In addition to forcibly beating her out of Ziyunxi, there is no other way

However, it’s not a day or two since she left Ziyun Creek. I’m afraid there is little chance that she wants to force them to completely separate.
Moreover, Ziyunxi has no reaction at all now, as if it had been completely swallowed up.
"Aoer, let me come." Huang Junyi frowned. She was injured just now, and if she continues to force her strength, I’m afraid it will hurt even more.
"No, she’s the person I hate most in my life. I’ll take care of her myself!" Ziyun proudly said that she had never had a spirit before she took it out.
This is the birthday gift that the Emperor’s Landing gave her at the beginning. It can instantly increase the spiritual power by three times. Of course, starting it will also consume three times of physical strength, which is very suitable for one-time combat.
Look at her. She took out the spirit, and the Emperor Junyi no longer stopped her. Bao Er is obviously the person she hates the most. He hates the person in her own mood. Of course, she hopes to defeat each other in person!
"You just have to help me trap her!" Ziyun proudly said!
Huang Junyi nodded. "Don’t worry about me!"
Ziyun proudly smiled at him and turned to Bao Er. His face was as cold as iron!
The instant golden light of the swallowing spirit radiates from her whole body, and she feels that she has the ability to burst out of her body continuously, which is three times stronger than usual, right? Bao Er, your time has come!
"Bao Er, you really know me like the back of your hand, but I don’t know you. When your mask is torn, it’s when you expose yourself in front of me. You can’t fool me. I can pull you out of my sister’s body by myself!"
Bao Er obviously knows what is Jue Ling. Suddenly, some people are dying to fight alone. They have been suppressed by Ziyun proudly everywhere, and the hostages in their hands are barely tied to escape. If she suddenly bursts into strength, I’m afraid her own disaster. Chapter 467 will never worship anything!
Bao Er said savagely, "Ziyun Ao, you cherish your hard-won sisterhood because you have been betrayed by me. It’s a pity that you will always be as stupid as this continent in the 21st century. I won’t regard you as a good sister. Ziyun Creek just thinks that you are a stumbling block to her light. You will always die alone because you are always so sharp-edged."
"Only those who have the heart to be dark will think that the world is dark. My sister is not a person like you, but I am desperate. Can’t I live a good life by myself? !” Ziyun Ao’s eyes are even colder here. "Even if she will eventually become an enemy of the world, she won’t hurt me. This is what I know about Ziyun Creek. I would rather believe that she is controlled by people than that it is her who betrayed me. Maybe you will never understand this relationship, but I don’t expect you to understand that people like you can always grow like bacteria in the dark."
Ziyunxi’s expression suddenly became extremely painful when he heard these words, and the word "Aoer … Aoer …" was uncontrollably uttered.
"Sister" Ziyun proudly saw Ziyunxi’s expression suddenly become particularly strange and her body twisted inexplicably, so she was taken aback.
Did she struggle?
Bao Er felt a twinge of heartache. She held her heart tightly and thought coldly that this stupid woman had gone mad again. Why? Is Ziyun proud of three or two words? Hehe, it seems that she can’t delay much longer.
Bao Er tried to escape, but all sides were Emperor Junyi and tight encirclement, even though he was a black lotus cheater, it was difficult to break the barrier.
Huang Junyi trapped her.
But she’s been dragging on for so long, and it should be almost there, right?
Now that we have reached this level, we might as well do it more thoroughly, so that we can hate it more thoroughly.
Ziyun ao, don’t you know what hatred is? Your heart is not very broad. Can you forgive everything?
Then I’m going to make you as ugly, dark and obscure as you say today.
"Ziyun proudly looks at the most important person and feels very good before you die." Bao Er smiled coldly and ruthlessly buckled the neck of Purple Xuanyuan.
Ziyun ao didn’t see her when she killed someone before.
It would be better for her to see her important person die with her own eyes! ? I didn’t come every time to appreciate her expression. If only there was a camera here, she would take pictures of Ziyun’s proud expression and collect it all her life. Hehehehehehe!
The flames in Ziyun’s proud eyes are burning more and more brightly. "Let my dad go!"
Huang Junyi knew that once he started, he would not hesitate to tear out his soul by holding down the back of Purple Xuanyuan, and she didn’t make a move.
"Purple Xuanyuan, now you let Ziyun proudly surrender and let her kneel down and kowtow to me to apologize." Bao Er said coldly, "So I will consider letting you go."
Ziyun’s proud eyes flashed a bit of shock and pain.
Purple Xuanyuan looked at Ziyun’s proud eyes as if there were a thousand words to say, and finally said, "My daughter has never worshipped heaven and earth, even I have never worshipped anything!"
Hypnosis failure Purple Xuanyuan has also remembered the former thing’ Ziyunxi’ has become an evil thing. He can’t be hurt by her. Proud 468. 468 You are honored.
Bao Er heard that the lip corner sneer has become a bit ferocious. Long nails scrape the purple Xuanyuan blood vessels. Just a waste and dare to be so arrogant!
She deliberately left blood marks on the most prominent part of his face to make Ziyun proud feel pain. Blood flowed from Ziyuan’s face, which was blackened with toxins and looked shocking.
Sure enough, Ziyun proudly saw that Ziyuan was injured, his hands were fastened and his body trembled at the same time.
Bao Er sneered more and more ferocious. "Ziyun Ao, you can hear me. Please kneel down and beg for mercy. I may give him a corpse. Do you know that I have a deadly toxin in my nails? Once the toxin seeps into his body, even the pick fairy can’t save him!"
Ziyun proudly shook his fist and was despicable! If it weren’t for her purple Xuanyuan hostage, I’m afraid she would have been dead by now!
She has lost so many relatives. Purple Xuanyuan is not thin for her.
Bend your knees slightly and beg Bao Er for mercy? That crazy woman, that demon who destroy all her happiness! I’m afraid this kneeling will become a stigma that she will never wash away in her life.
She was so frivolous in her life that she never bowed down even when she met the holy emperor, and she actually knelt down to such a rampant bitch.
But the purple Xuanyuan life is in her hands.


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