There was a sudden fluctuation in the virtual space, and the golden eyes of the body gradually became angry. Seeing that his hands vibrated and gave out a loud roar, a ferocious devil image loomed behind him, which looked very strange.

There are generally two ways to cultivate out-of-body incarnations in the wizard gate. One is to divide the Yuan God and implant the Yuan God into a magic weapon, or the animal body will be refined into out-of-body incarnations. For example, the "Xuan Yin Zhu" cultivated by the green robe bodhi old zu in Shushan is such a magic weapon.
The other is that there are so many different monks who are prepared by different kinds of people. When these monks practice to a certain extent, they will turn their bodies into human beings. However, often these different monks practice for many years and often throw them away, but it is a pity that all the great wise men have created a method to refine their bodies into the second yuan God.
I didn’t know how long it would take Liu Yue to get to this point, but it was a leap in the sky and directly skipped this difficulty. You know, most of the cultivation methods are created by human beings after all, and only human cultivation can get the best results. This kind of thing is often a thousand miles away. Different body structures will naturally have different cultivation effects.
At this time, Liu Yue feels that he can be ecstatic and reborn. This body makes him extremely satisfied. The intensity has increased many times before. The most rare thing is that the original forces have been transformed into another unknown force at this time. The most wonderful thing is whether it is brambles or gods. * * He can and is far more powerful than before. He can clearly feel that the powerful forces are flowing silently along the line of work.
He didn’t know that he had just escaped a big robbery. At the time of the explosion, the "Night Singing Crown" had been destroyed by violent energy with his body. There was his god Salaman in the whole fault.
If he hadn’t realized the "nine changes of ghosts and gods" and Salaman was not a complete life after all, the end result would probably be the opposite, but it would be cheaper. Liu Yue, although it is not too difficult for a god to create a body by himself, it takes a long time to spend a lot of divine power. This loss is what he suffered in the past, which is why he finally turned into a face.
The deity inherit from Vitas has also changed its appearance, and that character has become more and more complicate. At first glance, it seems that this character is constantly changing all the time, just like a living thing.
Liu Yue was in a good mood and wanted to take a suit out of the ring, but she touched it. It was only then that she remembered that after such a violent explosion, what else could she leave in her heart? It was a pity that the stave was not frequent recently, but it was Posey who made it and left it as a souvenir.
In the darkness, a little faint fluorescence suddenly appeared, and gradually it became brighter and brighter, and soon it spread around. Liu Yue’s figure floated up and down in the air, and the mist flowed around him like water. From time to time, various shapes came into being. Behind him, a crown was looming, and his left hand held a staff, and his right hand held classics. The body was full of red and red. Behind Long Lin, six pairs of purple wings flapped gently, and the devil’s illusion was hideous.
A little silver light emerged from his palm and spun round and round. Slowly, a small and exquisite bud appeared in front of his eyes. Liu Yue’s expression became more and more serious. Seeing him bite the tip of his tongue and spit out a golden blood arrow from his mouth, the bud seemed to be alive and quickly absorbed the golden blood and spun more and more rapidly.
Suddenly, he opened his eyes, a pair of broken golden eyes burst into a cold light, and he said, "Refine the skeleton and break the lotus!" If there is a miracle, the petals are stacked one after another, and Liu Yue’s face is full of red flowers. His eyebrows are beaming and his eyes are shining. He will take the silver lotus into his long body and the mark of silver lotus will appear on his forehead. He finally stepped into the threshold of the second realm of "taking the gods to resist ghosts" and "breaking the law"
Looking around, it was dark and empty. At this time, it was as bright as day. Liu Yue reached out and made a move, and the fog gathered around him and turned into a black robe. He looked at himself with satisfaction and disappeared.
Liu Yue soon appeared in an empty corner, and there was a figure floating in front of him. It was said that it was a figure because it was a shadow and could barely see the human form.
"I’m leaving. Will you come with me?"
The shadow fluctuated violently. Salaman said with joy, "Of course, I have long wanted to leave here."
Liu Yue smiled and said, "Well, let’s go." After saying his word, a rotating door appeared behind him, and Salaman didn’t come to sleep. A copious mo Yu suction was sucked in.
"Hua" A black wing jumped out of the hidden shadow. The huge mace hit the wall and took a line of Mars. For example, the spar wall was just smashed out of a dent several feet long, which was very shocking.
The monster repeatedly frustrated crazy sex daihatsu will be in the hands of mace dance became a mass of black kuang tunnel echoed with the howling wind and the monster rage howl the so-called "dint down ten will" all at that time the melee can’t be far away Yuto Jacques although strong, but after all, there is a limit to a few times recklessly to both hands were numb and had to temporarily avoid sharpness.
Especially headache for everyone is that the monster’s physique is so special that it can remember damage and evolve automatically, that is to say, unless it can be killed with one blow, the same attack will not be able to be added soon, and I don’t know what material it is made of, which is not only strong and abnormal anti-magic ability, but also first-class, and the people are more and more bound.
Momo is getting more and more frightened. This monster is really too strong. If it weren’t for the fact that the church in Los Angeles has always studied recovery spells, I am afraid that my party has lost many companions. Even so, those paladins who are good at recovery spells are already a spent force. After all, everyone’s magic is limited and it is impossible to cast spells exhaustively.
Even fanatics like Ferdinand have the idea of "retreating for a while and destroying it after gathering a large group of people", but unfortunately, the battlefield is not like a game without a pause button. If they want to return it, they have to ask the monster if he will answer or not.
Perhaps I feel that I have lost interest in this kind of hide-and-seek fighting. The monster once again shines with khaki light. It is this light that makes it escape the fate of being hit and killed. What do you want to do this time?
Soon the answer was revealed that four tall and clumsy but absolutely intimidating stone giants appeared in front of everyone, making the original spacious aisle crowded and the situation turned sharply. It seems that the only way left in front of everyone is to "escape". Whether it can escape smoothly depends on luck.
"Let’s all" at this time, a sound that seems a little weak but full of power rises.
"Wushu grows up?" Momo immediately called out with surprise and distraction. The monster swung a fatal stick at the right time. If it weren’t for Ralph’s light Shi Huo sword, Momo could be sure that he would be swept into a paste. But since Ralph came, how could he watch himself being killed? If Jacques flail gives people the feeling of complete violence, then Ralph’s sword only gives people the feeling that it is so fast that it seems to flash that even the wind doesn’t ring. This sword has come to the monster’s eyes.
"ouch!" A scream, the monster staggered back a few steps, clutching one eye, waving the mace in his hand at random, and the four stone giants still faithfully carried out the mission given to them by the summoner and slowly approached the people.
Although it’s not the monster opponent, it doesn’t mean that you will put these clumsy guys in the eye. Jacques has held his breath for a long time. Seeing where these stone giants are sent to the door, you will be polite to see him leap like a tiger. The whole humanized golden meteor "boom" crashed into the front of the stone giant’s arms.
Although these stone giants are not afraid of the thunder force attached to the "catastrophe thunder", Jacques’s inhuman brute force shows his suspicion at this time. The stone giant, who is fifteen feet tall and weighs more than ten tons, was abruptly knocked over by him, and immediately greeted it. It was a carefree killing, but it was not a battle, but a killing of a small number of witnesses. When they reacted, the stone giant had already died in a pile of fragments.
As it turns out, Jacques is not the only one who feels annoyed. There is another person, er, or a half-elf, who also acted to tell everyone that he is very, very angry now, and fighting is obviously the best way to vent his anger. Well, at least it is true for Black Wings.
Black Wings can’t remember how many battles he has experienced in his life, but he hasn’t experienced such a depressing battle. The enemy is not slack, but this damn constitution is so annoying. Maybe there is a man named Lucifer who can solve it easily. It is obvious that remembering this memory that he looks extremely humiliating makes his mood worse.
And Ralph’s arrival gave him a breathing space or a temporary escape from the monster’s pursuit. But about 70% of the monster’s offensive just now hit him. If he hadn’t been good at stealth and invisibility, he would have been killed by the evil fire in his heart. Although the elves have always given people the impression of being calm and modest, unfortunately, the unique vengeful temper of the dog demon clan has also been left to everyone with black wings, and it will be out of luck.
Chapter 20 Curtain call
Chapter 20 Curtain call
Black Wings put his cloak on his head, and his figure was attached to the wall, and then he disappeared in the shadow. In a blink of an eye, he left the battlefield and appeared in the aisle. At one end, he saw that he threw his yew longbow in his hand, and took out a short black bow from behind. This short bow looked ridiculous when he looked at it, but he looked at it with unusual solemnity and a sacred feeling.
This is obviously not an ordinary short bow. If we go back thousands of years, I believe no one does not know the name of this short bow "Night Hunters Hate". This is the most elite archer in the ancient elf kingdom who can use weapons, so the archer is called "black bow". It is said that they can shoot the enemy from more than ten miles away, and this distance is far beyond the effective range of most spells. The "black bow" is also called "mage terminator". As soon as they appear, the fate of the battlefield mage is doomed.
Even though the ancient fairy kingdom was prosperous, magic and literature could be called "black bow", the archer establishment never exceeded ten people, not only because this bow was demanding of materials, but also because this terrible weapon was demanding of messengers.
As we all know, the range of a bow and arrow is almost the same as that of a pistol, and the shooter’s strength is not much. The mystery that night hunters hate shooting so far lies in its material structure, but it also brings a major problem to the elves, because the whole elves can’t find an elf who can pull this bow. It is easy to understand that pure blood elves can never have such great strength, and the elves can never give this terrible weapon to foreigners, so they came up with a compromise method, that is, to give the shooter a seven-level spell "Dragon Power" permanently.
Probably, in ancient times, people were able to make this extravagant behavior permanent. What is the concept of a seven-level spell? Not to mention the rare materials needed when casting spells, the caster will permanently lower the second-level magic level.
What’s the concept of being able to cast this spell? The mage is at least a fifteen-level mage, and permanently lowering the second-level magic level means that if they could have reached the twentieth level, they can now reach the tenth level, and the difference between the tenth level and the twentieth level is even white, which is why even at the peak of the elf kingdom, the number of "black bows" never exceeded ten.
With the end of ancient times, the era of strange wizards running around the world is gone forever, and at the same time, the "black bow" has come to an end, and the number of personal guards of the Elf Kings has been greatly reduced for several generations, and this bow is the only memorial left by his mother with black wings.
Black wing sometimes recalls that most of the white eyes he suffered in the village on that day were due to this bow, perhaps because of his dog demon blood. Black wing was able to barely hit this bow when he was fourteen or fifteen years old. Obviously, a mixed-race bastard could have the right weapon, and even an elf could hardly be jealous. Now it is a miracle that he was not killed. When he left the village, he took this bow alone. I think it was also the acquiescence of his mother. Otherwise, how could those stubborn guys let him take this treasure away?
He lost his hand in this bow once, that is, when Liu Yue thought of it, he still had a lingering fear in his heart. At that time, if he hadn’t run fast, he would have left his life there, and the most ironic thing was that this man saved himself.


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