A few days later
Yan Chen gave a thick manuscript to Zhao Danchen when Zhao Danchen looked excited.
However, when Zhao Danchen turned over the manuscript and his face froze, he knew all the words inside, but he didn’t even know what those technical terms meant.
In layman’s terms, I just don’t understand.
In particular, it also involves gas field and magnetic field transportation.
Don’t say Zhao Danchen, even if it is a virtual environment, the strong will look blank.
Interlaced like a mountain, this is not a joke
"Elder Zhao doesn’t understand, does he?" Yan Yan’s tone is not a bit ridiculous. "If you don’t understand it, you’re right. Anyone who comes into contact with this thing for the first time will be stupid. I can spare an hour every day to explain it to Elder Zhao until you learn to stop. Of course, you must be patient enough."
Zhao Danchen relieved and said, "Ok, I’ll take you to the armory now."
Doing fuels "thank you very much"
Green Lake Island can definitely show some basic martial arts classics to Chen Yanfang, and it will definitely not be shown to Chen Yanfang.
However, it is very satisfying to be able to enter the armory.
Chen Yan has a photographic memory. He should absorb the essence, get rid of the dross and constantly improve his knowledge so as to create the fourth level of health promotion.
Jiuding world’s cultivation method says that there are some immortal shadows in Wudao.
Chen Yan’s physical quality and mood level are not innate, but Chen Yan’s abdomen has no "then"
Chen Yan regards the body as a whole and recognizes that qi and blood, bones and muscles, internal organs and even qi are all indispensable parts of the body. Every time the mood rises, the potential of the body can rise with the followers.
In Jiuding world, Taoism pays too much attention to "Qi" and Buddhism pays too much attention to "God". Teng Qingshan’s family boxing puts the body first.
Essence should not be separated from each other, they are one, and essence must be balanced and harmonious in order to truly conform to heaven.
Chen Yan’s practice is still more scientific.
However, there are also many merits in the martial arts of Qinghu Island.
"The innate elixir can live to be around 300 years old, but the innate elixir is too strong to pay attention to the true qi, which leads to the body being too weak than the true qi, and naturally it is good to break the balance and live to be 150 years old."
As Tengqingshan does, the body of Ulrich has a long history, and even the smallest meridians and capillaries have been opened. If Ulrich changes his background and practices here, he will soon become a congenital elixir, and the strong will become a virtual realm.
But this is not what Chen Yan needs.
Chen Yan needs immortality or immortality. He needs to constantly upgrade his life level to achieve the goal of "evolution"
Chen Yan can devote himself to everything he does. He is so absorbed in reading that he doesn’t feel the passage of time until Yan Danchen sends lunch. Chen Yancai came to his senses. More than two hours have passed before he knew it.
Yan Danchen put two big wooden barrels on the ground and said, "Mr. Chen, this is the meal I called from the Yinjiao military camp. The taste is definitely not as good as that cooked by Mr. Wang, but the weight is enough to eat."
Chen Yan let go and said, "I like food, but I’m not picky about food and I can eat enough. It’s not necessary to be so picky in an emergency. Have you eaten Dan Chen?" Eat together if you don’t eat. "
Yin Jiaojun’s food is good. There are chicken legs, eggs, pork, beef, vegetables, rice and steamed bread for lunch.
Of course, the food in the military camp is not as exquisite as that made by Yan Yan, but it has a strong weight.
Yan Danchen took a bowl and ate a few mouthfuls of food. Then he said, "Mr. Chen, you practice martial arts with you. I feel that practicing for one year is worth ten years for others, especially the secret method of deep sleep. No matter how late I practiced that day and how tired I was, I wouldn’t have nightmares. I got up early the next day and my strength was still increasing."
Yan Yanchen’s small courtyard was decorated with laws to make Yan Danchen’s practice more accessible. Before that, Yan Danchen didn’t know what "martial arts progress" meant. Now he finally understood.
His strength and swordsmanship don’t say that he is advancing by leaps and bounds, but he is definitely improving every day.
Chen Yan said, "Don’t get excited. You should keep your mind clean all the time and gradually like the feeling of practicing martial arts. When one day you feel that practicing martial arts is a kind of enjoyment, you will have a place in Qinghu Island."
Yan Danchen asked, "Mr. Chen, when do you think I will be born strong? If only I could be as powerful as Teng Qingshan. "
"Do you admire Teng Qingshan very much?" Chen Yan asked
Yan Danchen hesitated and said, "Teng Qingshan saved my life, but he may not remember me anymore. Although Teng Qingshan is an enemy of Qinghu Island, he is really powerful. At the age of seventeen, he became a congenital strong man. He was the first one in 500 years."
Chen Yan said, "It’s not difficult to be a congenital fighter. It’s very simple for God to be strong enough to transform the true qi. You can definitely become a congenital strong person by practicing in strict accordance with the practice plan I set for you for three years."
Yan Danchen was shocked. "Mr. Chen, what you said is true?"
Chen Yan said, "I don’t lie. When your physical strength and mental strength meet the requirements, it’s just a matter of course to become a natural fighter."
Chen Yan knows more about the human body than most people. He said that if Yan Danchen can be born in three years, he will certainly be able to do it.
Chen Yan spends his time explaining daoist magic to Zhao Danchen and Tie Fan every day, but they don’t understand the basis of the Book of Changes and hexagrams. It’s a bit overwhelming for them to understand the knowledge of array law.
Half a month later.
Chen Yan will finish watching Zhao Danchen and Tie Fan in the arsenal of Qinghu Island, and they are very depressed because they haven’t started yet.
In order to learn the array method, they delayed the practice of martial arts.
this day
It’s time for Ulrich to give a lecture to Zhao Danchen and other law enforcement elders. Ulrich met Guyong and he also came to study daoist magic.
Chen Yan said, "Don’t forget it, elders of the island. I’ll just arrange an array for you directly. When you are old, your thinking is solidified. Some things can’t be understood. Array and martial arts are very different. It’s not that simple to learn."
Zhao Danchen sighed and said, "I give up."
Tie Fan said, "I also give up."
It’s hard to learn the array method, Zhao Danchen. They have learned their own martial arts, so it’s impossible to spend more energy and time learning the array method. It’s an inevitable result to give up.
Arihiko nods, "It is sometimes wise to give up and choose the materials from Qinghu Island. I will arrange a law in your closed place, and I won’t charge you any more."


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