These words also reached Shi Shuangcheng’s ear through the pivot. Shi Shuangcheng shouted, "Who are you?"

Hua Zhen Tour "I am the owner of this place, Hua Zhen Tour. You should have heard my name and know my identity."
Chapter 21, Business
"What do you mean, you can’t trespass? Is this a silk hole? You’re in charge of the barren hills? Honestly tell me if you are the monster of the mountain king … "Shi Shuangcheng made some importune remarks with a sullen face.
Hua Zhen’s course is mysterious, which can not only send his own voice to Shi Shuangcheng’s ear, but also make Shi Shuangcheng’s voice ring in the courtyard. Everyone heard the reaction and looked different. Some people even snickered.
In fact, Hua Zhen’s practice of casting spells and moving fields are all alert and alert. At present, there is no silencing array in Yuangu, and Shi Shuangcheng is so big that everyone can hear the echo in the valley.
What Hua Zhen did was to create a kind of face-to-face talk, and the effect was not surprised but he said angrily, "If you don’t know where this place is, I will lead you out by accident."
But before you come, you will know that this is Yangyuan Valley, that the trapped array is a thing, and that you know the rules here. Don’t force excuses. Five days of confinement is the lightest punishment and it will be good to stay. "
"You really dare me to imprison my aunt …" Shi Shuangcheng just heard a crunchy sound when he spoke. Everyone was taken aback and turned to see Yang Laotou snap his fingers, but it seemed to give Shi Shuangcheng a slap.
Shi Shuangcheng was shocked, too. Old Yang didn’t really slap her, but the crunchy vibration seemed to stick to his face and he immediately heard old Yang yelling, "Who called himself an aunt at an early age?"
Shi Shuangcheng glared at his cheeks for a long time and suddenly stamped his foot. "Hum, I won’t care about you!"
She turned into the forest and found a big tree root. She took a glance around her eyes and took out a cellular phone to send a message. "Grandmaster, you told me that my business has been done. As you told me, I was in trouble as soon as I entered Yuangu."
There was no signal here, but the news was actually sent out, and then the other side replied, "Did you punish you for doing a good job?"
"The penalty is five days in solitary confinement."
"What kind of confinement method?"
"Just stay in the trap."
"It’s a good idea. It’s not suitable anywhere else. I’m afraid I don’t know if you have mountains and water. Just go for an outing."
"Grandmaster, here’s a master Zhang Shibo. Give me the broken array operator and be put out! But they also look down upon me too little. Just give me three days to do my own thing and I will be broken. "
"Broken array? Say five days and you will stay for five days! "
"I don’t do can break the array with what not broken? I don’t want to make damage to let them know that I am powerful. "
"What’s the matter with you? They’re all grandfathers. I’m famous Which of those tall people can’t pick up you? "
"Anyway, I’m going to break the array. Since I’m trapped by the array method, won’t you let me try?"
"Want to break the array is not bad, but you have to do it according to my way. Don’t take the opportunity to leave them. They will notice the movement and know that you have broken the array, and then they will use the means to continue to keep you trapped in the array.
You have proved your own business and kept it there, which is a step for them. You have to deal with them later. If you have something to ask for, you have to obey the rules. "
"Then you want me to find a way to get into trouble as soon as I enter the valley?"
"You don’t get into trouble how they have rules? Even you have to be punished according to the rules, not to mention others. "
"grandmaster, they came to hold a banquet today, but they didn’t even give me food here alone."
"Is there such a thing? That is, they are wrong, and they have to take care of their meals in prison! No, calculate the time difference. Isn’t it time for dinner? "
"Anyway, they are going to have a big meal today without me!"
"You this child is really don’t know to get into trouble after dinner? Forget it, be open-minded. Is it a big meal in the wilderness that your family must care about? "
"Grandmaster, you praised Hua Zhen’s craftsmanship and told me that my mouth was watering."
"What’s the hurry you don’t half a five-day detention? How do you have to stay there for more than a month? Wait till you get out. "
"Then I will be hungry for five days?"
"It’s not to dinner? If you don’t care about the meal after the meal, you will complain and protest again. "
"I made such a big sacrifice as you asked, so don’t forget to give me that demon king Xuanzang pearl."
"I can give you that demon king Xuanzang pearl to play with, but I also said that you should break through the five realms and consolidate it first, otherwise you won’t be able to swallow it. It’s not so easy to learn. As far as I know, there are illusory gods in Yangyuan Valley, and it’s fun to study if you have the opportunity!"


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