strong, so you are greeted by Mu Chongshan and Xiao Langzhong to hurry up.
Mu Chongshan and Xiao Langzhong are not good things either, laughing and walking forward to leave Mu Qingfeng alone. When Xiao Langzhong passed by, he patted Mu Qingfeng on the shoulder with malicious intent and left him a meaningful smile.


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