"The Secret Records of Sanqing!"

Chen Shaobai finally knows what he thinks the other trick sounds so familiar.
Because the root of Stuart Yutang’s magical power is the change of a word in the secret record of Sanqing, a high Taoist method of Qing Xuanmen.
"Let me see what effect your shanzhai magical power has!"
Chen Shaobai separated his mind and dealt with Stuart Yutang’s helper while he got up and punched out with his feet …
PS, thank you, Chrysanthemum, for still laughing at the hūn wind, alcoholic brother, and for your reward!
Chapter two hundred and ninety-five Great enemy
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Great enemy
"Abandoning the sword and fist is like attacking a foolish and reckless man who is good at it!"
See Chen Shaobai step by step instantaneous came to your side Stuart Yutang eyes light banter se.
Chen Shaobai is able to control more than a dozen jewel-level fairy swords at the same time. It is obvious to the enemy that he has strong J: ng divine power and imperial sword occultism. In his opinion, ten places in Chen Shaobai are also the fairy swords. Now it is the policy to abandon the sword and fist roots.
Perhaps it is because his own strength is not as strong as that of your senior brothers, and Wang Ruoyu is under much less pressure. At this time, he was even able to separate his mind and spy on the battle between the two. When he saw Chen Shaobai’s move, he couldn’t help grinning. "Idiot!"
Chen Shaobai’s arm is wrapped in purple and gold double inflammation, and it is like catching the dragon Buddha. Anyone who uses a punch to bomb the whole mansion in the future will be instantly pumped, and the temperature will suddenly rise by tens of degrees.
At this moment, many people were seized by a feeling of suffocation. If they were not already monks in the secret realm of quenching gas, they would have died of suffocation in a few minutes because they had pure mana to keep alive.
"It’s a pity that you chose the most stupid response."
See Chen Shaobai blow boom to SiTuYuTang corners of the mouth slightly evoked left hand stretched out a finger to gently point ahead.
At three o’clock, the faint green Se light flows and slips at an unparalleled speed. Arrive at Chen Shaobai and return to the wheel like a tarsal maggot and then sink into the body.
Almost at the same time when the green light entered the body, Chen Shaobai felt that his mana was not working properly. However, when he flashed for a moment, his whole body mana seemed to condense into a solid state and was locked in the abdomen. No matter what method, he could get rid of the shackles.
Qi therapy "Xuanfo Gong" can solve this problem. It seems that the mind-clearing formula can have some effect, but when it needs a little buffer, it is not much for the present scene.
"It’s a pity that you created the Sanqing Mystery to block the other side’s mana and let the enemy turn into a mortal avatar …"
"This trick works for me!"
Chen Shaobai’s mind moves like heaven, and millions of souls in the world are United as never before.
Faith and divine power are integrated, and a slight shock will break the magic shackles.
Like a duck to water, Youlong Opera Yuan
Chen Shaobai mana rippling regardless, forward to carry out the iron fist.
Wind pressure and fire are burning again, and a faint scarlet se appears in Stuart’s eyes.
"New creation hermetic, after all, there are defects being broken to also belong to normal but want to fight with me? Know! "
The thought moved his whole body, and a faint crystal purple awn appeared on his skin. The whole person was like a crystal in his spare time, picking up all the aura of heaven and earth, and undertaking the mission and responsibility of heaven’s operation, as if it were the fairy stone.
"Jade Qing Zi Xu Ti" The magical power of the Qing Xuanmen Zun Lian Ti was actually cultivated by Situ Yutang to the realm of small success, and it was almost possible to step into the third level of Lian Ti with the help of lightning!
"Physical mana was three repair? Want to reach the peak at the same time, better understand the will of heaven and enter a higher level earlier after entering the fairyland of God? This Stuart Yutang has a big heart! No wonder he can become one of the strongest geniuses in the world! "
The two men met in a flash, and the second move was just issued. Before the head-on collision, Chen Shaobai had a more intuitive and correct understanding of the enemy in front of him
According to his thoughts, Xuanyutang people are overbearing, bullying and plundering the same family’s younger brother’s magic weapon. The notorious leader Situyutang Shi is also a misnomer, but now it seems that the original idea is somewhat biased.
Far out of the attack range of two people at the door, Wang Ruoyu looked at Chen Shaobai coldly as if looking at a dead man.
He finally knew what he was looking at. The man was uncomfortable.
Not because of the conflict in Qin Tianjian half a month ago, nor because the other side seized the magic weapon that they lent to their fellow martial brother in the Galaxy battlefield earlier, but because of …


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